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Impact Wrestling results: A new era begins


Previously: TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Josh Barnett to retain his title.

Tonight: The Anthem Era officially begins and will feature the debut of several news stars, including Alberto El Patron.

Show Recap --

- Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards brawled all over the Impact Zone right as the show started. They brawled into the crowd until security finally broke them up.

- Josh Mathews and The Pope discussed the new look for Impact when Mathews noticed a third headset. Jeremy Borash came out and Mathews freaked out. J.B. said that the people don’t like Mathews because he disrespected the fans and wrestlers. The new owners are adding J.B. to commentary.

J.B. mentioned that Mike Tenay was mentoring him to take over his position years ago but a couple of “idiots” gave the position to Mathews instead. Mathews mentioned learning from Jim Ross. J.B. brought up Gordon Solie but Mathews didn't know who that is. J.B. and Mathews argued the rest of the night on commentary.

- Cody ran down with his Global Force Wrestling NEX*GEN title and called out Moose. J.B. revealed that Moose is in Japan and Cody already knew that.

Reno SCUM (Luster the Legend & Adam Thornstowe) defeated The DCC (w/ James Storm)

The referees all have new blue shirts and Rockstar Spud is handling the ring introductions.

DCC set up for a spike piledriver but Thornstowe countered and sent Bram to the floor. Luster caught Kingston in a surfboard and Thornstowe hit a diving double foot stomp to Kingston's back for the win. After the match, The DCC teased having problems but made up.

- In the back, Sienna informed Mackenzie Mitchell that Maria is gone because she had a nervous breakdown after Allie and Braxton Sutter ruined the wedding.

Braxton Sutter (w/ Allie) defeated Caleb Konley, Marshe Rockett & DJ Z

DJ Z hit a sweet looking dive to the floor. Rockett took over and gave Sutter a vicious buckle bomb. Konley gained the brief advantage and cleared the ring. DJ Z jumped off Rockett’s back and hit Konley with a tornado DDT. Allie wiped out Rockett with a crossbody block on the floor. Sutter hit the flatliner on Rockett to win the match.

Laurel Van Ness came out as Sutter and Allie celebrated his win. She’s still wearing her wedding dress and appeared drunk.

- A teaser aired for The Broken Hardys against Smokin’ Joe the kangaroo later tonight.

Sienna defeated Rachael Ellering

They traded vicious shots in the center of the ring. Sienna took over but Ellering made a comeback and scored a near fall with a springboard spinning leg drop. The finish came when Sienna hit the Silencer to win the match.

- Bruce Prichard made his Impact debut. Prichard told everyone that TNA is dead and Impact Wrestling has taken over. Prichard introduced the face of Impact, the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley. Prichard felt that there is nobody in the back that could beat Lashley.

This brought out the debuting Alberto El Patron (Del Rio). Patron pointed out that Lashley has never beaten him. Ethan Carter III interrupted and wanted a title shot. Lashley turned him down because he’s beaten him already. Prichard announced El Patron vs. Lashley in the main event later. EC3 was very unhappy to be left out.

- In the back, Angelina Love confronted Eddie Edwards during an interview.

- Cody came back out looking for Moose but J.B. reminded him that he’s in Japan. Cody demanded Moose come out and then stormed out through the crowd.

- Dutch Mantell made his Impact debut and said that Impact Wrestling has taken over TNA. He brought up all the great stars from the past, including AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Sting. He said all these guys left because the old ownership had a lack of leadership, vision, and respect.

He’s not a boss or an authority figure but he’ll give advice. He ended it by saying “We the people will make Impact great.”

- At Broken Matt's zoo, Smokin’ Joe the kangaroo and The Broken Hardys brawled. Joe nailed Jeff with some stiff looking kicks. The Broken Hardys teleported to their next destination but somehow Decay interfered with the teleportation and ended up with the World Tag Team titles. Rosemary said that The Hardys are deleted.

- J.B. announced that the 15th Slammiversary takes place July 2nd on PPV. Mathews was very upset that J.B. got to make the announcement.

Alberto El Patron defeated Bobby Lashley to win the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship

El Patron had the early advantage and controlled the match. Lashley came back with a stiff clothesline and sent Patron to the floor. Lashley hit a standing vertical suplex and set up for a spear but Patron countered with a dropkick. Patron locked on the armbar in the ropes but Lashley regained the advantage.

EC3 came out and watched the match from the stage. Lashley accidently knocked down referee Brian Hebner. Patron locked on the cross armbar and referee Brian Stiffler ran out. Lashley countered into a powerbomb for a close near fall.

Patron set up for a superkick but Lashley pulled Stiffler in the way to take the kick. Lashley brought in the Impact World Championship but Patron grabbed it and hit Lashley with the belt to win the match.

As Alberto El Patron celebrated, Earl Hebner, Bruce Prichard, and other officials came out and discussed the finish of the match. EC3 applauded as El Patron passed him on the stage.

Next Week: The Anthem Era continues with more new talent and changes.