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Impact Wrestling results: Rich Swann vs. Michael Elgin


The fallout from Rebellion continued as this week's Impact took place from the former ECW Arena.

This week's Twitch stream was hosted by Melissa Santos, who celebrated her birthday tonight with the stream. Later in the broadcast, Don Callis joined in to give his post-show analysis. 

“Disco Inferno” Glenn Gilbertti defeated Alisha Edwards, Ashley Vox, Jordynne Grace, Karissa Rivera, Kiera Hogan, Madison Rayne, Scarlett Bordeaux, Solo Darling, Tasha Steelz, and Tessa Blanchard in a Knockouts battle royal

When the episodes started, half of the participants were already in the ring. Disco Inferno came out at the end and cut a promo saying that when Scarlett Bordeaux defeated him, it was a fluke. He talked trash about women’s wrestling, saying that this should be a bra and panties battle royal. He got tons of heat.

The bell sounded and all the women kicked Disco out, but he left from under the ropes and joined commentary. For the entire match, he was an insufferable barrage of misogynist comments, with Josh Mathews and Don Callis making fun of him. Disco did bring up that he was still in the match halfway through it, killing the swerve.

Back in the ring, half of the wrestlers ganged up on Blanchard an the others focused on Grace. Blanchard and Grace broke out at points and went to get face-to-face, but they got taken out by the rest of the wrestlers.

Bordeaux and Kiera Hogan did some synched buttocks-themed moves. From there on, each woman started taking turns to get some moves in until Blanchard eliminated Vox and Rivera.

Darling eliminated Steelz, only to get eliminated by Grace. Blanchard eliminated Alisha Edwards with a military press.

The newly heel Kiera Hogan faced off with and eliminated Grace. Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie ran in and attacked Rayne and beat her up around the ring, tossing her back for Blanchard and Bordeaux to eliminate her.

Back from commercial, the final three -- Hogan, Blanchard, and Bordeaux -- were all fighting in the ring. Blanchard hit a codebreaker on Hogan, only to take a powerbomb and a plancha by Bordeaux. Hogan clotheslined Bordeaux, eliminating her from the match.

Blanchard went to powerbomb Hogan out of the ring, but they both landed on the apron, where they traded strikes, ending with Blanchard blocking a kick and tossing Hogan. Suddenly, Disco ran back in, clotheslined Blanchard, and eliminated her to win the match and earn all of tonight’s available heat.

Blanchard returned to the ring to beat him up, but Disco ran away from her.

- We got footage from last week with Michael Elgin attacking Willie Mack in the parking lot after the show. They brawled for a bit until Elgin powerbombed Mack into a truck.

- Back from commercial, Rolando Menendez interviewed Elgin about his hit list. Elgin said that he has learned that when he wants something, he needs to take it for himself, and so he has been taking out the competition. Rich Swann walked up to Elgin in defense of Mack and got in a fight with Elgin. They got into a pull-apart.

Rosemary defeated Su Yung in a Demon Collar match

As soon as the chain was locked, there was a short tug of war and they went quickly into strikes. Rosemary had the upper hand early, choking Yung with the chain and tossing her around. Rosemary locked in the Upside Down and tried hanging Yung over the ring post.

Back in the ring, it was Yung who pulled the chain to ram Rosemary into the post over and over again. Yung brought out a chair, where she sat Rosemary and took her out with a stiff rolling senton when the chair didn’t give. They brawled into the ramp and took each other out with a double clothesline.

Once again in the ring, they traded strikes until Yung took down Rosemary. Yung tried to use the chain as a whip, but Rosemary dodged and hit a Russian side leg sweep. Yung used the chain as a brass knuckle to earn a two count.

Yung hit the Spider Crawl and a draping Pedigree for another two count. Yung brought out her glove. Rosemary escaped the Claw and hit the Red Mist and a spear. Rosemary then hit the Red Wedding and picked up the win.

This was Rosemary’s best performance since coming back from injury. Rosemary won possession of Yung and can now use her as a bargaining chip against James Mitchell and her father -- Kevin Sullivan.

- Backstage, Melissa Santos went to talk with Madison Rayne, who said that Taya Valkyrie is avoiding her and hiding behind this 30-day no defense clause. Rayne said when the day comes next week, she will be taking the Knockouts Championship.

Madman Fulton (w/ Sami Callihan) defeated Randy Shawn

Shawn tried attacking Fulton, but he didn’t even get the attention of the big man, who was just waiting for Callihan to give him the green light. Once he did, Fulton tossed Shawn around, no sold some strikes, hit a couple of chokeslams right from the canvas, and hit the End of Days to win the match. Great and total squash.

After the match, Fulton went to attack Shawn again, but Callihan pulled him off.

- Santos interviewed RVD about coming back to the 2300 Arena. RVD said that him and this arena made each other famous. He said that Tommy Dreamer asked him, and so next week, they’re going one-on-one.

