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Impact Wrestling results: Low Ki makes his return


Previously: Team Borash (Alberto Del Rio, Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan & Magnus) defeated Team Mathews (Bobby Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake & Tyrus). 

Tonight: Impact World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley defends against James Storm. Plus, Low Ki makes his surprise return to Impact.

Show Recap --

- Impact aired an in memoriam graphic for Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i.

- Jeremy Borash and The Pope kicked off Impact. Josh Mathews was not on commentary.

LAX (w/ Konnan, Homicide & Diamante) defeated Joe Coleman & Jake Holmes

LAX hit a senton in the corner, followed up by the powerbomb/blockbuster combination to win the match.

Konnan introduced each member of LAX after it was over and challenged anyone to step up. This brought out Decay and a brawl broke out. Security ran out to break them up and Santana hit a dive to the floor that knocked everyone down.

- Karen Jarrett came out and introduced herself as the co-owner of Global Force Wrestling. She announced that GFW and Impact have merged. Sonjay Dutt made his return to Impact and asked to be added to the X Division title match.

Andrew Everett interrupted and mentioned that he earned his title shot. Trevor Lee and Shane Helms joined the conversation. Helms said that he’s the person that runs the X Division.

Bruce Prichard came down to the ring and agreed to add Dutt to the match. He went a step further and decided to add three more guys to make it a six-way. The X Division match will be the main event. 

- A video package on Crimson aired next. He’s a member of Veterans of War and they’ll make their debut next week.

Knockouts Champion Rosemary defeated ODB to retain her title

ODB had the early advantage until Rosemary took over. Rosemary missed a move from the top and ODB made a comeback. ODB attempted the Bronco Buster, but Rosemary got her boot up and hit the Red Wedding to win the match.

- Next, Swoggle was shown running around in the crowd and greeting the fans.

- In the back, Bruce Prichard announced Suicide for the main event. Sienna approached Karen Jarrett and asked where the GFW Women’s Champion is. Jarrett told her that she’s on her way to Impact soon. The current GFW Women’s Champion is Christina Von Eerie, though they didn’t mention her by name.

Kongo Kong (w/ Sienna, KM & Laurel Van Ness) defeated Chris Silvio

Laurel Van Ness is still a mess. Kong hit a cannonball in the corner and followed up with a huge splash off the top rope to win the match.

- Alberto El Patron said he’s the number one contender and challenged the winner of the Impact Championship match. He mentioned Slammiversary as a possible day for his title shot.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviewed GFW World Champion Magnus. He felt that El Patron should go to the back of the line and said he’s next for a title shot.

Impact World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley defeated James Storm to retain his title

James Storm left a six pack of beer at the announce booth. Josh Mathews accompanied Bobby Lashley to the ring. Mathews was back on commentary for the rest of the show.

Mathews tried to give Lashley a bottle to use, but Ethan Carter III came down and told Mathews to sit down. Lashley slammed Storm on the steel steps to take over. Lashley brought in a chair and went to hit Storm with it, but he moved and the chair bounced off the ropes, hitting Lashley in the face.

Referee Brian Hebner got knocked down and Storm hit the Last Call superkick. Storm got the phantom three count and rolled out to get a beer bottle. EC3 grabbed the bottle and smashed it over Storm’s head. Lashley hit the spear to retain the title.

- Next, clips aired from Border City Wrestling of Chris Adonis attacking Grand Champion Moose. McKenzie Mitchell then interviewed Moose. Adonis approached with his arm in a sling. He can’t face Moose next week but has a replacement. Davey Richards jumped Moose and beat him down.

Low Ki defeated Trevor Lee, Suicide, Sonjay Dutt, Dezmond Xavier, and Andrew Everett to win the X Division Championship

This was a really good match with lots of innovative and wild action. All six guys attempted a dropkick and leapt back up to their feet. Five of the guys then hit a five-way dropkick on Lee moments later. Dutt hit a moonsault to the floor that knocked everyone down. Dutt then hit a tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Xavier, with Xavier landing on his feet.

Lee cleared the ring and it came down to Lee and Everett. Dutt suffered a nasty eye injury at some point in the match, though he eventually returned. Lee isolated Everett and kept everyone from entering.

The pace quickened and everyone hit big moves and scored several near falls. Everett hit an insane looking springboard shooting star press to the floor on all five guys. Everett climbed to the top, but Low Ki knocked him to the floor, landing on Suicide and Helms. Low Ki hit the double foot stomp on Lee to win the match.

- After the match, Mathews and J.B. started to argue. The Pope tried to diffuse the situation until he got fed up with Mathews and walked away. J.B. had enough and knocked Mathews out to end the show.

Next Week: Impact Tag Team Champions LAX battle Decay in a street fight. Plus, Grand Champion Moose defends against Davey Richards.