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Impact Wrestling results: Rebellion fallout, RVD returns


Fallout from Rebellion was the theme of this week's episode of Impact from the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto. The opening video was a full recap of the Rebellion pay-per-view, showcasing all of the matches.

The Twitch stream was hosted by Melissa Santos from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, where Impact was having television tapings. There was a great cameo from Disco Inferno talking trash about the Philly fans and some of the Knockouts until Taya Valkyrie came out to get rid of him. Valkyrie then bullied Santos instead. Matt Striker also made a surprise appearance.

- Michael Elgin came down to the ring to open the episode. He cut a promo saying that Brian Cage wasn’t there to open the show, which is usually the tradition for a new champion. Elgin said it's all because he took Cage out.

Elgin talked trash to the Canadian crowd for cheering on Cage instead of him. Elgin compared himself to Georges St-Pierre and Wayne Gretzky. He sent Cage a message, telling Cage that he left Japan to become the Impact World Champion.

Johnny Impact came out to interrupt Elgin. He told Elgin that he can’t just come out and jump the line. They talked trash to each other before Johnny finally claimed that it was him that sent Cage to the hospital. Johnny said that as the former World Champion, he deserves his rematch.

Suddenly, Konnan of all people came out to interrupt them. Konnan said that once again, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix are under his management, and he is here to represent Pentagon. Konnan said he thinks Pentagon is the one man to have a claim to the title.

Elgin tried to attack Konnan, but Pentagon came out and brawled with Elgin. They had a pull-apart, with Johnny getting a cheap shot on Elgin before taking off. Elgin took out the group of security and called out Johnny. The fans were mostly behind Pentagon.

- Josh Mathews and Don Callis gave an update on Cage, saying that he is recovering at home. Elgin, Johnny, and Pentagon are set to face off in a number one contender's match later, with the winner getting the next shot at Cage's World title.

Ace Austin defeated Petey Williams

Austin offered a handshake, but he pulled Williams into a headlock. That advantage didn’t last long as Williams got him with a dropkick to the back, a rana tossing Austin outside, and a dive on him.

Back in the ring, Austin took out Williams and hit a dive himself. Austin did a couple of headstands on the apron and dodged Williams' offense. Williams did the corner National Anthem, but he gave Austin time to recover and come back with a springboard kick for a two count.

Austin got an armbreaker, slicing Williams' fingers with the playing card while at it. Williams got a two count with a schoolboy. He hit a German suplex and a Russian leg sweep. Williams finally started chasing the Canadian Destroyer, but Austin was ready to cut him off with a kick for another two count.

Austin hit the Curb Stomp, but Williams reversed The Fold. Austin hit a swinging neckbreaker, and when he went for a second stomp, Williams reversed into a Sharpshooter. It was broken when Austin got to the ropes.

Austin hit a big top rope famouser for a two count. He hit a headscissors takedown from the top rope, then followed with The Fold to take the win. Good match, but it was starting to drag when the finish came.

- Somewhere in the Undead Realm, Rosemary was walking around with the stolen Undead Maid of Honor. She is waiting for the firefly to come out.

- oVe cut a video promo. Sami Callihan said that Impact management screwed him by banning his family from being out there for his match against Rich Swann at Rebellion. Callihan made the challenge for a four-on-four oVe rules match next week.

Rosemary (w/ The Undead Maid of Honor) vs. Kiera Hogan ended in a no contest

Hogan started with a couple of forearms on Rosemary and dodged Rosemary’s attacks. Hogan hit her running hip attack combo, then hit a rana and a top rope plancha. Rosemary cut her off with a sidewalk slam and went to attack her. Hogan took down Rosemary with a kick to the knee and followed with a couple of superkicks for a two count.

Hogan went for the finish, but Rosemary hit a big German suplex to cut her off. Rosemary went for a spear, but Hogan dodged it. Rosemary locked in the Upside Down. Hogan kicked Rosemary, with Rosemary crashing into the ramp. Rosemary shoved her down to the floor.

Suddenly, Su Yung came out with her Undead Bridesmaids and attacked Rosemary. Hogan teased helping Rosemary, but she decided not to. In the ring, the Undead Maid of Honor and Yung took their turns attacking Rosemary. Pretty bad match -- Rosemary hasn’t looked good since her return from injury.

- Melissa Santos interviewed Taya Valkyrie, asking how she felt after defending her Knockouts Championship at Rebellion. Valkyrie said she has defeated everyone and there is no one left.

Madison Rayne walked up and said that she pinned Valkyrie last time. Rayne challenged Valkyrie to put the Knockouts title on the line against her tonight. Valkyrie blew her off, telling Rayne that one day she’ll get the match, but it’s up to Valkyrie to say when.

- Josh Mathews announced that The Great Muta returns to Impact for the Impact Plus special event "A Night You Can’t Mist" on June 8 from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

- The Impact Plus Flashback of the Week was the first blood match between RVD and Rhino from TNA Final Resolution 2010.

- Valkyrie had a meeting with Impact management. Melissa Santos was outside hearing the meeting along with us. Valkyrie came out and told Santos that this is how things are dealt with, and she announced that she doesn’t have to defend the title for 30 days -- so if Rayne wants a fight next week, she can have it, but it won't be for the Knockouts Championship.

- Santana and Ortiz were backstage. Ortiz was binge drinking and Santana called him out, but Konnan came in. He told LAX that in two days, they’re defending their Tag Team titles at Code Red. Ortiz told Konnan that The Rascalz invited them to the Treehouse.

