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Impact Wrestling results: Sydal defends against Fantasma


Previously: Z & E became Impact Tag Team Champions by defeating Scott Steiner & Eli Drake.

Tonight: Moose goes one-on-one with Kongo Kong. Plus, X Division Champion Matt Sydal defends against El Hijo Del Fantasma.

Show Recap --

OVE (w/ Sami Callihan) defeated Drago & Aerostar by DQ

The faces were in control early and hit dives to the floor, but OVE took over after Callihan interfered. They isolated Drago on their side of the ring.

During the match, Eddie and Alisha Edwards arrived at the Impact Zone. Edwards ran out with a kendo stick and attacked OVE for the disqualification. He choked out Callihan with the kendo stick. Alisha pleaded with Edwards to stop, but he instead attacked security with it stick as well.

- Edwards and Alisha argued in the back. Edwards isn’t finished with Callihan, and Alisha accused Edwards of being exactly like him.

Cult of Lee defeated LAX

The announcers pushed that LAX have been on a losing streak. LAX were briefly in control, but the heels gained the advantage. Santana got the hot tag and ran wild. LAX set up for an assisted cutter before Lee pulled Ortiz out of the ring. Konley rolled up Santana for the win.

- KM and Fallah Bahh ran into Grado and Katarina in the back. KM couldn’t understand how Grado is dating Katarina.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Mr. Anderson defeated James Storm

The winner of this won the advantage for the Team TNA vs. Aces & Eights War Games match. Storm set up for the Last Call when Aces & Eights came out. Storm was distracted and Anderson hit the Mic Check for the win.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Madison Rayne. Tessa Blanchard interrupted and challenged Rayne to a match for next week.

- Scott Steiner and Eli Drake interrupted a Z & E interview but ended up arguing with each other.

X Division Champion Matt Sydal defeated El Hijo Del Fantasma to retain his title

Sydal gained the early advantage by working over Fantasma’s knee. Fantasma hit a baseball dropkick to gain control of the match. They brawled around ringside, then Fantasma locked on a modified Indian Deathlock in the ring. Fantasma was firmly in control when Sydal hit a double underhook pumphandle driver for the win.

- At the LAX Clubhouse, Santana and Ortiz went crazy and destroyed the room. Kingston showed up and told them that Konnan got jumped. He said Homicide is with Konnan. Kingston mentioned that he is the third in command and to listen to him.

Dezmond Xavier defeated Petey Williams

The winner of this faces Brian Cage next week in an X Division Championship number one contender's match.

Williams gained the edge with a hurricanrana to the floor. Xavier fired up and hit a cutter for a near fall. Williams attempted the Canadian Destroyer, but Xavier countered out. Xavier executed a backflip into a kick for the win.

- Backstage, Allie stared in a mirror and recalled Su Yung burning Rosemary’s casket.  Allie had her face painted like Rosemary and was dressed like her. There was writing in lip stick on the mirror, which read: “B, don’t let the darkness consume you...R”

Moose defeated Kongo Kong

Kong came down to the ring without Jimmy Jacobs. Moose sent him to the floor, then followed up with a plancha. Kong took over after Moose missed a charge and hit the steps. Kong connected with the cannonball on the floor against the steps.

Kong hit a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Moose attempted a slam but collapsed under Kong’s weight. Moose fought back, hitting a hesitation dropkick. Kong missed the diving splash and Moose slammed him. Moose won after hitting the spear.

Suddenly, a black and red X appeared on the screen with a recap of all the victims. They cut backstage and found Jimmy Jacobs unconscious and marked by the X.

Next Week: Impact presents Under Pressure, which features Impact World Champion Pentagon Jr. defending against Austin Aries. Plus, Knockouts Champion Allie defends against Su Yung.