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Impact Wrestling results: Sami Callihan vs. Josh Alexander

Impact Wrestling results: Sami Callihan vs Josh Alexander

Susie & Kylie Rae defeated Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo)

Rosemary and Susie started the match. Rosemary tried hard to bring Su Yung out, but Susie got the better of Rosemary, flipped her with a monkey flip and tried some crucifix pins for three early pin attempts. 

Kylie Rae tagged in and tried to hit a double team move with Susie, but the teamwork was not there yet. Taya tagged in and talked some trash to Rae  Taya with a headlock, tried to transition into the STTF, but Taya made the ropes. 

Susie tagged in, and together she and Kylie Rae managed to hit a double bulldog for a two count. Bravo distracted the referee, which allowed Rosemary to cheap shot Susie and set her up for Taya to take her down. 

Rosemary locked in the upside-down on Susie, followed by a running knee by Taya for another two count. Susie countered Taya and collided with her, getting an opening to tag out. 

Rae came in and dodged Rosemary’s attacks, hit a rana and a corner cannonball for a two count. Kyle tried to go for the STTF, but Rosemary kicked her off. Rae hit a wheelbarrow into a cutter and a superkick, sending Rosemary to tag out. 

Taya came in and hit a spear on Rae for a two count. Taya got a second one with a northern lights, but Rae came back with a superkick for a two count when Rosemary broke it up.

Rosemary went for the red wedding, but Susie saved her and took her out with a palm strike. Taya sent Susie to the floor. 

At this point, Bravo distracted Taya, telling her that Rosemary was hurt. That allowed Kylie Rae to lock in the STTF on Taya for the submission win.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down the card for tonight, and also gave an update on some of the Slammiversary XVIII matches.

Backstage, Chris Bey told Johnny Swinger that he messed up and now he can’t be out there with him at Slammiversary. Swinger, however, said that he had a plan.

The Deaners (Cody Deaner & Cousin Jake) defeated Fallah Bahh & TJP, Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend), and XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

At the bell, everyone started to brawl. Eventually, it was just XXXL and Cody Deaner in the ring, with XXXL taking out Cody with a double splash. Reno Scum pulled XXXL out of the ring, but Cousin Jake was ready to fly over the top rope on all of them.

Back from commercial, the referee has managed to set order and properly start the match. Reno Scum had managed to cut off Cody Deaner and work over him. Bahh and TJP kept trying to brawl with Reno Scum, but the referee kept them out. Furthermore, Reno Scum managed to avoid letting the other teams to tag in until Cody managed to hit a jawbreaker on Luster, sending him into XXXL’s corner. 

Acey Romero came in and worked some more over Cody Deaner, but he managed to take him down with a tornado DDT. At this point, Cousin Jake jumped the rope and took out Larry D and Acey, triggering everyone to come in and take someone out sequentially, leaving just Cody and Romero. 

Reno Scum jumped in the ring and took everyone out, but Bahh and TJP recovered and pulled them out of the ring and brawled up the ramp and into the locker room area. 

Back in the ring, Larry D and Cousin Jake tagged in. They collided with some shoulder tackles, but then Larry D took out Jake with a clothesline and a spinebuster for a two count. Cody went for the Deaner DDT, but Larry blocked it, sending him into Acey’s pounce. Jake took out Acey, but Larry was there to take him down with a curb stomp. Jake recovered and hit a sidewalk slam for the win. Seems like The Deaners may be getting a push soon.

After the match, the camera followed Reno Scum, Bahh, and TJP as they brawled through the back.

Johnny Swinger looked inside people’s bags, trying to find a disguise to use on Slammiversary. He skipped on Super Eric, but stole Suicide’s suit instead.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Tara & Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne from Lockdown 2010.

Ken Shamrock looked for Sami Callihan backstage. Shamrock told Sami that they have a chance to end The North’s title reign and that he has Callihan’s back tonight versus Josh Alexander.

Knockout’s Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Kimber Lee in a non-title match.

Lee tried to start the match with a test of strength, giving Jordynne the easy advantage to start. Lee kept kicking out of Grace’s pin attempts. Grace went for an early Grace Driver, but Lee made the ropes and bit Grace’s hand to get her off.

Jordynne kept control and whipped Lee from corner to corner and into a big spinebuster for a two count. 

