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Impact Wrestling results: Low Ki vs. Sonjay Dutt in India


Previously: Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Moose and GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron defeated Chris Adonis.

Tonight: X Division Champion Low Ki defends against Sonjay Dutt.

Show Recap --

-On commentary, Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash mentioned there could be no physical altercations between them or they’re both fired.

Sony Six Invitational gauntlet battle royal

The match started off with Suicide and Matt Sydal. The order of the next entrants was Davey Richards, KM, and Swoggle. Richards dropkicked Suicide and eliminated him from the match. Out next was Eddie Edwards, with him going right after Richards. They tumbled over the top rope for a double elimination.

Rockstar Spud was out next, followed by Kongo Kong. Kong dumped out Sydal and Spud. Spud pulled out Swoggle for the elimination. Moose was out next and ran wild on KM and Kong. The heels made a comeback and dumped him out.

The final entrant was India’s own Mahabali Shera to a huge pop. They showed his father at ringside. Shera quickly dumped out Kong. It came down to Shera and KM.

Mahabali Shera defeated KM to win the Sony Six Invitational

KM controlled the majority of the match until Shera made a fiery comeback. KM went for the pump handle, but Shera slipped out the back and hit the Sky High for the win. He received a trophy and celebrated with his father at ringside.

- Impact announced Eddie Edwards & Alisha vs. Davey Richards & Angelina Love in a Full Metal Mayhem match at Slammiversary. 

- They also announced that NFL free agent DeAngelo Williams is making his debut at Slammiversary. They showed clips of him training.

- In a video package, Joseph Park and JB searched for a kung fu master but instead ended up at a Chinese buffet.

- At the LAX Clubhouse, Konnan mentioned that Impact went to India but they can’t because they have priors. They invaded a local Orlando wrestling promotion and caused chaos.

- E Singh 3 (EC3) came out in traditional Indian attire and was accompanied by a translator. EC3 cut a promo and then would have it translated. He trashed India and the translator refused to translate. EC3 attacked him and whipped him with a belt. James Storm ran out for the save but EC3 ran off.

- Earlier today at catering, Swoggle and Spud argued and Spud chased Swoggle.

Josh Mathews' public sparring session

Mathews brought out a local jobber and dominated the match. He hit the Swanton Bomb and applied the Steiner Recliner to get the win.

After it was over, Mahabali Shera came out and Mathews begged off. Mathews jumped on Shera, then Bobby Lashley ran out. He beat down Shera and Mathews applied the Steiner Recliner until Alberto El Patron came out for the save.

- Joseph Park and JB watched video tapes of Scott Steiner to get ready for the match. The segment ended with Steiner calling them.

Braxton Sutter (w/ Allie) defeated Trevor Lee

Lee had the brief advantage until Sutter made a comeback and hit his finisher for the win. After the match, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness came out. They challenged Allie and Rosemary to a tag match next week.

- Grand Champion Moose came out and was immediately interrupted by Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Moose challenged Drake and Adonis to a match at Slammiversary. The heels jumped Moose but he made a comeback. Moose will announce who is partner is for Slammiversary next week.

- Back to JB and Joseph Park. Steiner yelled at them and JB and Park ran out terrified.

Sonjay Dutt defeated Low Ki to win the X Division Championship

The story of the match was that Dutt has never won the title and this is his final shot. He wore an eye patch.

It started off with some great back and forth action. Low Ki took over and pulled off Dutt’s eye patch. They brawled into the crowd and Dutt hit a moonsault from the crowd to ringside.

Low Ki controlled the match and slowed down the pace. Dutt made a comeback and scored a close near fall. Dutt hit a massive superplex off the top. He hit a tornado DDT and followed up with a splash for the win.

The X Division babyfaces and Mahabali Shera came out to celebrate Dutt’s win.

Next Week: Ethan Carter III & Bobby Lashley vs. James Storm & Alberto El Patron