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Impact Wrestling results: Michael Elgin vs. TJP

Impact Wrestling results: Michael Elgin vs TJP

Impact Wrestling returns to the Sam’s Town Casino from Las Vegas, Nevada for tonight’s episode on the Road To Bound For Glory. Opening video focused on last week’s wedding of Brian Cage and Melissa Santos, that ended with Callihan breaking a champagne bottle on Santos. 

Show opened with oVe arriving to the arena. They’re surrounded by security because of fear of Brian Cage. They’ll address the situation later tonight in the ring. 

Twitch stream was hosted by Melissa Santos, who ran down the show and hyped up the card for Bound For Glory.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Madison Rayne & Kiera Hogan in a 3-way match

Hogan and Rayne have a past of working together, so they naturally teamed up against Tenille for the length of the match. As they tried to team up early on, Tenille first got rid of Rayne to work on Hogan, getting an early pin attempt with a butterfly suplex. Rayne came back only to take a bulldog and clothesline combination. The numbers game eventually was too much and Hogan superkicked Tenille to take her down. 

Hogan and Rayne worked over Tenille with chokes and kicks, constantly mocking Tenille and playing to the crowd. Tenille once again managed to get rid of Hogan, now focusing on Rayne with a double arm extension submission until Hogan broke it up. Hogan and Rayne went back to work on Tenille until a bit of miscommunication led to Hogan hitting a tope suicida on Rayne, taking her out. 

Back in the ring, Tenille hit a neckbreaker on Hogan for a two count when Rayne broke it up. Rayne and Hogan tried to set up a Double Superplex on Tenille, but they argued enough to allow Tenille to recover, take down Hogan, and then sunset powerbomb Rayne on top of Hogan for a two count. 

Tenille locked in a Tarantula on Hogan and set up both women on the corner for the running splash for a two count. As expected, it was a matter of time before Hogan and Rayne had problems deciding who would pin Tenille, which let Tenille time to take out Hogan, hit her finisher on Rayne, and pin her. Not a good match, Tenille has terrible facial expressions. 

Backstage, Eddie Edwards is seen talking with someone about their history, and it turns out he’s talking to Dreamer. Eddie tells Dreamer he was drugged last week and he knows because he actually watched last week’s episode! Dreamer said that tonight he has Eddie’s back, but then for the swerve, Eddie had been talking to his kendo stick. 

Johnny Swinger defeated Owen Trevor

This is Swinger’s debut versus local talent Owen Trevor. Collar and elbow lock up to start, Trevor had the upper hand, so Swinger distracted the ref and got the upper hand. Swinger stomped on Trevor, hit a couple of clotheslines, and some diving headbutts to the groin. Swinger raked the eyes, raked the back, raked the chest. He’s an encyclopedia of dirty heel tactics.

Trevor tried to make a comeback with some strikes, but failed to seal the deal with a running dropkick, giving Swinger to the opening for a Swinging Neckbreaker for the win. Total squash, but I have to imagine Swinger is here to get destroyed sooner or later. 

Backstage, Gabby Loren interviewed The North about defending the championships against Swann and Willie Mack at Bound For Glory. They said that they’ll prevail, but then Gabby drop the news that Rhino and RVD have been added to the match.

Gabby Loren interviewed Tessa Blanchard about Callihan’s actions last week. Tessa said that no one should be surprised about how dangerous Callihan. Tessa said that she is on a mission since Slammiversary and that everyone in oVe has a target on their backs. 

Impact Plus Moment of the Week was Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode from Bound For Glory 2013.

Backstage, Ace Austin looked for Alisha. He wanted to talk about what happened at the wedding and said he was concerned about Eddie’s personal problems, pretending Eddie has substance problems. It was the usual sleazy Ace Austin skit.

Eddie Edwards and Kenny defeated Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend)

Kenny is indeed the kendo stick and that’s how Eddie was introduced to the match. Luster got ripped since the last time we saw him on Impact.

Eddie and Thornstowe started the match. Eddie hit some early chops, but then followed with a short sequence of reversals with Eddie gaining the upper hand. Lester tagged in next, who mocked Eddie asking him to tag in the stick, but it was just a distraction to attack Edwards from behind. 

Luster worked over Eddie with some help of Thornstowe here and there. Reno Scum started with the quick tags and quick work over Eddie. After being cut off for some minutes, Eddie hit a blue thunder bomb on Thornstowe to get an opening, but Luster once again cut him off from tagging his stick. Eddie hit a desperation Release Suplex to finally tag in the stick, which really just consisted to Eddie hitting both Scum members with the stick, which I guess makes the use of the kendo stick legal?

Eddie hit a Suicide Dive on to Luster, but as Eddie tried to return to the ring, Thornstowe blocked him, allowing Luster to take the stick away. Eddie was slammed onto the stick, Thornstowe went for the top rope plancha, Eddie blocked it, took out Lester, and hit the Boston Knee Party on Thornstowe for the win. Aside from the stick stupidity, this was a good handicap match. 

Backstage, The North go to Konnan’s locker room. Konnan knows exactly why they’re there, takes a sip of tequila as Page closes the door behind them. The implications and Konnan’s face reaction made him look like a tough SOB.

