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Impact Wrestling results: The North vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

Impact Wrestling results: The North vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Impact Wrestling returns from Nashville, TN for the fallout of Slammiversary XVIII, where three new champions were crowned.

Show started with ECIII cutting a promo about people being controlled by the media, government, politicians, corporations, and even love. He said that we need to fight back against those that want to control us and we must control our narrative. Really good promo, it’s ECIII’s forte.

Impact debuted a new entrance video and theme, a far better one.

X-Division Champion Chris Bey defeated Willie Mack to retain the title.

Willie Mack is cashing in his rematch clause.

Bey started the match with a shotgun dropkick and a quick pin attempt. After kicking out, Bey and Mack started rolling around, trading fists. They stood and continued trading strikes. Eventually Mack managed to floor Bey, but before he could follow up Bey pulled him to the outside. Bey went for a plancha, but Mack caught him and slammed him down on the floor.

Back in the ring, Mack hit a senton atomico. He tried to follow with a running clothesline on the corner, but Bey dodged and hit a draping neckbreaker for a two count. Bey followed with a headlock, but Mack powered up, escaped, and hit a backfist. When Bey tried to hit a moonsault, Mack dodged and hit a moonsault himself. 

Mack went for the stunner, but Bey blocked. Mack caught him with a pop-up forearm then went for the 6-star frog splash, but Bey moved, hit a springboard cutter, and picked up the win. Good match, but really short.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down some of tonight’s matches and also recapped the events from Slammiversary. They hyped the debut of the Good Brothers and ECIII’s return.

The Good Brothers came down to the ring. Anderson cut a promo about arriving on Impact Wrestling, how Slammiversary was trending #1 worldwide because of them. Gallows talked about selling out their t-shirt overnight. They had some beers to celebrate, but Ace Austin interrupted them, along with Madman Fulton.

Ace told them that he understood why they attacked him on Saturday, they went for the top two guys in Impact. Ace wanted an apology. Ace threw Anderson’s beer, so they started brawling. The Good Brothers cleared the ring. This was somewhat weak.

Backstage, Heath arrived trying to get in, but he wasn’t on the list. He didn’t even have a last name. He called out Rhino, but he was distracted with Hernandez about their arm-wrestling dispute. They both ended up challenging each other to a fight for the money. I don’t know why Heath can’t use ‘Miller’ on Impact.

In his locker room, Chris Bey was thanking some ladies, who seem to be his assistants. Rohit Raju arrived and wanted to celebrate with Bey too. Raju said that Bey has a bullseye on his back, so he offered his help to look out for Bey.

Havok & Nevaeh defeated Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz by DQ

Steelz and Nevaeh started the match, with the latter striking down Steelz and dropping her with a slam and a crucifix pin for an early two count. Havok came in with a backbreaker into a neckbreaker by Nevaeh.

Hogan tagged in but ate a big boot by Havok as she came in. She managed to dodge a second boot and hit a dropkick, but Havok wasn’t phased and took down Hogan with a clothesline. Nevaeh tagged in, but distracted herself with Steelz, allowing Hogan to clip her from behind and cut her off from her corner. 

Hogan and Steelz worked over Nevaeh in their corner, using many quick tags, going for strikes and chokes, getting near falls in between. Eventually, Nevaeh caught Steelz with a clothesline, but couldn’t follow up and ate a bicycle kick by Tasha. Nevaeh kicked Tasha again and went for the tag, but Hogan distracted the referee and the tag didn’t take place. Nevaeh hit a desperation neckbreaker and finally tagged in Havok.

Havok ran wild over Hogan and Steels, clotheslines and running boots to the corner. Hogan got her with a sleeper, but Havok got her off. Hogan went for a tilt-a-whirl, but Havok reversed into a piledriver. Tasha tried to save Hogan with a chair for the DQ, but Havok held on and still hit the piledriver on Hogan.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Eddie Edwards first World Title win over Bobby Lashley.

Backstage, Sami Callihan confronted Ken Shamrock for losing the match on Saturday. Shamrock accepted it, but wasn’t having it today. He said to complain next week. Callihan was as confused as I was after this.

RVD and Katie Forbes cut a promo talking about the changes in Impact for the better. They promoted Forbes new website. They’re done with the CancelCulture gimmick, but they’re still the heelish characters they were a couple of months prior.

Rhino defeated Hernandez

It took me longer to write this than the match. Rhino caught Hernandez with the Gore by surprise and won the cash.

The North cut a promo backstage about being the greatest tag team in the company’s history, but they never get a chance to celebrate. They said that the people said that the MCMG were the greatest and most innovative and such, but that was all opinions, yet The North’s longest reign in Impact’s history is a fact.

We got a vignette for Brian Myers. It looked similar to Kurt Angle's initial vignettes in TNA. Impact didn't say who was in the video, but Myers later identified himself on social media.

A video collection aired of post-match promos by the winners of Slammiversary XVIII.

Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo about her next move. Purrazzo said she wouldn't reveal, but since Grace was injured with a separated shoulder, she’d just enjoy the reign. Up walked Kylie Rae and introduced herself as the next challenger. Deonna offered a handshake, only to swerve Rae into the Fujiwara armbar, but Rae was able to block it before Alisha Edwards and Kimber Lee ran up to break up the fight.