Fenix defeated Eddie Edwards

They shook hands to start the match. They went to have a fast-paced sequence with counters and reversals, going for wrist control. Eventually, Edwards found himself on the floor, which frustrated Edwards enough to pick up his kendo stick, but the referee stopped him.

Fenix once again kicked Edwards, and once again Edwards went for the kendo stick, only to get kicked again by Fenix. Edwards finally dropkicked Fenix to the floor and got a bit of control of the match.

Suddenly, we got the visual that Killer Kross was on the ramp watching the match.

Back in the ring, Edwards started stomping on Fenix, but Edwards kept getting distracted by Kross’ presence, giving Fenix the opening to hit a crucifix bomb for a two count. Edwards hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for two.

Edwards once again distracted himself with Kross, giving Fenix time to recover and exchange some chops before superkicking Edwards and hitting a cutter. Edwards hit a big forearm and a Tiger Driver for a 2.99 near fall.

Kross took Kenny the Kendo Stick and offered it to Edwards, and it was this distraction that gave Fenix the opening for a couple of kicks and a spinning Muscle Buster to pin Edwards.

Kross walked away with the kendo stick. Kross was wearing a T-shirt that said "Every great hero needs an even greater villain,” which I’m guessing is a hint towards Cage vs. Kross down the line.

- Backstage, Tommy Dreamer offered his help to Rich Swann for next week’s battle against oVe. Swann said he had Willie Mack and they were missing one more man. Suddenly, Scarlett Bordeaux came up and hinted at offering her help. Swann tried to talk her out of it, but she brought up Fallah Bahh instead.

- Rob Van Dam made his return to Impact Wrestling. He used his same old theme song, which is still terrible, but it now holds a nostalgic spot in my heart.

RVD cut a promo saying that he could just go on naming names he wants to wrestle, but instead he talked about seeing all the wrestlers do his moves. He said he wants to show them the difference between imitating the hero and being Rob Van Dam.

Ethan Page then came out. He had a couple of chairs and taunted RVD with them, showing him how to use chairs for once -- by sitting down. They talked a bit of trash before Page disagreed about RVD being everyone’s hero -- because Page would never do one of RVD’s signature moves.

RVD offered to face Page right now. Page told him they'll face each other next week. RVD responded with a Van Daminator instead. RVD’s promo was a bit egotistical, but the reception of the fans was huge.

- Backstage, Josh Alexander berated Page for picking up matches with RVD instead of focusing on the Tag Team titles. Moose, dressed like Taichi, met up with them and told Alexander that he’ll team with him against LAX.

- We got a video package about the Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim match from Rebellion. Kim said some words about her thoughts on the match and the moment of coming back to face Blanchard. She said that retiring like a champion left her with a sense of incompleteness, and putting over someone like Blanchard had given her the closure she needed.

- We then saw a video from Rebellion with Tully Blanchard congratulating Tessa backstage and talking about seeing her blossom into a great wrestler.

Michael Elgin defeated Johnny Impact (w/ Johnny Bravo) and Pentagon Jr. in a triple threat number one contender's match

Johnny Impact came out with the X he won at United We Stand, reminding us that if he loses tonight, he still has a plan B in his pocket.

They started by trading quick roll-up attempts but went to a stalemate. Elgin and Johnny found themselves outside, with Pentagon taking them out with a baseball slide. He chopped and kicked Elgin, then went back to the ring to work on Johnny.

Johnny dodged Pentagon, but when Johnny went for a springboard, Elgin cut him off and hit an apron bomb. Elgin hit a German suplex and a clothesline on Pentagon. He went for a superplex, but Pentagon slipped out and hit a foot stomp onto a tree-of-woe position.

Pentagon went for a top rope move, but Elgin cut him off with a kick and once again went for a superplex, but instead Pentagon and Elgin traded chops, giving Johnny time to return and hit a German on Elgin as he superplexed Pentagon. The crowd popped for this spot.

All three men started exchanging strikes in the ring. Pentagon hit a springboard crossbody and a superkick on Johnny, then one on Elgin, who came back with a clothesline on both Pentagon and Johnny, followed by suplexing Johnny into Pentagon. Elgin hit a huge clothesline on Johnny, but Pentagon broke up the pin.

Pentagon and Elgin exchanged strikes and once again found themselves on the top of the ropes. Johnny took out Pentagon and hit a spinning Razor’s Edge on Elgin for a two count. Johnny went for the Countdown to Impact, but Elgin rolled out and hit an enzuigiri and a superkick.

Elgin went for the Elgin Bomb, but Pentagon returned with a couple of slingblades on both and a Pentagon Driver on Elgin for a two count. Pentagon hit a powerbomb backbreaker on Johnny for another two count.

They all fought on the apron, with Pentagon taking out Elgin with a couple of superkicks. Pentagon went for a Spanish Fly on Johnny, but he got cut off. Johnny went for a rana to the floor, but he botched it and they fell to the floor instead. Johnny made up for it by using a chair on Pentagon.

Back in the ring, Johnny hit a running knee on Elgin and set up Starship Pain, but Elgin dodged, hit a huge lariat, and then the turnbuckle bomb and Elgin Bomb combo for the pin.

Really great match for the time they got, though it didn't seem like the crowd wanted to boo or cheer.

Final thoughts --

A really packed fallout episode for Impact Wrestling. It was a storyline heavy show -- for the most part setting up some of the programs that will take us through the first part of episodes that will build towards Slammiversary in July. Aside from the Rosemary vs. Hogan match, the wrestling was really good.