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Impact Wrestling results: Pentagon Jr. & Fantasma vs. Aries & Sydal


Previously: Impact World Champion Pentagon Jr. defeated Eli Drake.

Tonight: Austin Aries & Matt Sydal face Pentagon Jr. & El Hijo Del Fantasma. From House of Hardcore, Eddie Edwards battles Sami Callihan in a street fight. Plus, Su Yung holds a funeral for Rosemary.

Show Recap --

Z & E (DJ Z & Andrew Everett) defeated Eli Drake & Scott Steiner to win the Impact Tag Team titles

The heels isolated DJ Z in their corner, then Steiner gave him a Samoan drop from the second turnbuckle. Z & E made a comeback and hit a double dropkick on Steiner, sending him to the floor.

Everett hit Drake with a codebreaker and DJ Z rolled him up for a near fall. Steiner accidentally hit Drake with a chair, and Everett hit a standing Shooting Star Press to win the Impact Tag Team Championship.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Kiera Hogan

Madison Rayne joined Josh Mathews on commentary. Hogan was in control early on. Blanchard took over after dropping Hogan on the top rope, but Hogan fired up and unloaded on her. Blanchard won after hitting the hammerlock DDT.

After the match, Blanchard jumped Hogan from behind and beat her down. On commentary, Rayne was disgusted by Blanchard’s actions. She ran to the ring for the save.

- Earlier today, Grado accused Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong of attacking Joseph Park last week. They denied it and insulted Grado. Katarina stepped in and challenged Kong on his behalf, though Grado didn’t seem too thrilled.

Kongo Kong (w/ Jimmy Jacobs) defeated Grado (w/ Katarina)

Grado was scared and tried to leave, but Katarina convinced him to stay. Kong was firmly in control and dominated the match. Grado made a brief comeback, but Kong won with the diving splash.

Kong continued the beatdown and Katarina subtly walked off, leaving Grado alone. Kong teased sending Grado into the steel steps until Moose ran out for the save.

- LAX had a confrontation with Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley in the back.

Eddie Edwards defeated Sami Callihan in a street fight (from House of Hardcore)

Edwards hit a suicide dive to start the match. Callihan hit Edwards with a lead pipe and tried to stick a spike in his eye, but Edwards fought it off. Callihan gave Edwards a Death Valley Driver on the entryway. Callihan attempted a piledriver on the apron, but Edwards hit him with a can of Coke.

Callihan hit a falcon arrow on two steel chairs for a near fall. Callihan brought in his baseball bat, but Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party for the win. After the match, Edwards continued to attack Callihan. He choked out Callihan with the bat until security ran out.

Brian Cage defeated Facade (from Destiny World Wrestling in Canada)

On the floor, Cage powerbombed Facade into the ring post and slammed him on the apron. Facade fought back and nailed Cage with a kick to the head. The finish came when Cage hit Weapon X for the win.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Austin Aries defeated Brian Kendrick to win the X Division Championship (from No Surrender 2011)

Kendrick attempted Sliced Bread before Aries tossed him to the floor. Aries missed a suicide dive and hit the guardrail hard. He missed the 450 and Kendrick scored a near fall. Aries used a low blow and hit a brainbuster to win the title.

- KM gave Fallah Bahh a makeover and Bahh hit on Kiera Hogan.

- Su Yung held a funeral for Rosemary, with the Undead Bridesmaids walking through a cemetery with Rosemary’s casket. Yung placed flowers on the casket and sprayed it with red mist before it burst into flames.

Pentagon Jr. & El Hijo Del Fantasma defeated Austin Aries & Matt Sydal

Sydal and Fantasma started the match off by going back and forth. Fantasma got the better of Sydal. Pentagon and Aries entered, but Aries quickly jumped to the floor. Fantasma hit a suicide dive on Sydal and all four guys brawled around ringside.

Aries and Sydal took over by isolating Fantasma on their side of the ring. Pentagon hit a slingblade and a backstabber for a two count. Sydal attempted the Shooting Star Press, but Pentagon nailed him with a superkick mid move. Fantasma hit the Thrill of the Kill on Sydal for the win.

Next Week: X Division Champion Matt Sydal defends against El Hijo Del Fantasma. In two weeks at Under Pressure, Pentagon Jr. defends against Austin Aries.