Back from commercial, Jimmy Jacobs, Swann, and Mack are all looking over Konnan, who is knocked out. 

oVe came down to the ring, security is surrounding the ring. Callihan took the mic and explained that what happened to Melissa was an accident and a tragedy. Impact management demanded he came out to apologize and he did. He read his passive-aggressive written apology, but before he could end, Cage interrupted.

Cage destroyed some security, hit an apron bomb on Jake Crist, an F-5 on Dave Crist, and a huge powerbomb on Fulton. Callihan tried to run through the fans when a ‘fan’ tapped Cage on the back, and blinded by his rage, Cage slammed the fan. Management came down and Las Vegas police arrested Cage for attacking a civilian. Crowd popped for Cage’s rampage, but were not happy with the arrest angle. 

Jake Crist joined commentary for the following match.

Daga defeated Chris Bey to qualify to the Bound For Glory X-Division Ladder Match

Match started with a fast paced sequence of counters and ranas until Daga landed an Enzuigiri and followed with a Tope Suicida to finally cut off Bey. 

Daga hit a Snap Suplex for a two count. Daga with a running forearm and single leg dropkick for another two count. Bey blocked a suplex and hit a couple of kicks to get some momentum going, ending with a great Tope con Giro. 

Back in the ring, hit a springboard DDT on Daga for a two count. Bey went for a running attack, but Daga tossed him to the ropes, kicked the knees out, and hit a backstabber for a two count. Bey hit a back kick, but Daga responded with a Mule Kick. Bey went for the 10 Punches on the corner and hit a crucifix pin for a near fall.

Bey went to the top rope, but Daga caught him with a Spanish Fly for yet another two count. Daga hit a double underhook driver for the win. Great short match, I really hope they bring Chris Bey back.

After the match, Jake Crist got in the ring and got face to face with Daga. Dave Crist came down and attacked Daga along with his brother, but Tessa Blanchard came down for the save and ran off both Crist brothers. 

Backstage, TJP and Fallah Bahh were talking shop and preparing for tonight’s main event where TJP faces off with Elgin. Gabby Loren approached them asking TJP how he was feeling about tonight’s match. TJP said this isn’t his first time against a heavyweight. 

We got a package of Josh Matthews and the Las Vegas NFL Alumni members talking about the Shamrock vs Moose match. We got a Stephen Bonnar cameo. Moose wearing a fantastic suit announced that he is training with Frank Trigg. Ken Shamrock walked up and got face to face with Moose.

They talked trash and when they were supposed to answer questions from the media, Moose cancelled and was walking out before Moose cheap shot Shamrock, there was a big pull apart. This was a good MMA media day style skit, which would have been awesome if we couldn’t see that they were in a mall.

Somewhere in the Undead Realm, James Mitchell is berating Havok for pissing off Su Yung. Mitchell told Havok that the Master is mad his favorite bride got hurt. Taya walked up to them and asked Havok to take out Tenille Dashwood, and if she did, Havok could take Tenille’s spot at Bound For Glory. James Mitchell said that they don’t need to go through Dashwood when they can just take the title right there and now. Taya ran away. 

Michael Elgin defeated TJP (w/Fallah Bahh)

This was the big man vs small man match up. It started with TJP running circles around Elgin, but as soon as Elgin would get his hands on TJP, he’d hurt him. TJP went for an early kneebar, but Elgin escaped easily. After a couple more reversals, TJP hurt Elgin’s arm with Pentagon’s armbreaker sending Elgin running to the outside. TJP hit an over the top rope dropkick, gaining control of the ring. 

Back from commercial, Elgin and TJP are back at it in the ring, TJP keeps dodging Elgin’s attacks, but as he goes for a senton to the outside, Elgin caught him in the middle of the air and hit an apron bomb to finally stop TJP’s momentum. 

Back in the ring, TJP went for a reverse rana, but Elgin blocks it and delivers a German bridge for a two count. Elgin went for a deadlift superplex, but TJP blocked it and hit a Rana from the top rope. TJP came back with a couple of strikes and a Springboard forearm, set up Elgin for a Springboard Dropkick, hit a plancha for a two count, but transitioned into an armbar. Elgin reached the ropes. 

TJP went for the Fireman’s Carry, but Elgin blocked it. TJP went for an armbar again, but Elgin blocked it and powerbombed TJP. Elgin hit a Discus Lariat for a two count. Elgin went for the Buckle Bomb, but TJP reversed with a rana, sending Elgin to the outside. TJP went for a suicide dive, but Elgin caught him midair and hit a Powerslam on to the ramp. 

Back in the ring, Elgin hit the Deadlift Super Falcon Arrow for a 2.99 near fall. Elgin went for a lariat, but TJP countered into an armbreaker, but once again, Elgin picked him up, hit the Buckle Bomb, a Backfist, and the Elgin Bomb for the pin. 

This was a great match, I was really surprised by how much offense TJP had in this match. I would love to see this match on a bigger stage.

Show ending saw Melissa Santos talking on the phone as she was on her way to bail out Cage. Callihan interrupted her and told her that everything was an accident, but teased Melissa that it felt good to hit her with the bottle. 

Final Thoughts -- 

Good show for Impact, the action inside the ring for the most part delivered. Storyline wise, the show focused on heating up the feuds, but not big developments.