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TNA Impact Wrestling results: The Broken Hardys vs. The Wolves


Previously: Eddie Edwards defeated Ethan Carter III and Bobby Lashley in a triple threat to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with the help of the returning Davey Richards. The following night, Edwards defeated EC3 to retain his title at the One Night Only live PPV when Richards inadvertently hit EC3 with a chair.

Tonight: The Broken Hardys will defend the tag team titles against The Wolves in the main event.

Show Recap --

- EC3 comes out with a steel chair in hand. He recaps losing twice last week and believes that The Wolves are not as they seem. EC3 calls them out but instead gets Lashley. Lashley blames Richards for both of them losing last week. Lashley challenges EC3 to a last man standing match with the winner getting a match with Edwards. EC3 accepts but wants it right now. They start brawling on the ramp until security runs out.

Bobby Lashley defeated Ethan Carter III in a last man standing match

Lashley sets up a table outside the ring and gives EC3 a powerslam on the floor but EC3 beats the count. EC3 sets up a second table next to the one Lashley set up. Lashley caught EC3 with a spear but he beat the count. Lashley immediately hit a second spear and EC3 once again makes it to his feet.

Lashley sets up a table in the corner but EC3 managed to spear Lashley through it. Both men make it back to their feet and beat the count. EC3 locks on the sleeper on the apron and both guys crash through the two tables on the floor. Both guys were down but Lashley made it back to his feet to win the match.

In the back, a hand tries on various rings and ends by putting one on its pinky.

- Eli Drake and Tyrus cause chaos in the back. They force a crew guy to read a letter saying that fans don’t deserve to hear Eli speak.

- Rockstar Spud is in the ring wearing a sparkly blue suit. Spud introduces Aron Rex, who comes out wearing a white fur robe. He is wearing make up and very large expensive looking rings. He’s a flamboyant heel who is pretending to be a nice guy. Robbie E comes out and makes fun of Rex and Spud. Spud and Rex beat down Robbie, then Rex knocks him out with a right hand while wearing all of his rings.

- In the back, The DCC discusses their upcoming match with Decay. Bram hasn’t forgotten that Decay beat him down and left him for dead a few months ago. He joined The DCC to gain revenge on Decay. Storm says they are the Death Crew Council.

- Backstage, Allie is watching a video that Braxton Sutter sent her. Maria reminds Allie that she’s isn’t a wrestler and tells her that Mike Bennett will take care of Sutter.

The DCC w/ James Storm vs. Decay w/ Rosemary ended in a no contest

The match started with all four guys brawling. Eddie Kingston and Bram isolate Crazzy Steve in their corner. Abyss gets the hot tag and runs wild on The DCC. Abyss goes after Storm, while Steve dives onto Kingston and Bram on the floor. It ends in a no contest and The DCC and Decay brawl all over the Impact Zone.

- Backstage, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards discuss their upcoming title match. Richards apologizes for losing his temper last week at the PPV.

- In a special interview, Mackenzie Mitchell introduces the returning Brooke to Impact. She is back in TNA full time and plans on winning the Knockouts Championship.

Braxton Sutter defeated “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis

Sutter was on fire to start the match but Bennett quickly took over. Sutter made a comeback but Maria distracted him and Bennett hit the MIP. Maria screamed to finish him, so Bennett gave Sutter a piledriver. Maria told Bennett to give Sutter a second one when Allie came out and Sutter rolled up Bennett to win the match.

- Backstage, Bennett and Maria are upset for having a bad start to 2017 and blame Allie for all their problems. Maria has a plan and knows exactly how to get revenge on her.

- Knockouts Champion Rosemary comes down to the ring and promises to beat every Knockout in the division but is interrupted by Jade. She says that Rosemary is only champion because of the mist and demands a rematch. Rosemary agrees as long as it's a Monster’s Ball match. Jade accepts the challenge and Rosemary tries to jump her but Jade fights her off.

TNA Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys defeated The Wolves to retain their titles

The Wolves got the early advantage using some quick double team moves. The Hardys made a comeback and isolated Edwards in their corner. The Hardys executed several double team moves until Edwards took out both Hardys with a hurricanrana and made the tag to Richards. Richards gets a figure four on Matt, then at the same time locks on an ankle lock on Jeff.

The Wolves isolate Matt in their corner and work over his leg. Davey tried to set up for a move in the ring but Matt grabbed Edwards' leg. Edwards hit a plancha onto Matt on the outside. Richards yelled at Edwards and Jeff rolled him up to win the match. After the match, Richards was clearly upset because they lost. 

Next Week: Impact will feature the first ever Race for the Case and will include Eli Drake, Mike Bennett, The DCC, Decay, and the Hardys. Four briefcases will be hanging high above the ring. The winners will use the briefcases for major opportunities in two weeks at Open Fight Night.