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Impact Wrestling results: Tag title match, Tessa Blanchard vs. Fulton


- Ahead of a number one contender's match to determine the next challenger for the title, Josh Mathews hyped up Jake Crist winning the X-Division Championship last week.

Aiden Prince defeated Zachary Wentz, Rohit Raju, Chuck Mambo, Cody Deaner, and Petey Williams

Williams and Prince ate a big dive from Wentz. Don Callis talked about Wentz and The Rascalz being on the cutting edge -- but instead, Wentz was on the end of a Williams hesitation dropkick against the rope. Williams got a Sharpshooter and Raju got a crossface, but it was just a transitional spot here.

Williams teased a dive, but Deaner put the Canadian flag on him like a cape and they both dove on the heels. 

Raju also teased doing a dive but denied it before letting the fans know where they can shove it. Wentz dove on the pile, and Prince landed an Asai moonsault to the pile as well. Mambo hit a standing 450 on them all.

Deaner hit a big running lariat to Raju before Prince chopped away at Mambo. Williams got a tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep and hit the Canadian Destroyer on Wentz. Raju went to steal the pin, but Deaner nixed that. Raju hit a helluva kick, but he missed a cannonball and Deaner hit a DDT.

Mambo went for a GTS, but Prince hit a brainbuster and a 450 for the win. For a match with a ton of guys who aren't usually on the show, most of the folks here got over with the crowd in just one match.

- Sami Callihan said that Jake Crist brought gold to oVe. Callihan wanted to see the X-Division title, but Jake told oVe he'll knock them out if they try to take it. Jake said the title is the greatest thing to ever happen to him, even putting it over his wife and kids.

Callihan said that now it's time to let the Madman out of his cage to face Tessa Blanchard later -- basically turning Fulton into a modernized version of what Abyss was at the start of his TNA run.

- Rich Swann talked to Blanchard about how unwise it is to face Fulton and he's worried because Fulton is tall, crazy, and has oVe on his side. Blanchard said she appreciates the help, but she wants to do it on her own. Blanchard as a babyface is odd to me.

- John E. Bravo came out to Taya Valkyrie's theme and threw streamers for himself.

Jessicka Havok defeated John E. Bravo

Callis buried Bravo for dressing like Josh Mathews before Bravo took his shirt off and got kneed in the face. Havok hit a corner avalanche and got her eyes raked, but she beat Bravo quickly with a chokeslam.

- A creepy Su Yung video aired with her somewhat speaking in tongues.

- Josh Alexander told Ethan Page that the Tag Team titles prove that they're the best in the world. Page calmed Alexander down and said they debuted in Windsor, won the titles, and they've done everything they set out to do. Alexander said he's ready for them to go down in the history books as the best team in Impact history.

- Stone Rockwell came down and thanked the fans. Callis buried him on commentary. Ace Austin entered, with Callis saying that Austin calls himself "Ace" because that's the top spot in Japan.

Ace Austin defeated Stone Rockwell

Rockwell got a slam and an atomic noogie. He caught Austin on a dive and went for a pose, so Austin just kneed him in the head. Austin hit a series of chops and kicks but ate a fallaway slam into an Irish Curse backbreaker. Austin hit Black Out, then The Fold ended it.

Rockwell is great as a modern-day Bushwhacker-style act. Austin feels like a guy who would be best-built in AEW as he isn't even in the main X-Division title picture.

After the match, Eddie Edwards came out and attacked Austin for going after his wife Alisha. 

- Madison Rayne walked up to Tessa Blanchard and disingenuously said that, as the locker room leader, she congratulates Blanchard on breaking down barriers and shattering glass ceilings. Blanchard didn't buy her BS and told her she doesn't have time for it. When Blanchard walked away, Rayne hoped for her demise.

- A tremendous video package aired hyping up the history of the Knockouts and how the division has made history and will change it.

- With some terrible acting, Alisha got pissed at Eddie Edwards for defending her honor.

- Stone Rockwell was still down about 15 minutes after the match. He was then laid out by Moose, who cut a promo calling himself a five star athlete. To Callis' joy, Moose went for Rockwell's eye. A slimmer Fallah Bahh then came down and Moose insulted him.

Fallah Bahh defeated Moose 

Moose, who wasn't wearing his wrestling gear, went for a spear, but Bahh sidestepped it and avalanched him. Bahh hit a hip attack in the corner and then a Banzai Drop to win. Well, this sure didn't help Moose. It somewhat helped Bahh, but it still felt kind of random.

