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Impact Wrestling results: LAX vs. oVe, Brian Cage vs. Moose


The opening video touched upon Killer Kross' actions at the end of Homecoming, injuring Taya Valkyrie, and Johnny Impact's reaction from last week's episode. It also focused on the escalating situation between Rich Swann and Sami Callihan, the cryptic hauntings of Rosemary over Allie and Su Yung, and the current state of the long-awaited reveal of Scarlett Bordeaux's talent search.

KM (w/ Fallah Bahh) vs. Caleb Konley ended in a no contest

Konley got some control early on when he jumped KM during his entrance. KM was making a comeback when the camera suddenly cut to Brian Cage walking around backstage pushing people and asking for Johnny Impact’s location.

It wasn’t really clear if there was an actual finish since I heard the ring bell go off when Cage was still backstage, but that could have been recorded during a different match, so when Cage attacked KM first, the referee once again called for the bell.

Cage took out KM and Konley. He powerbombed Bahh and hit an F5 on KM. At the end, he turned his attention to referee Johnny Bravo, hitting a big lariat and the Drill Claw. Cage said that all his carnage is on Impact’s hands since Johnny had offered him the next title shot, and now Killer Kross has skipped the line and is getting a shot next week.

Johnny came out to confront Cage, but he was quickly attacked from behind by Kross and Moose. Cage watched from the ring, but he later went down and dragged Johnny to the ring, where he tossed him and was going for an F5, except Kross and Moose were not done and attacked both men, laying them out.

Back from commercial, Cage cut a promo challenging Moose to a match for getting involved in his business.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were running down the card when Eli Drake came down to the ring for commentary.

Ethan Page defeated Eddie Edwards by DQ

The match was back and forth, but not all that exciting. Edwards initially went around the ring chopping Page -- until Page managed to catch Edwards and ram him into the guardrail to get control of the match.

Back from commercial, Edwards made a small comeback, hitting a Frankensteiner on Page and chopping him. Edwards hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Page hit a brainbuster for a near fall. Edwards landed a tope suicida and finally went for Kenny the kendo stick, hitting Page and getting himself disqualified.

Throughout the match, Drake talked about how Edwards doesn’t need to use hardcore moves since he used to have all the tools to be a great wrestler. After the match, Drake cut a promo on Edwards. Drake told Edwards that he used to be champion material and now he is running around getting himself disqualified.

Drake challenged Edwards to bring back the American Wolf. A heel promo, but I can’t help but agree with Drake here.

The GWN Flashback Moment of the Week was a six-man cage match with Abyss, Kevin Northcutt & Legend defeating The Gathering in 2003 when CM Punk and Julio DiNero turned on Raven, giving Abyss the win.

oVe cut a video promo. Sami Callihan told Rich Swann that it’s time to come home. He then turned his attention to Jake and Dave Crist’s opponents for tonight’s main event -- LAX. Callihan said that tonight, the only family that walks out is oVe.

The Rascalz did their roundtable comedy skit. They talked about Trey Miguel losing at Homecoming and Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz losing against the Lucha Brothers. They hyped each other up to make a comeback.

Jordynne Grace (w/ Kiera Hogan) defeated Dark Allie (w/ Su Yung)

The start of the match was interrupted by the light fixtures malfunctioning, hinting at Rosemary’s presence. This was a short match that saw Allie get control over Grace early, thanks to distractions from Yung.

Grace would power herself into comebacks, but on several occasions, Allie resorted to some cheap shots to keep control of the match. At the end, Grace simply blocked Allie and hit a pumphandle driver for the win. The match wasn’t much, but it kept Grace looking like someone that can take you out if she gets her hands on you.

After Hogan and Grace had walked to the back, the lights went off and on, replacing Yung with Rosemary. Rosemary offered her hand to Allie, who ran away again.

Back from commercial, Scarlett Bordeaux was backstage announcing the winner of the Smoke Show Talent Search -- herself. She put herself over by saying that she is the most over woman in the Knockouts division and hasn’t even stepped inside the ring. She said that her in-ring debut is coming. Kinda underwhelming, but realistically, there isn’t anyone that deserves her managerial services or wouldn’t get overshadowed by her.