Kimber Lee managed to block Grace and kick her down, kick her into the ropes, and a third kick to the back before going for the leg scissors submission attempt. 

Jordynne came back with a suplex, a couple scoop slams, and a michinoku driver for a two count. Jordynne went for the grace driver, but Lee blocked, hit a spinning heel kick and an enzuigiri, followed with a swanton bomb, but Grace kicked out at two. 

Kimber Lee grabbed some brass knuckles, but Jordynne blocked her, hit the Grace Driver, and picked up the win. Dominant victory for Jordynne Grace, but Lee looked good too.

After the match, Purrazzo appeared on the screen telling her that Grace won’t get her hands on her until Slammiversary.

We got a video about the Impact World title being vacated, setting up the fatal four way match booked for Slammiversary. The package highlighted Eddie’s history in Impact, Ace’s quick rise in the industry, and Trey Miguel being the underdog. Pretty good promos by all three men, Trey especially.

Willie Mack found Swinger dressed as Suicide and either didn’t realize it, or pretended he didn’t know it was Swinger, but he did say they had a match coming up since Suicide had helped him wrestle Swinger and Bey last week.

We got another installment of Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne, with a special guest -- herself. Rayne announced that at Slammiversary, she will be in the Knockout’s No. 1 contendership match and will once again become a champion.

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan interrupted her and made fun of her for talking to herself. Havok and Nevaeh came in and talked trash to everyone. The women brawled as Rayne hid in the corner of the couch. Rayne was really funny.

Hernandez is still beating people at arm wrestling, but Rhino is the next to challenge. To be continued…

X-Division Champion Willie Mack defeated Johnny Swinger to retain the title

Swinger, dressed as Suicide, started with some offense when he cheap shotted Mack. But as soon as he tried to do Suicide’s rope swerve, he failed. He ended up falling to the floor, giving Mack an opening to get some offense. 

Swinger raked the eyes, but couldn’t do the swinging neckbreaker because it would reveal his identity, so instead he went for the top rope, fell on his face. Mack followed with the stunner for the win. Perfect for what it was. Swinger has great comedic timing.

Gia Miler interviewed Tommy Dreamer about his apology to Moose. He apologized to Moose with a number of backhanded comments, even revealing that Moose is a flat earther. Moose interrupted him, but Dreamer told Moose that he was the new #1 contender for the TNA World title. Moose told him that there was no TNA committee and that Dreamer was stupid. Match is official.

Matthews and Rayne ran down the updated card for Slammiversary XVIII.

Sami Callihan defeated Josh Alexander (with Ethan Page)

Collar and elbow to start the match, with Sami gaining the early advantage. He struck down Josh, sending him to the floor. Callihan hit a jumping knee while Alexander tried to enter the ring, sending him back to the floor. 

Callihan and Alexander brawled for a bit outside the ring, where Page distracted Sami, giving Alexander a small opening to get some offense in before Callihan recovered and whipped Josh into the guardrails. 

Back in the ring, Josh regained control, but the match spilled out of the ring again. Sami hit a DVD on Josh. Callihan and Page started shouting at each other, once again giving Josh the time to recover and suplex Callihan into the apron for the countout tease.

Alexander was now in complete control. He focused on Callihan’s limbs, stomping and twisting one at a time, going for quick pin attempts here and there. Alexander started punching Callihan, who fired up and made a comeback, catching Josh with some lariats. 

Callihan went for a sunset flip, but Josh rolled over. Callihan reversed a suplex into a brainbuster for a two count. Callihan went for the ten punches, but Alexander dodged, hit a tornado toss, locked in the ankle lock, but Callihan made the ropes after the struggle.

Callihan raked Alexander’s eyes and hit a piledriver on the apron, but Josh kicked out at two. Page went for Callihan off the top rope, but Sami moved and the referee was taken out instead. Page went to piledrive Callihan, but Shamrock came down for the save and locked in the ankle lock on Page, giving Callihan the opening to hit the cactus special on Josh for the win. Ok match.

Callihan walked out on Shamrock after the match.

We got the tease that whatever world champion is returning at Slammiversary. The news reporter said that not only would he be in attendance, but he won’t be alone.

Final thoughts -- 

Good show overall, it had some good wrestling, but it was mostly a driver to heat up some of the Slammiversary card.