- Blanchard taped up to face Fulton next.

- Moose said that wasn't a match and no one signed it. He then threatened Bahh. 

Tessa Blanchard vs. Madman Fulton ended in a no contest

Callis made a great point about Blanchard losing to Sami Callihan being something that has led to her trying to prove herself here. That one loss had great meaning and still has importance now.

Blanchard ran wild with all kinds of strikes. They registered, but Fulton didn't sell them. He caught Blanchard off of a Magnum and hit a deadlift chokeslam. Fulton tried to get an oVe chant going, but he got met with "no!" before Blanchard got tossed around.

Blanchard gave Fulton the thumbs down before Fulton got the Brock Lock bear hug and ragdolled her. Blanchard pulled out one of his dreadlocks, so Fulton bear hug slammed her. He went for a PRIDE stomp, but Blanchard evaded and hit a tornado DDT.

Blanchard slugged him and hit a running forearm, but she then ate a big boot. Sami Callihan grabbed a chair and wanted death, but Tommy Dreamer made the save.

Callihan lariated Dreamer down and went for a chokeslam, but Fulton ate a ton of kendo stick shots from Blanchard and they send Fulton packing. Other than Fulton selling for Dreamer in 2019, this was great stuff. 

- Michael Elgin talked about Rhino attacking him -- not the X-Division Champion and not the World Champion, but he went after the big dog. Elgin said he doesn't know how it was in WWE. He knows Rhino was a man-beast before, but he doesn't compare to Elgin.

- Kiera Hogan bullied a new wrestler. Madison Rayne asked who the new girl was and was mad that she didn't introduce herself. Rayne again called herself the locker room leader before we got more catty bickering. This is the worst of what this division has been before -- and it undercuts the video package hyping up the division and the entire push of Blanchard breaking down barriers.

- The Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was The Young Bucks facing The Motor City Machine Guns for the Tag Team titles at Bound for Glory 2010.

- Jimmy Jacobs traveled to Brian Cage's home to get an update on Cage's health. Melissa Santos answered the door and said that they just want privacy. Jacobs saw Cage and wanted answers, but Santos wanted more privacy and said she'll answer his questions next week.

Impact Tag Team Champions The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Trey Miguel) to retain their titles

Alexander forearmed Miguel down to start. Miguel did a pose and got clubbed in the back before landing a pop-up rana and a 450 rana to Page. Xavier hit a somersault senton for two before each Rascal hit a pair of short-stopping swantons for two.

Alexander held onto Page to prevent an O'Connor roll, then Alexander hit an apron powerslam. Alexander backflipped off of both North guys to tag in Miguel. He ran wild on both Alexander and Page.

Alexander got two off a Blue Thunder Bomb. Miguel went for a desperation tag, but Xavier was knocked down. He then got back up for stereo tags. Xavier wheelbarrowed Alexander into Page in the corner. 

Alexander ate a boatload of kicks and a basement double stomp for two. Page caught Xavier off the apron, powerslammed him on the floor, and apron powerbombed Miguel. Alexander landed a big backbreaker for two and got an ankle lock.

A head-trap superkick led to a 619 from Miguel that was countered by Alexander into a backbreaker/powerbomb for two. The North hit their back suplex/powerslam combo for 2.9 before Xavier broke it up.

Things broke down into a forearm exchange, so Alexander took his elbow pad off and knocked down Miguel before he ate a ton of Kobashi machine gun chops. Alexander hit a double shoulder-mount powerslam on the Rascalz for 2.9! 

Alexander slammed the Rascalz on each other, but then missed a moonsault. The Rascalz hit a pair of uppercuts in the corner to Alexander and a head-trap superkick and double 619s to him. Miguel landed a meteora off the top before Xavier hit a crazy flip dive onto him for two.

Xavier hit a crazy low-pe to Page, with Page almost losing him completely and Xavier almost sliding right off of him. Miguel got a jackknife cradle for two.

The North hit a wheelbarrow cutter into a wheelbarrow German and a wacky double Dominator for the win. Alexander & Page as tag champs is a great role for them at this point -- they are a hell of a working team even if they aren't the most bombastic team in the world.

- Backstage, Ortiz attacked The North before they choked him with a cable. Daga then made the save for Ortiz. Good stuff overall. They teased that Konnan was trying to force Ortiz & Daga to be a team and now with this, it shows that Daga is at least willing to be on Ortiz's side for mutual gain and doesn't want him to get injured going into a title match.