Impact Wrestling is returning to Las Vegas for a new set of tapings on February 15, 16, and 17.

Brian Cage defeated Moose

Cage started the match going after Moose and wasn't even stopped by a rake of the eyes. Moose tried to run away instead, but Cage brought him back to the ring the bad way.

Moose and Cage brawled outside the ring for a bit. They whipped each other onto the ring post. Moose at one point hurt his hand, chopping said ring post. Cage blocked a running kick and turned it into an apron bomb.

Back in the ring, Moose went after Cage’s left leg, working on it for a while, and at one point going for a countout win. Cage managed to make it to the ring.

Cage started to make a comeback when Moose decided he wanted to get into a striking match, only for Moose to hit a dragon screw out of nowhere to regain control. Moose hit a pop-up powerbomb and a senton, which finally fired up Cage enough to make a proper comeback and hit a pop-up powerbomb of his own, followed by a buckle bomb and a discus clothesline for a close two count.

Moose hit a dropkick and Go to Hell, but he only got a two count. Out of desperation, Moose went for a chair shot, but Cage dodged, hit the Drill Claw, and picked up the win.

We got a phone call between Josh Mathews and Taya Valkyrie, who informed us that she is still recovering and won’t be cleared until next week. Valkyrie addressed Tessa Blanchard saying that Valkyrie won the championship thanks to Gail Kim, saying that Blanchard bullied a lot of referees and finally got what was coming to her. She said that next week, she will be in Mexico City and ready to defend the title against Blanchard.

Killer Kross cut a promo, pushing Johnny Impact’s buttons as he brought up what he did to Valkyrie and the fans wanting Johnny to lose to Cage or himself. Kross said that next week, he wins the Impact World Championship.

Blanchard was interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. She shouted at Mitchell and blamed Gail Kim for her loss. Suddenly, Blanchard started attacking some of the crew until Kim came to stop her, getting into a brawl. Blanchard choked Kim with some cables until the Impact officials stopped them.

Back from commercial, Sonjay Dutt and D’Amore were arguing with Blanchard about putting her hands on officials and suspending her. Blanchard stormed off.

X Division Champion Rich Swann defeated Trey Miguel in a non-title match

Great back-and-forth, short match. It started with both hitting a series of reversals and counters, and there were several arm drags by each until reaching a stand-off. They traded dive attempts until Miguel connected with a tope suicida and finally got the upper hand.

Back in the ring, Swann and Miguel traded slaps and kicks before Swann hit a standing Frankensteiner and a frog splash for a two count. Miguel answered with a heel kick and cutter combo for a two count for himself. Miguel went for the corner 619, but Swann countered. There were several rolling pin attempts and reversals, but at the end, it was Swann hitting a second rope 450 for the win.

After the match, oVe came out. Callihan once again offered Swann the oVe shirt, and once again, Swann didn't join the team. Before he could answer, LAX came out for the main event.

Impact Tag Team Champions LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan defeated oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) w/ Sami Callihan in a non-title match

This started with both teams brawling outside the ring, with oVe working over Ortiz, as Santana had been taken out during the commercial. oVe worked with many quick tags and hit several double-team moves on Ortiz, getting a couple of two counts in the process.

Ortiz finally cut Dave Crist off on a spot, dropping him over the ropes and getting a quick opening to tag Santana. Ortiz and Santana got a couple of tag moves in and double tope suicidas on both Crist brothers.

All four men got in the ring, with oVe hitting a superplex and powerbomb combo for a great near fall. LAX responded with a cutter and codebreaker combo on Jake Crist, followed with a double inverted suplex for the win.

The Lucha Brothers congratulated LAX backstage, telling them it was a good match, to which Ortiz casually offered Pentagon & Fenix another “ass whooping.” Konnan shouted at Ortiz as Impact went off the air.

Overall, a good show for story development since we’re seeing a lot of rivalries start to escalate to a whole new level. Inside the ring, the show started off somewhat slow, but it managed to close with two good matches.

Next week, Impact returns to Mexico City’s Fronton Mexico. Johnny Impact defends the Impact World title against Killer Kross, and Taya Valkyrie makes her return.