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Impact Wrestling results: Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie

Impact Wrestling results: Tessa Blanchard vs Taya Valkyrie

Impact Wrestling returns from Sam’s Town Casino from Las Vegas, Nevada for tonight’s episode. Tessa Blanchard defends her World Championship against Taya Valkyrie in tonight’s main event, the first time ever a World title is contested between two women.

Show opened with a Nashville Strong screen following the tornados that hit the Nashville area on Monday night.

Opening video was a recap of Tessa’s championship win and the historic relevance of tonight’s main event.

Fallah Bahh & TJP defeated World Tag Team champions The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) in a non-title match

Match started with Bahh and TJP running over Page. They hit a couple of tag moves before Page tagged in Alexander for more. TJP got a two count after a double splash.

The North cut off TJP as he was going for a springboard. Page blocked him on the ropes, while Alexander took him out. From here on, they worked over TJP. They did the stalling and tag suplex for a two count. 

They kept it up with stomps, all while taunting Bahh. They had the heat until Page locked in a surfboard style submission. TJP managed to dropkicked Page off, land a tornado DDT and finally made the hot tag to Bahh. 

Fallah came in hot and ran over Josh Alexander with clotheslines, running hip attacks to the corner, and a Samoan drop. Page helped Josh cut off Bahh for a bit, but Bahh fired up against Josh’s strikes, and instead hit a pop-up powerbomb for a two count when Page broke it up.

Bahh got rid of Page and tagged in TJP, who went for the Poetry in Motion but Page took out TJP while Josh got rid of Bahh. The North delivered two team slams on TJP for a two count. 

The North went for their finisher, but Bahh pulled out Page and superkicked him, allowing TJP to escape Alexander. 

Josh failed to hit a German on Bahh, but Page hit a cutter instead as both North members executed a kick combo. When they went for the finish again, TJP came in and hit a sunset flip pin on Alexander while Bahh held Page to pick up the win. Good opener.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Tessa Blanchard about her first defense tonight against Taya. Tessa said that she once lost to Taya, but that was a year ago and that she is a different Tessa. Tonight they make history for the main event, but not for a title change.

Eddie Edwards interrupted Tessa and told her that he respects all that she’s done, but that at Rebellion, he’s cashing in his trophy once he beats Elgin. Tessa told him to bring it.

Moose defeated Petey Williams

Moose tried to jump Petey, eventually hitting a big shoulder tackle. Moose went for an early No Jackhammer Needed, but Petey dodged and went for an early destroyer. Moose blocked and countered. 

Moose, who was now in control, worked over Petey with strikes and chops. He followed with punches to the head, but when he went for the Go To Hell, Petey reversed into a Rana, only to then eat a big boot by Moose.

Back from commercial Moose is still in control. He worked over Petey outside the ring, teasing the fans, but as he distracted himself Petey took advantage and landed two suicide dives and a springboard rana to the floor. 

Now with momentum, Petey hit a Codebreaker on Moose but ended up being tossed on top of the ropes and into the floor. Petey beat the count at 8.

Moose went back to work with strikes and whipped Petey into the corners the hard way, but once again Moose started taunting, which triggered Petey to fire up and come back with some strikes. Petey went for a rana, but Moose blocked. He went for a powerbomb, but Petey reversed into a DDT. 

Petey followed with a short Flatliner and again chased the Destroyer. Moose blocked and hit Snake Eyes. Petey got a roll up counter to the NJN for a two count. Moose slammed Petey, hit the No Jackhammer Needed and got the win. Good match, if this is building towards the nostalgia show, I wonder who is the final boss.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Amazing Red vs Kid Kash for the X-Division Championship. The finish was horrendous.

Madison Rayne was training people backstage. She recognized Mazzerati and told her to leave since she already defeated her. She kicked out another lady that I couldn’t recognize. Eventually, Kiera Hogan arrived to question her actions, Madison told her she was her first failure. They exchanged some words until one of Rayne’s trainees stood up to Hogan and challenged her to a fight. Seems like Hogan is going babyface.

Acey Romero defeated Joey Ryan

Match started with Joey failing to shoulder tackle Acey and failed to get him to touch his penis. Acey hit a scoop slam, but when he went for the senton, Joey moved away. Acey came back with a dropkick to take down Ryan.

Ace shoulder blocked Joey, but got knocked out enough that he fell face first into Joey’s penis. He later made the mistake of hitting an Atomic Drop on Joey, hurting his knee. 

Acey hit a couple of clotheslines then followed with crossbody. Acey charged Joey in the corner but when he went for the uranage Joey hit the Sweet Tooth Music. Acey blocked the second one, but Joey managed to get his hand on his penis. Conflicted, Joey Ryan didn’t go for the penis flip so Acey capitalized, hit the uranage and finished off Ryan with the jumping elbow for the win. Bad match.

Backstage, Disco Inferno and Johnny Swinger approached Willie Mack to tell him that once they’re done with the Deaners tonight, they’re coming for him. Mack said he’ll take on them in a handicap match. Their team name is the Flying Disco Balls.

We got another vignette for Chris Bey. Still coming soon.

Backstage, Joey Ryan, Katie Forbes, and RVD are talking about what it feels to be backstabbed by the cheering fans that talk trash on social media.

Su Yung defeated Havok in a No DQ Match

Su Yung jumped Havok to start. She connected with shotei palm strikes on Havok. Yung then tried to put the noose on Havok, but couldn’t and instead had to chase after her with a suicide dive and a senton from the apron. 

Outside the ring, Yung tried the rope walk on the barricade, but Havok blocked her. She tried to ram her against the ring post, but Yung was blocking so instead, Havok just hit a Samoan drop on the steel ramp. 

