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Impact Wrestling results: oVe vs. Tessa Blanchard & Daga


Impact Wrestling returns from the Sam’s Town Hall and Casino from Las Vegas, Nevada, for tonight’s episode, on the road to Bound For Glory. Opening video took focus on the ongoing story with Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin, The North’s beatdown of Konnan, and the events that led to Brian Cage getting arrested last week. 

Twitch stream was hosted by Melissa Santos as usual, she ran down the show and hyped up Bound For Glory, as well as talking about the press conference yesterday. 

Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards to qualify to the Bound For Glory X-Division title ladder match

Ace Austin made out with some groupies during his entrance. Ace got some more kisses while he had the upper hand during the outside brawls. 

Match started with both men going for a strike exchange, which quickly led to Eddie tossing Ace to the outside, hitting a dive, and following him around the ring delivering chops. Eddie crotched Ace on the post, but when he tried to get the match back in the ring, Ace caught him with a kick to get some space. 

Eddie went back to the offense and continued to chop Ace in and outside the ring, where Ace managed to snatch a cup with ice and smash it in Eddie’s face, slowing him down. 

Back in the ring, it was now Ace that had control, delivering constant kicks to Eddie. Ace’s momentum didn’t last long when Eddie came back with Kobashi-like chops on the corner. Ace caught Eddie with a kick and uppercut in the corner, but Eddie slipped out and dropped him on the turnbuckle. Eddie followed with a super backplex. 

Suddenly, out came Reno Scum to the ring, which distracted Eddie enough for Ace to sneak up a two count. Eddie hit a blue thunder bomb for a two count. Ace caught Eddie with a spinning kick for a two count. Eddie finally hit the Boston Knee Party, but Reno Scum pulled the referee to break the count. 

Eddie dove on Reno Scum to take them out, but given the chaos, Eddie now went for his kendo stick. Eddie took out both Reno Scum, but lost the stick in the action. Ace hit The Fold, but Eddie kicked out. Thornstowe gave Eddie a piece of metal, which he placed in his armband, hit a hidden blade style strike to Eddie, and pinned him for the win. Good opener, but I’m surprised the finish is not leading to a one-on-one match between these two at Bound For Glory.

After the match, Reno Scum hit a Super Curb Stomp on Eddie, while Ace mocked him. I really wouldn’t mind if these three become a proper stable going forward. 

Backstage, Taya is preparing for her match with Havok, when Rosemary walks up to her. Taya pretends she wasn’t looking for her, and tells her that ‘they’ have a problem because she has to fight Havok tonight. Rosemary tells her that life is not fair and she gets to watch. I love their relationship. 

The Desi Hit Squad (Mahabali Shera, Rohit Raju & Raj Singh) w/ Gama Singh defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel) 

Desi Hit Squad jumped The Rascalz to start the match, eliminated Dezmond and Wentz in order to cut off Trey and focus on him. Miguel tried to fight them off and make a comeback against Rohit, but after dodgin a couple of moves, Raju swept the leg and tagged in Raj. 

Raj continued the work over Trey, hitting a deadlift suplex for a two count. Raj and Rohit continued with quick tags and quick pin attempts, a couple of tag moves here and there. 

Eventually, Trey managed to take down both Rohit and Raj and tag in Wentz for the hot tag. Wentz and Dezmond both came in and took out Raj with a kick combo, made sure that Shera wouldn’t come in, but when they both went for a dive on all Desi Hit Squad, Shera caught them both with Chokeslams. Trey followed and took out Shera. 

Back in the ring, Trey took out Raj. All three Rascalz superkicked Shera, but he wouldn’t go do. Shera took Trey and Xavier down, hit a powerslam on Zachary, and dragged Raj on top of Wentz for the pin. Pretty good match, they’re going strong with Shera again. 

It was officially announced that Dr. Wagner’s partners versus The Rascalz are going to be Aerostar and Taurus.

Backstage, Jordynne Grace is working out when Katie Forbes arrives and tells her to park her car. Grace tells her she is going to kick her ass tonight, which Forbes tells Grace that she’s going to need a bigger boot and then started twerking. This is gonna be bad.

Havok (w/ Father James Mitchell) defeated Impact Knockout’s Champion Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo) by DQ

As the match was about to start, Tenille Dashwood walked out and joined commentary. Taya berated Havok to start the match, but Havok just went after her and started tossing her around the ring by the hair. Dropped her in the corner with a running splash, followed by running boots, and got a quick two count. Havok hit a Backbreaker, but Bravo distracted Havok, giving Taya the opening to hit a big knee to the face and turn the match around. 

Taya hit a couple of running knees for a two count, tried to follow by choking Havok and hitting a couple of elbows, that they did nothing to Havok, who easily came back in control with a kick and another Backbreaker. 

Havok now in control again, went for a Superplex, but Taya escaped by climbing the ring post from the floor side, kicked out Havok’s leg, and hit the Footstomp on the Tree of Woe for a two count.
Taya went for Road To Valhalla, but couldn’t keep Havok still, who took her out with a lariat and a Chokeslam, but Bravo pulled the ref and attacked him, causing Kid Ref to DQ Taya. 

James Mitchell cornered Bravo, allowing Havok to pull him in the ring and take him out with a Chokeslam. Taya attacked Havok with the title. Tenille went after Taya and they had a terrible brawl that ended with Tenille running off Taya. 

oVe cut a video promo saying that what Cage did last week is unacceptable. Fans shouldn’t be getting attacked by animals like Cage. Callihan said that tonight, while Cage is in jail, they take out Tessa and Daga once and for all. 

