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TNA Impact TV taping results: Cody returns; Vanguard 1 gets new powers


Here are results from Wednesday's TNA Impact tapings in Orlando:

- Airdate: mid-to-late February

Xplosion --

- Caleb Konley beat Kongo Kong

Impact --

- Jessie Godderz beat Eddie Kingston. DCC tried a post-match beatdown on Godderz but Godderz got away.

- TNA Champion Bobby Lashley beat Eddie Edwards to retain. Davey Richards pulled the ref out of the ring when Edwards had the match won and Lashley came back to win with a spear. This was to be Edwards' only rematch. Alicia (Alexis Neveah) and Angelina Love were both at ringside and went at it with each other. Richards & Love beat down Edwards & Alicia after the match.

- The Hardys came out. Vanguard 1 has new powers of teleportation. They said they were being teleported all over the world and beat the best tag teams everywhere and win all the titles, no matter what the company. They will go to the Honorable Ring and face the Bucks of Youth or to the Meekmahan show. Then, they disappeared.

- TNA Grand Champion Drew Galloway beat Mahabali Shera to retain

- Facts of Life segment: Tyrus was out and Eli Drake had his arm in a sling. Tyrus led the crowd in chanting "Eli has a mangina."  Drake said that Tyrus was always just paid help.  This was to set up a match between the two "next week."

- X-Division Champion Trevor Lee beat DJZ to retain. Andrew Everett attacked Lee after the match.

- Cody & Brandi Rhodes came out.  Cody said he's been all over the world and now he's back in TNA. He said the crowd is just too sweet and wanted to thank Moose for helping Brandi while he was gone. He called out Moose. Cody said that Moose is like family to him and Moose said he'd always have their backs. Then, Cody turned on Moose and started yelling at him for wanting to sleep with his wife and said he was a slut, and kicked him low. Cody beat down Moose, grabbed Brandi and left.

- Jessie Godderz beat Bram

- They did challenges for Rosemary vs. Jade in a Last Knockouts Standing match.

- Tyrus beat Eli Drake via DQ when Drake hit the ref right away to get out of the match. Drake then offered Tyrus a raise and they got back together.

- They announced that tomorrow (tonight's taping) will feature the wedding of Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness. 

- Moose said he doesn't care what club Cody is part of or who his grandfather was. Cody and Moose had a pull-apart brawl. At one point, Cody punched Josh Mathews. Moose did a big dive on everyone at one point.

- X-Division Champion Trevor Lee beat Andrew Everett to retain