Havok started getting weapons, including chais, a kendo stick, and a trash can. Havok tried rushing Yung onto the steel steps, but Yung moved away and Havok crashed. Su tried to hit another senton, but this time, Havok was able to catch her and slam her into the steps.

Back in the ring, they had a sword fight with chairs, but ended up knocking each other out. They exchanged forearms until Su got a quick sequence of palm strikes and a running knee for a two count.

Su again failed to put the noose on Havok when the latter overpowered her and went for a second rope tombstone but Yung blocked her and escaped. Su hit a dropkick on Havok with the trash can for a two count.

Yung finally got the noose on, but Havok was too strong to get pulled around and instead she hit a backbreaker. Now Havok was looking to use the rope by tying her against the ropes and going for the kendo stick, but Su Yung hit the green mist and locked in the Mandible Claw. 

Havok managed to get off the Claw, but Yung took her out with kendo stick shots, tied the noose, and locked in the Mandible Claw while pulling the rope for the submission win. This was ok, nothing special. They’ve had better matches.

After the match, the Undead Bridesmaids brought out Yung’s coffin. Su dragged Havok and tried to bury her, but Havok fought back, took out the bridesmaids and ran off.

Jimmy Jacobs tried to interview Rosemary. He asked if she was happy about Su Yung and Havok trying to kill each other. Rosemary told him that she failed to bring the Bunny back and that she’s been so consumed for vengeance that she missed something along the way. Rosemary ran off.

The Deaners (Cody Deaner & Cousin Jake) defeated Flying Disco Balls (Johnny Swinger & Glen Gilbertti) 

Jake and Disco started the match. The former easily got the upper hand slamming Disco, then slammed Cody onto him. 

Cody and Swinger tagged in. Swinger tried to wrestle for wrist control, but Cody beat him, tagged in Jake and hit an assisted gutbuster for a two count. 

Disco gave Swinger a roll of coins and started taking turns using it on Cody’s throat. He got about seven or eight strikes before Swinger started trying to choke out and hitting low blows. Disco went for his People’s Elbow, but Cody moved away and tagged in Jake, who ran wild over both men. 

Disco accidentally hit Swinger with the roll of coins, giving Cody Deaner the opening to hit the Deaner DDT for the win. Fun match, but nothing to it. I like the team of Disco and Swinger, i wouldn’t mind if they stick around.

Once again, the hacker interrupted the broadcast, now tih a full vignette. He/She/It is debuting March 17.

We got a video package of Tenille Dashwood, who I thought was gone from Impact. Nice to see she’s still around. 

We got another installment of Gut Check. They focused on a guy that was obviously a fake heel known as Tony Gunn. He was spitting on the ring, pulling the tights, talking trash to Aiden Prince, making things really awkward. He’s been wrestling for 16 years and barely getting a Gut Check. John E. Bravo, who is the legit trainer of the BCW Dojo, berated him. D’Amore said screw them all. Hopefully this is over then.

We got a video package telling the whole story between Tessa and Taya, going back a year to Taya winning the Knockout’s title from Tessa.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Taya Valkyrie about the match. Taya said that somehow, Tessa convinced everyone that she was the best, but she looks through her, she knows Tessa is selfish and a master manipulator, and tonight she breaks the fairytale.

Impact World champion Tessa Blanchard defeated Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo) to retain the title

Taya mocked Tessa to start the match, tapped her on the head until Tessa had enough and started going after Taya with kicks, chops, and punches all around the ring. Taya had the strength advantage, but Tessa had some lucha moves to counter her. 

Tessa hit a running kick to the back of Taya, followed with a superkick but Bravo distracted Tessa long enough for Taya to recover and dropkick Tessa off the apron and onto the floor.

Back from commercial, Taya is still in control, stomping and kicking on Tessa. She hit a great running hip attack, followed by the running knees for a two count. Taya distracted herself with the crowd enough that Tessa had a small comeback, hitting a suicide dive, but when she went for the dropkick, Taya moved and Tessa went flying into the steel steps. 

Taya hit a Super Dragon-style curb stomp for another two count. The crowd is going crazy for Tessa. Taya kept getting distracted, which allowed Tessa to hit a desperation cutter to slow down Taya. 

Both women started exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring, with Tessa getting the better of the exchange. Taya almost took out Tessa’s knee, but Tessa countered with a Samoan drop and rana, sending Taya to the corner where she hit a backstabber for a two count. 

Taya landed a huge spear on Tessa for a two count, but transitioned into slamming Tessa’s head into the mat over and over until Tessa got a quick roll up for a two count. Taya is now frustrated. 

Taya went for a moonsault, but Tessa blocked her and hit a powerbomb and superkick for a two count. Tessa went for a tornado DDT, but Tessa blocked, hit a northern lights and a footstomp for yet another near fall.

Taya finally went for Road To Valhalla, but Tessa got out and hit a cutter. She went for Magnum, but Taya moved away. Bravo distracted Tessa, but got taken out by Taya accidentally. Taya went for a powerbomb, but Tessa reversed, hit the Buzzsaw DDT, and got the pin to retain her championship. Great main event.

Final Thoughts -- 

Overall a good and enjoyable show from Impact. I think the main event should have been sold as a bigger deal with a longer build, but given the match quality a normal episode was probably the best thing to go for. Storyline wise, we’re finally getting some movement into Rebellion.

Next week, we’re getting Desi Hit Squad vs The Rascalz, match five of Elgin vs Edwards, Rhino vs Madman Fulton, Willie Mack vs the Flying Disco Balls, and an open challenge by Jordynne Grace.