Gabbi Loren interviewed The North backstage, asking if they should be focusing on their BFG match and not Konnan. Page acted like he didn’t know about Konnan. Rich Swann and Mack walked up and said that they’ll take the win at the PPV. Josh Alexander tried to add some fuel to the fire and say that Rhino and RVD are skipping the line while Mack and Swann had to fight to get their shot. Rhino and RVD walked up and said that they’ve been in line for decades. 

Stephen Bonnar defeated Moose (w/ Frank Trigg) by DQ

Trigg joined the commentary table, he was really really good. 

Moose easily took down Bonnar, messed around with him getting his back, but went to play to the crowd instead of focusing on Bonnar, so the MMA vet came back with a couple of kicks and slammed Moose to the outside. Moose raked Bonnar’s eyes to regain control. Followed with a couple of hooks to the ribs. 

Back in the ring, Moose worked over Bonnar, striking him, but he kept mocking him and thus getting distracted, so once again, allowing Bonnar to comeback with a spinning kick. 

Moose had to rely again to raking the eyes, but Bonnar kept coming back, now with a Spinerbuster. Bonnar went for a diving rlbow, so Moose desperately tossed the ref to the ropes, tripping Bonnar down, and getting DQ’d in the process. Bonnar was busted open bad over the right eyebrow. 

After the match, Moose went to hit Bonnar with a chair, but Ken Shamrock ran down for the save. Shamrock dodged Moose’s chair shot and hit a belly-to-belly. Shamrock locked in the Ankle Lock, tapping out Moose. Bonnar made sure Trigg couldn’t make the save. It may be the shorts, but it looks like Shamrock has been skipping leg day. 

Jordynne Grace defeated Katie Forbes

Katie Forbes came out with a pair of those new Kazuchika Okada ‘Rainmaker’ money guns and twerked her way to the ring. 

Collar and elbow lock up to start the match, Forbes showed that she had some wrestling skill, but she was no match for Grace. Forbes has added some twerking into her lock reversals. 

Jordynne took down Forbes with a shoulder tackle, then with a second rope dropkick, provoking Forbes to leave the ring. Grace went for a dive, but Forbes caught her with a strike as she was crossing the ropes, managing to turn the match. 

Forbes went for some chokes and shoulder tackles in the corner, she hit a Handspring Elbow, but then started twerking again, giving Grace the time to recover, wedgie Forbes, and toss her shoulder first into the ringpost, which she followed with a running knee and elbow combo, ending with a Vader Bomb for a two count. 

Forbes hit a Tornado DDT for a two count. She mocked Grace, but when she went for a fireman’s carry, Grace escaped, hit Grace Driver, and took the win. This was a lot better than I expected, but then again, I expected something terrible. 

Backstage, Johnny Swinger tried hitting on Katie Forbes. She told him she dates RVD, to which he asked if they swing. Jordynne Grace followed and just pushed him down. 

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Christopher Daniels, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Homicide, Suicide, and Amazing Red in an Ultimate X Match.

Backstage, Daga thanked Tessa for the help, but he can fight his own battles. Tessa told him that tonight they’re teaming, but at Bound For Glory, to each their own.

Backstage, Fallah Bahh was training while TJP is eating doughnuts. Next week, Bahh is wrestling Michael Elgin. Also next week, Rich Swann vs Josh Alexander vs Rhino, Rohit vs Sabu for another X-Division qualifier. Plus a battle royal for the #20 spot for the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory, which was also announced that the shot won is open to any division, and across them.

Tessa Blanchard & Daga defeated oVe (Jake Crist & Madman Fulton) w/ Dave Crist

Daga and Jake started the match, pushing and slapping each other before Jake asked for Tessa, which was an obvious swerve to tag in Fulton. Tessa and Fulton got face to face. 

Tessa went for to hold Fulton, but he just swung her around. Tessa took out Jake with a big tope suicida, but distracted herself from Fulton. 

Daga did a blind tag on Tessa and joined her to drop Fulton, but the big man quickly recovered and took out Daga, ramming him to the ring post back first. Fulton hit a huge chokeslam on Daga, who tried to make a comeback, but Fulton kept control and Dave Crist made sure Tessa wasn’t there for the tag. 

Daga went for a top rope hurricanrana, but Fulton blocked it and was going for a Powerbomb, but Daga escaped and hit a desperation Cutter. Tessa and Jake both tagged in and Tessa just went crazy on both Crist brothers, getting a two count on Jake after a DDT. Daga and Tessa teamed against Fulton and took him out with an assisted rana, tossing him to the outside, which Daga followed with a corkscrew press. In the ring, Tessa dropped Jake Crist with Magnum for the win. This was an awesome sprint, great stuff, but they had so little time. 

After the match, Fulton returned and attacked both Tessa and Daga, hitting a chokeslam on Daga and the End of Days on Tessa. 

We got video that Brian Cage had arrived at the arena and he was on his way to the find Callihan and his crew. Cage got to the ring and took out Jake, hit the F-5 on Fulton, and interrogated Dave about Sami, who came out with a chair, but the chair didn’t do anything to Cage, who choked Callihan. 

All of oVe ganged up on Cage, allowing Callihan to low blow him a couple of times. oVe handcuffed Cage to the ropes, while Callihan fetched his trusty baseball bat. Melissa Santos came out trying to protect Cage from being hit, and as much as Callihan told her to leave, she didn’t, and ended up taking the Cactus Special in the middle in the ring, as they made Cage watch. Cage screamed for the referees to take her away as oVe posed over her body. 

Final Thoughts -- 

This was a really fun show for Impact, it had some down moments with some of the Knockout matches, but the rest was really packed. Opener and main event matches were fantastic. Everything is heated up for the PPV, as we head to the go-home show next week.