Eddie Edwards came down to the ring to address his championship win. Eddie talked about how it felt so right to call himself the Impact World Champion. He said that his journey brought him to the title, and now a new one starts. Eddie said that he wants stability in Impact and that he wants to be the champion that both fans and the locker room can be proud of. He said that in the last few years, this title doesn’t get defended often, the last time was five months ago, and so he vows to be a defending champion and he’ll do it every week if necessary. His journey is to bring stability and credibility to the title.

Eric Young came out. Eddie didn’t let EY talk, he said he wasn’t happy with what he did to Rich Swann on Slammiversary. EY deserves an ass kicking, and Eddie is happy to oblige. 

EY said that Impact belongs to him and that Eddie should be happy that he took out Rich and not him. EY said that he doesn’t care about Eddie’s journey and that the only thing he wants is the title. 

Eddie threw himself on EY with a dive and started punching them. They got into a small pull apart.

Gia Miller interviewed Moose, asking him if he’d defend the title like Eddie had just promised. Moose told her that was a dumb question, because he carries the most prestigious title and people don’t just deserve title shots. Moose said he’d invite Fallah Bahh to a match.

Backstage, Gia Miller approached Eddie about who he'd wrestle first. Trey Miguel approached him and asked for a match next week. Eddie accepted.

Self-Proclaimed TNA World Champion Moose defeated Fallah Bahh (with TJP) to retain the title

Collar and elbow to start the match, Moose couldn’t move Bahh. He tried to attack Bahh in the corner, but Bahh kept dodging and chopping Moose. Bahh blocked a chokeslam attempt, but ended up catching a big boot to the face.

Moose chopped and punched Bahh, took him down with a shoulder block. He dropped an elbow, raked Bahh’s face, and choked him on the ropes. As usual, Moose got cocky and started talking trash, allowing Bahh to recover and build some momentum for a couple of running clotheslines and hip attacks to the corner. Moose hit the lights out and won. This was virtually a squash.

After the match, ECIII snuck up behind Moose, took him down, and walked away. Matthews said that ECIII doesn’t work here.

Good Brothers were walking down the street when Ace and Fulton drove up and distracted them, allowing Reno Scum to attack them from behind. GB took care of Reno Scum, prompting Ace and Fulton to drive away.

John E. Bravo had Rosemary in his house. They were talking to each other in code about pinches of rosemary and extra extra virgin olive oil. Taya was in the house too, so since they weren’t alone anymore. Rosemary started summoning half of the Impact roster to the house. Apparently, we have a reality show called ‘Wrestle House’ now, starting next week.

Announced for next week, Reno Scum vs The Good Brothers and Eddie Edwards vs Trey Miguel for the Impact World title.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated Impact World Tag Team Champions The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) to win the titles

Shelley and Page started the match, they chain wrestled for a bit for wrist and head control, then did a short sequence of counters and reversals ending up in a standoff. Alexander and Sabin tagged in and went for the same plan, ending with some lucha armdrags by Sabin on Alexander. 

Shelley tagged in, but Alexander managed to throw him into Sabin and cut Shelley away from his corner. Shelley recovered. Page left the ring to dodge a superkick, but Sabin was there for the kick from the apron. MCMG hit a double kick on Alexander, then a double kick on Page.

Back from commercial, MCMG were still in control, getting a two count on Page with a top rope crossbody from Shelley. Josh Alexander distracted Shelley, allowing Page to cheap shot Shelley to cut him off, setting him up for the car crash crossbody.

The North started working over Alex Shelley in their corner. Alexander took him down with a backbreaker for a two count after Shelley tried to get an armbar in. The North hit a double backbreaker combo for another two count when Sabin broke the pin. Page hit a delayed handoff suplex right before Alexander tried to follow with a top rope moonsault, but Shelley managed to move away, tagging in Sabin.

Sabin took out Josh on the apron. He hit a rana on Page, then followed with a missile dropkick and a tornado DDT on Page for a two count. MCMG hit a double kick on Page in the corner. Sabin tagged out and hit a dive on Alexander. Shelley hit the shiranui on Page for a two count. Kick combo by Shelley and Sabin on Page, followed by a swinging neckbreaker and crossface. Sabin locked in a cloverleaf on Alexander, but when Page reversed the crossface to a pin, Sabin let go to break the pin attempt. 

Alexander and Sabin traded strikes in the middle of the ring. Along with Page, he hit the murder-go-round, then followed with the cutter-wheelbarrow suplex combo for a two count when Shelley broke the pin. The North attacked Sabin, went for the northern assault, but Sabin used the moment to roll Page down while Shelley kept Josh locked and pinned Page to win the Impact tag team championships.  Really good main event, hate to see The North lose the titles, but after breaking the record, there’s no sense to extend it for too long. This also freshens up the division a bit.

After the show ended, we saw Heath sneak into the arena.

Final thoughts -- 

Good show for a fallout episode after a pay-per-view. While we still have many questions about guys like ECIII or Heath, you can feel that a new era is starting. Wrestling wise, we got a great main event.