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Impact Wrestling results: Moose vs. Cage, Santana vs. Fenix


Rich Swann defeated Dave Crist (w oVe) by DQ in an Ultimate X qualifying match

Dave started the match strong with a jumping knee and immediately took control of the ring. Swann got tossed outside the ring, where Jake Crist got a quick shot on the apron. Back in the ring, Dave maintained control, grounding Swann with chokes and strikes until Swann found an opening to toss Dave outside. Swann took out both Crist brothers with a tope con giro. 

Back in the ring, Swann was now in control. He connected with several strikes and a Lethal Injection for a two count. Swann went for a Phoenix Splash, but Dave moved away and Swann hit the ground. Dave locked in a sleeper on Swann, but suddenly, Jake got in the ring and attacked Swann, giving him the win via disqualification.

Sami Callihan got in the ring and pushed away both Crist brothers, likely mad because Jake cost his brother the match, but the announcers sold it as being out of Callihan's usual behavior. Willie Mack made his way to the ring and got in a fight with oVe, ending with Callihan and Mack having a small pull-apart before oVe walked away to the back.

Moose was interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. He talked about not being worried about Eddie Edwards in tonight's main event against Brian Cage since Edwards is locked up in an insane asylum. Moose told Cage that machines die, but legends are forever.

Back from commercial, Swann and Willie Mack were backstage talking. Mack was asking why Swann kept him from fighting Callihan. Swann answered that he's known Callihan for many years and doesn't want to start a war against him or oVe. He told Mack to let it go.

Josh Mathews introduced Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard to the ring. Mathews started the interview with Valkyrie, who said that this rivalry has seen Blanchard constantly cheat to win and disrespect authority in order to retain the Knockouts Championship, but come Homecoming, she is taking the title.

Blanchard's response was that Valkyrie wouldn't even know how a champion behaves. Blanchard said that ever since Valkyrie came to Impact, she just loses, so she won't be losing the championship against Valkyrie. Both wrestlers came face-to-face, but Mathews separated them and announced that their match at Homecoming will have an added stipulation. To make sure there are no more issues with referees, Mathews introduced the special guest referee for Homecoming -- Gail Kim.

Back from commercial, Blanchard was saying backstage that no one has been able to take the Knockouts Championship from her, and now Impact is stacking the odds against her. She said that she respects Gail Kim, but she'll run through her if Kim gets in her way.

Trey Miguel defeated Trevor Lee in an Ultimate X qualifying match

Great match. Lee and Miguel started off with a series of reversals, working on each other's arms and ending with a German suplex by Lee -- but Miguel landed on his feet into a stalemate. They continued with reversals, but this time with more athletic moves and counters -- until Lee caught Miguel with a kick to the back and finally got the upper hand.

Lee focused on Miguel's back until he got distracted talking smack to Miguel, giving him the time to recover and start a comeback. Miguel hit a series of kicks from all corners on Lee, getting a two count for his efforts. Miguel set Lee's head in the corner like Will Ospreay usually does for a superkick, but Miguel hit a 619 into the corner instead, followed by a dragonrana for the win.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix cut a promo saying that their match with LAX at Homecoming will be friendly, but the Lucha Brothers are walking out the champions. Fenix addressed tonight's match with Santana and said he'll show Santana what is coming for them come January 6.

Dark Allie and Su Yung cut a promo from an unknown location. Dark Allie said that Allie is gone and got into riddles about the beginning and the end, and how the ending is the beginning of the end. There was no substance to this promo, but it seemed like a threat to Kiera Hogan.

The GWN Flashback Moment of the Week was the Ultimate X match with Amazing Red defending against Homicide, Chris Sabin, Suicide, Alex Shelley, and Christopher Daniels.

LAX and Konnan were in their clubhouse. Konnan scolded them about challenging the Lucha Brothers, saying that all partnerships will be broken once the titles get in the way, and so Konnan won't be backing them. 

Fenix (w/ Pentagon Jr.) defeated Santana (w/ Ortiz)

Fantastic match. They started with some lucha-style reversals and arm drags. Santana sent Fenix to the outside with a hurricanrana and followed with a tope con giro. Santana wasted time playing to the crowd, allowing Fenix to recover. He caught Santana with a spinning kick and a top rope moonsault. 

Inside the ring, Fenix went for a Swanton -- but Santana dodged and hit a running knee for a two count. They got into a strike-off that ended with Santana hitting a uranage for another two count. They fought in the apron, with Fenix hitting a rolling cutter for a two count. They started reversing Germans until they turned it into reverse ranas on each other back-to-back. 