- Menendez interviewed the Impact medic about Brian Cage’s condition. We were told that he had a radical spinal contusion and some issues with his sciatica. The medic said that Cage is already walking, but that he can’t properly predict when, and if, he can return to action.

Killer Kross defeated Eddie Edwards

Edwards tried to rush the ring, but Kross caught him and took him down early. Edwards recovered and sent Kross to the outside, then followed with a pescado and a dive.

Back in the ring, Kross hit a suplex and stomped on Edwards. Kross got a two count with a clothesline and continued working on Edwards until Edwards fired up and hit a desperation Blue Thunder Bomb. Edwards hit a Frankensteiner for a one count, then hit a Tiger Driver for two.

Edwards went for the Boston Knee Party, but Kross blocked him. Edwards went for his kendo stick, but Kross blocked him again and hit the Doomsday Saito for the win. This was a dominant win for Kross -- good match until Edwards went for the stick.

After the match, Kross took out Edwards with a kick. He zip-tied Edwards on the ropes. When Kross went to deliver a series of kendo stick shots -- reminiscent to the Tommy Dreamer ECW angle many years ago -- Kross instead broke the kendo stick in front of Edwards.

It seems like Kross has taken over the angles Eli Drake had that could progress Edwards out of his hardcore gimmick.

- The Rascalz were in the Treehouse, with Dezmond Xavier and Trey Miguel arguing about eating. Zachary Wentz was nervous about getting a Tag Team title shot against LAX. Wentz and Xavier agreed to go train. We then got a '90s training montage with all three Rascalz.

- The Impact Plus Moment of the Week was Brian Cage vs. Kongo Kong from the July 5, 2018 episode of Impact.

- Backstage, Josh Alexander was berating Ethan Page about refocusing on the tag titles. Page said he’s not done with RVD. Moose walked up and told them that LAX can wait, but they only have one chance to be the first to take out RVD. Moose said that next time, he’ll be there with them.

Rich Swann defeated Michael Elgin by DQ

Swann came out dancing, so I guess he wasn’t as mad as he was earlier.

This was a power vs. speed match. They started with a shoulder-and-elbow lock-up. Elgin easily overpowered Swann, who used his speed to get around Elgin. They did a sequence of reverses and counters to show that Elgin also has some speed, but Swann took him down with a rana regardless.

Elgin blocked a Lethal Injection and went for a delayed suplex, but Swann got out. Elgin set up Swann in the ropes, then hit an elbow and a release German suplex where Swann landed right on the top of his head. Scary spot.

Elgin gave Swann a chop that was high on the WALTER scale. Elgin whipped him around the corners, then hit a springboard plancha for a two count. Swann hit a jawbreaker to get some space from Elgin, but Elgin caught Swann in the corner and went for a superplex. Swann managed to take down Elgin from the corner and went for a dive, but Elgin caught him with a dropkick in the middle of the air for another two count.

Swann countered a powerbomb into a DDT to finally take Elgin down. Swann dodged an Elgin charge, sending him outside the ring, then proceeded to follow with two topes and a top rope Swanton to the floor.

Back in the ring, Swann hit a flying elbow for a two count. Swann went for the Phoenix Splash, but Elgin dodged. Elgin hit a couple of clotheslines in the corner and a Falcon Arrow for a two count.

Elgin hit a couple of stiff clotheslines in the middle of the ring, but Swann countered the last one and hit a couple of kicks himself. Elgin delivered the last clothesline and followed with a swinging side slam for two.

Elgin went to hit a move from the top rope, but Swann escaped and hit a rana instead. Swann hit a Lethal Injection and a second rope 450, but Elgin kicked out at 2.99. Swann went for another Phoenix Splash, and once again, Elgin dodged. Elgin hit a running lariat and a sit-down crucifix bomb, but Swann kicked out at 2.99 this time.

Elgin hit a Buckle Bomb. Swann hit two poison ranas, but he still couldn’t keep Elgin down for the three. Chants of "this is awesome" filled the arena.

Swann went for a rana from the apron, but Elgin caught him and powerbombed him into the ring post. Elgin hit a second powerbomb into the post and received a warning from the referee. Elgin attacked the official and hit a third powerbomb to the post, getting himself disqualified.

Even with the finish, this was an awesome main event.

Elgin ran off the referee and went to attack Swann in the ring with an Elgin Bomb, but Willie Mack came out and attacked Elgin. Mack hit a Samoan drop and a moonsault, but when he went for the cannonball, Johnny Impact came out and attacked Mack and Swann. Elgin and Johnny got face-to-face to close the show.

Final thoughts -- 

Great episode for Impact. There was a tease of the ECW nostalgia that will play out in the coming weeks, but the meat of the show with Swann and Elgin was top-notch wrestling.