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Impact Wrestling results: Slammiversary XVI go-home show

The go-home show for this Sunday's Slammiversary XVI pay-per-view featured a confrontation between Impact World Champion Austin Aries and his Slammiversary opponent Moose, and a standout in-ring promo for Eddie Edwards calling out Tommy Dreamer.

Killer Kross defeated Petey Williams

The smaller Williams tried to hit-and-run against the larger Kross. He threw several elbows and kicks with Kross no-selling most of the moves. 

Williams hit a codebreaker and DDT, but Kross kicked out of a pinfall attempt. Kross hit the Saito suplex, which he calls the Doomsday Saito. Kross then put him in a modified choke before releasing the hold. Kross asked Williams to apply the Destroyer and got into position. Williams got him up, but Kross reversed it into an Alabama slam. Kross applied the chokehold again, this time for the win.

"Who is going to stop Killer Kross? commentator Don Callis yelled.

They showed an interview segment with Madison Rayne talking about how at her daughter's school they asked everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up and Rayne's daughter said she wanted to be a superhero like her mother. It was the first of several theatrical, pre-taped segments on the show featuring Rayne's Slammiversary opponent Su Yung haunting her. 

Desi Hit Squad defeated KM & Fallah Bahh

Gama Singh introduced his team as "The pride and joy of all of India."

The portly Bahh was way over with the crowd. Callis and colleague Josh Mathews started calling KM, "KMPact." Throughout the match, Callis expressed his disgust with Bahh's girth and flabby physique. The crowd went nuts when both Bahh and KM rolled over both members of the Hit Squad -- twice. 

Bahh went for a Yokozuna splash from the second turnbuckle, but Vikas Kumar distracted him from the outside of the ring. That allowed Rohit Raju to schoolboy Bahh for the win. 

They showed the first of several OGs and LAX segments, recapping their feud and hyping their match for Slammiversary. 

Joe Hendry (w/ Grado and Katarina) defeated Eli Drake

The story of this match and angle is that Katarina is dating Grado but clearly has a crush on Hendry.

Hendry grabbed the mic and showed a pre-taped segment of himself making fun of Drake's sketches on his YouTube channel.

Drake attacked him early, but Hendry, who wrestles like and whose body looks a lot like a young Scott Hall, rallied. Drake went for a Gravy Train, but Hendry slipped out and rolled him up for the quick pin. 

Katarina celebrated in close physical proximity to Hendry, wiping away the happy-go-lucky look on Grado's face. Grado seems aware of Hendry and Katarina's mutual attraction but is powerless to stop it. The three walked up the ramp together. At the top, Katarina hugged Hendry. When Grado went to hug Katarina, she moved and left him hanging. 

Andrew Everett vs. Dezmond Xavier

The match never happened because Eddie Edwards came down to the ring and attacked the referee with a kendo stick, sending both of the wrestlers scheduled for the match running.

Mathews screamed: "He’s nuts. He’s unhinged. He’s insane," of Edwards. 

Edwards then grabbed the mic and cut an amazing promo on Tommy Dreamer, his opponent at Slammiversary

"There is going to be violence and there is going to be blood. I am going to make you bleed. I am going to feel your blood, your blood in my hands. I am going to taste your blood, Tommy."

Edwards said "I am the true innovator of violence. At Slammiversary Tommy Dreamer -- I am going to be your never-ending nightmare."

Edwards fell to the ground and made snow angels in the middle of the ring. 

The crowd throughout chanted "Tommy, Tommy, Tommy."

We got more pre-taped video clips of Rayne being haunted by Su Yung. Rayne saw demons and even her daughter in white face paint. The demon told her "Your time has come." Rayne was then transformed outside, where she was surrounded by the undead brides covered in blood. 

Sami Callihan (w/ Jake and Dave Crist) defeated Greg Osbourne

They never showed Osbourne's name on screen. He carried a boomerang and noted that he was from Australia. Callihan carried a Pentagon Jr. mask with him into the ring. Callis called Callihan a "ravenous wolverine."

Callihan rolled through Osbourne, even putting the mask on his opponent to mock Pentagon Jr..Callihan screamed "Sami is going to kill you," before hitting Osbourne with a double chicken wing into a shoulder breaker on the knee, then winning with the pinfall. He threw Osbourne over the top rope. 

Pentagon Jr. appeared on the big screen talking in Spanish. Callihan and the Crist brothers chased after him. 

Allie & Kiera Hogan defeated Shotzi Blackheart & Tessa Blanchard

Blackheart, with her green hair and athleticism, is a huge crowd favorite. Blanchard, on the other hand, isn't. Blanchard has a lot of natural wrestling instincts. She played her heel role well, yelling at Blackheart "not to mess things up."

Hogan has red and orange hair. She hit an impressive dive through the ropes. 

Blackheart worked most of the match, and when she went for the tag, Blanchard left her in the ring and walked away. Allie hit the codebreaker to pin Blackheart.

They showed a segment hyping the debut of Scarlett Bordeaux.

Impact World Champion Austin Aries & Moose's confrontation

Moose returned to Impact after several weeks away from television. The commentators noted that Moose will be bringing his mother to the Slammiversary PPV. 

Moose grabbed the microphone and fumbled through a promo. He said he's been getting ready for Slammiversary and called the PPV the biggest night of his life.

"Austin Aries, if you think for one second these stupid little mind games are going to get to me, then you must be eating a lot of freaking bananas my friend," Moose said.

He said he was going to shove the banana "up Aries' ass."

Aries' face came on the Impact screen, where he said he wasn't going to fight Moose on Impact, but was going to wait for Slammiversary. He said Moose was playing checkers while he was playing chess.

"You are going to have to wait," Aries said. 

Just then, Aries, from out of nowhere, snuck up behind an unsuspecting Moose and low blowed him. He hit Moose with a steel chair.

Aries then held his title belt up and looked at the hard camera. Moose stood up behind Aries. Aries, sensing Moose was behind him, turned around to face him. Moose lifted him in the air with a standing choke and threw Aries into the turnbuckle. Moose then grabbed the chair and tried to hit Aries with it, but Aries ducked and ran out of the ring. 

They had a staredown before Aries left the ring with his belt.