Fenix and Santana kicked each other several times, one being a Penalty Kick by Fenix as he was walking the ropes into a hanging Santana. That got a big near fall. Santana came back and hit an alley-oop into a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Fenix went for the Fenix Driver,  Santana reversed to a roll, and Fenix kicked out.

Fenix kicked Santana about five times and hit the Fenix Driver for the win. This was a must-watch match. 

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing Killer Kross. She asked about Kross' actions from last week, but Kross ignored her question and instead talked about Johnny Impact not being able to defeat Brian Cage on his own. Johnny Impact interrupted him, telling Kross to stay away from him and Taya Valkyrie.

Kross talked some trash to Impact, forcing Impact to get physical. Kross told Impact that it is this aggressive side that he will need if Impact hopes to defeat Cage.

Kiera Hogan was backstage. She realized that the real Allie is gone and that her promise to have Allie's back until the end was real, but the end is here, and now it's time to fight. 

We went to Shady Acres Psychiatric Hospital, where Raven was playing chess with some random guy talking about aliens. Suddenly, Eli Drake of all people interrupted him. Drake was paying Raven a visit to see another one of those guys that started the whole hardcore craze.

Drake told Raven to watch Drake at Homecoming -- so he can witness him ending Abyss and hardcore wrestling. This was weird, but if you have Raven wearing a hospital robe, you have to get as much out of it as you can.

Jordynne Grace defeated Ruby Raze (w/ Katarina)

The match started with a collar-and-elbow lock-up, but Raze quickly let us know that she had the power advantage. Grace used her speed and knocked down Raze in the corner and hit her running knees and elbow combination. Katarina distracted Grace, giving Raze the opening to attack her from behind with a German suplex and get the upper hand for a bit.

Raze choked Grace and dropped her with a draping neckbreaker for a one count. Raze went for a chokeslam, but Grace fired up and powered herself out of it. After trading some forearms, Grace got Raze in the corner and dropped her with a powerbomb.

Katarina tried to get involved, but she was blocked and dropped with a Muscle Buster on top of Raze. The finish saw Grace hit a Vader Bomb for the win. This was an okay hoss fight, but overall a great showing for Grace. 

Back from commercial, The Desi Hit Squad were all talking about Scarlett Bordeaux, so she suddenly appeared. They all tried to make a case for the talent search. Bordeaux brought up that KM and Fallah Bahh were trying to get some momentum back, so she proposed that The Desi Hit Squad take on KM & Bahh.

Moose defeated Brian Cage by DQ

Like a proper big lad's wrestling match, they started challenging each other with shoulder blocks. Moose took the advantage when he poked Cage's eyes, only for Cage to come back with a hurricanrana and get some offense in. They brawled outside the ring, where Moose accidentally chopped the ring post, hurting his hand, so instead, Moose had to rely on whipping Cage into the guardrails. Cage recovered and hit an apron bomb on Moose. 

Back in the ring, Moose once again used dirty tactics to get the upper hand and started going for Cage's head. Moose whipped Cage around some more and hit the Okada dropkick, launching Cage to the outside, where he continued to toss Cage around into the rails. Moose started playing to the crowd more and more -- until Cage recovered enough and hit a tope con giro and got back into the match.

Cage hit a huge spinebuster and dodged a Game Changer. But as he tried to go for a second rope move, Moose countered with the Go To Hell and senton combo for a two count.

Cage hit a deadlift suplex from the apron into the ring for a near fall. Moose and Cage started chopping each other, hitting forearms and headbutts, but they ended up hitting each other with crazy lariats. Cage seemed to have injured his wrist.

Cage hit an ugly powerbomb with his knees buckling under him with Moose mid-air -- thankfully Moose landed okay. Moose responded with a spear and they went to the floor.

Out of nowhere, Eddie Edwards, wearing a hospital gown, ran down and attacked Moose. Edwards ran wild on Moose, hitting some suicide dives and bringing out his kendo stick, which he used on Moose to chants of "Whack-a-Moose," until Moose ran away and Edwards celebrated in the ring to close the show. Good match until the finish.

Overall, this was a great show inside the ring. Most of Homecoming's card has taken shape as the Ultimate X match was finalized tonight, as well as Impact confirming that Gail Kim will be the referee for the Knockouts Championship match. Edwards will be facing Moose in a falls count anywhere match at the pay-per-view.