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Impact Wrestling results: The Rascalz's farewell

Impact Wrestling results: The Rascalz Farewell

Impact Wrestling returns for the fallout of Turning Point, where two championships changed hands and Eric Young introduced his new reinforcer -- Joe Doering. 

The opening video was a recap of Purrazzo regaining the Knockouts title from Su Yung, Rohit Raju retaining the X Division title from Cousin Jake, Joe Doering’s debut, the Good Brothers winning the Impact tag team championships from The North, and Rich Swann’s successful title defense against Sami Callihan.

Moose defeated Willie Mack in a No DQ match

This is a rematch from Turning Point, where Moose beat up Willie Mack. This, however, is a no DQ match. These two have been feuding since Moose started to antagonize the Impact World Champion Rich Swann, and Mack made a stand to support his friend.

Match saw a far more motivated and dominant Mack early on, but once Moose cut him off and gained control, it was once again all Moose. Every time Moose would hit a big move, he would call out Rich Swann, telling him that this is what pain looks like. 

Mack started a short comeback, injuring Moose’s left shoulder, but when he went for the six star frog splash Moose moved out, hit the Lights Out, followed by strikes until the referee stopped the match. This was shorter, but better than the Turning Point match. 

With two dominant wins over Mack, it’s just a matter of time before they kick off the Moose vs Swann feud.

- Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne ran down tonight’s card. 

- We got one final Treehouse with The Rascalz, remembering some of their best moments in the Treehouse. They’re gonna be missed.

- The Bravo shooting investigation continues with Dreamer. The Deaners approached Dreamer about the gun they found at Turning Point. 

Suicide vs Gio ended in a no contest

Not even a minute in, Eric Young and Joe Doering hit the ring and took both men out. 

EY cut a promo saying that everything was Impact’s fault for interfering with his plans because the world belongs to them.

- Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo (with Kimber Lee) about regaining the title. Purrazzo said she felt fantastic for being a two-time champion in only six months. Kimber Lee said that tonight, they’re going after the Knockouts tag titles. The lights then went all crazy and when they returned, a message was written on the mirror saying “Next week, ur time haz come”, bad spelling and all.

- Heath and Rhino were chatting backstage. Heath told Rhino that he would be rehabbing with Swann’s doctor. After that, Rhino walked out and confronted Erich Young and Joe Doering, telling them they wouldn’t get away with it. EY and Doering responded by beating up Rhino and went after Heath next.

Brian Myers defeated Crazzy Steve

At Turning Point, Myers defeated Swoggle in a singles match, but after he kept attacking Swoggle post-match, Crazzy Steve made the save.

The story of the match was that Myers wanted a straight collar and elbow match, but Steve went at him with his unorthodox style, annoying Myers, so he cut Steve off and worked over him. 

Crazzy Steve made a comeback and came close to winning, but Myers resorted to poking Steve’s eyes before hitting his new lariat finisher for the win.

No idea where this is going, but the ‘professional wrestler’ gimmick seems to be working for Myers.

- Impact+ Flashback Moment of the Week was Tara & Brooke Tessmacher vs Gail Kim & Madison Rayne from the November 3, 2011 edition of Impact for the Knockouts Tag Team championships.

- Dreamer interrogated Johnny Swinger and asked to go over his fanny pack. Swinger straight up had a gun in there and said it was a gimmick, but Dreamer wasn’t having it and said that next week, Wrestler’s Court is coming back for Swinger.

Havok & Nevaeh defeated Tenille Dashwood & Alisha Edwards (with Kaleb with a K) in a Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament first round match.

Dashwood and Edwards became a tag team during Turning Point after Dashwood and Grace failed to get along as a team.

The story of the match was virtually the same one we’ve seen in the last month with Dashwood controlling early on, but once things get hard, she will tag out and leave her tag partner dry. Dashwood did at one point try to join Edwards on double teaming Nevaeh, but in the end, it’s all about her, and she left Edwards to get pinned by Havok. 

The match was ok, Dashwood’s performance was good, and Edwards looked better than usual.

Havok and Nevaeh advance to face the winners of the team of Killer Kelly and Renee Michelle vs. Jordynne Grace and a mystery partner.

- We saw Jordynne Grace backstage talking to whoever her teammate will be next week. They hinted that this person was thinking about retirement before Grace contacted her.

Hernandez defeated Fallah Bahh

These two have been feuding ever since Fallah Bahh stole a roll of money from Hernandez.

Basic match, Hernandez dominated early on, Bahh made a comeback. Hernandez cut him off and won with the Superman splash. If anything else, this was Hernandez’ best performance so far and Bahh wasn’t doing comedy. 

Hopefully this finishes the feud and they can move into something better, but we know that Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are in possession of the money, so we can’t be sure just yet.

- Backstage, Rohit Raju is complaining to D’Amore about being attacked by Eric Young and Joe Doering. D’Amore told Raju off, but was then approached by TJP, who was reminded that no one named TJP could get a title shot again. D’Amore brought up the question of what Dusty Rhodes would do? He couldn’t have spelled it out clearer for TJP.

- We got a video package recapping the Good Brothers’ path to the tag team championships. 

- Ethan Page went for D’Amore and requested The North’s Tag Team championship rematch against the Good Brothers. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows were there and said that Page should have to go through someone of their choosing before they could earn a title shot. They hinted at someone that was “phenomenal”.

- Mathews and Rayne ran down some of the matches for next week, including Rich Swann vs. Ken Shamrock. 

Rich Swann & Trey Miguel defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) in the Rascalz’s farewell match

This is The Rascalz's final match with Impact Wrestling. In the storyline, they’ve been evicted from the Treehouse and thus can’t stay with Impact anymore. Last week, they saved Rich Swann from a beat down at the hands of Callihan, Shamrock, and Chris Bey, and so in return, he wanted to close off this chapter of the Rascalz’s career with them.

The match was great, it was just a celebration of the Rascalz’s spots. Early on, all four men paired off with each other for some fast-paced sequences of reversals. The meat of the match would see the team of Xavier and Wentz gain control when working more as a team doing double team moves or cutting the ring in half, but once either of them wanted to go one-on-one with either Swann or Miguel, it was the latter that would dominate. Highlights of the match saw all four men trade strikes on one another until they all hit stereo superkicks and they all fell to the mat knocked out.

Finish saw Xavier and Wentz go for a second hot fire flame, but Miguel managed to take down Xavier with a top rope meteora, only for Swann to jump in with his new shotgun superkick for the pin. 

After the match ended, all three Rascalz just sat on the ring shedding tears and hugging each other. They all celebrated together in the ring for a couple of minutes, leaving their jackets in the ring before heading to the back. Really emotional. 

Backstage, Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock beat them all down. Callihan then threatened Swann to close out the show.

The way that commentary put over the Rascalz on their way out was a complete 180 from what we see in every other promotion. Even when they did the job, commentary still celebrated the relationship between the promotion and the wrestlers. 

Final thoughts -- 

Good show. Strong inside the ring, especially the main event. Storyline wise, we have some hints towards Hard To Kill, but with Final Resolution happening early December, nothing is set.