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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Eddie Edwards vs. Eli Drake; DCC revealed


Previously: Eddie Edwards retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Bobby Lashley in last week’s main event. Also, Broken Matt Hardy fell from the top of a forklift during a brawl with the DCC. Matt is now suffering from amnesia.

Tonight: Eli Drake is using his Bound for Gold title shot when he challenges Eddie Edwards for his title. Plus, qualifying matches to determine the participants in a number one contenders match for the TNA World Championship. Also, Knockouts Champion Gail Kim has a major announcement to make.

Show Recap --

Eddie Edwards came out to the ring to start the night off. He discussed his victory over Lashley last week but Eli Drake interrupted him. Drake promised to win the title tonight. Ethan Carter III then came out to the ring. EC3 guaranteed that he’ll be the next contender for the title. Mike Bennett and Maria were next out to the ring. Bennett promised to become number one contender as well. All four guys started brawling until Moose hit the ring and the heels ran out.

 “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis defeated Moose by count out in a number one contenders qualifying match

Maria interfered early by pulling Miracle out of the ring. Earl Hebner sent Maria to the back. Miracle took over and worked on Moose’s knee. Moose went for the Game Changer but Bennett countered with two superkicks and a diamond cutter for a near fall. They brawled on the outside and Moose dropped Miracle on the steps. Moose charged but Miracle moved and Moose crashed into the steps. Miracle rolled into the ring and Moose was counted out.

- In the back, Al Snow returned and was headed to the ring. He said he feels great and is excited because The Tribunal has a surprise for him.

- In Cameron, Jeff Hardy arrived at the Hardy compound. Reby told Jeff that Matt is a completely different person. Senor Benjamin relaxed and watched Matt build a second dining room. Matt still doesn’t remember Jeff. Jeff reminded him that they’re the TNA tag champions. Matt denied being a wrestler and said he doesn’t do that violent stuff. Reby thinks she has a way to bring Matt’s memory back.

- The Tribunal and Al Snow were in the ring. Snow thanked The Tribunal for attacking the Hardys a few weeks ago for him. The Tribunal informed him that they have never done anything for him and said that he drags them down. The Tribunal attacked Snow. Mahabali Shera casually walked out to the ring and brawled with The Tribunal. The Tribunal beat down Shera as well.

- Outside, Jesse Godderz was waiting for Grand Champion Aron Rex. This isn’t about his title; it’s about beating up Rex.

Ethan Carter III defeated Abyss in a number one contenders qualifying match

Abyss controlled the match and kept EC3 grounded. EC3 made a brief comeback but Abyss stopped him with a chokeslam for a near fall. Abyss brought in a steel chair. Abyss took a wild swing but EC3 ducked and locked on a sleeper to win the match.

- Back to the Hardy compound. Reby, Jeff, and Benjamin sang “Obsolete” to Matt. They prompted Matt to sing his part and say “Obsolete.” He didn’t know what to say and just stared at them blankly until he finally sang, “Isn’t it ironic?” Jeff is taking Matt for a ride on the same dirt bike he broke his leg on. 

- Jeremy Borash was in the ring and introduced Gail Kim. Her voice was shaking as she talked about her career. Kim called out Jade to the ring. They both cried as Kim told Jade that she’s the future of the division. Kim struggled to make her announcement but Decay interrupted her before she could finish. Rosemary blew the mist into Kim's eyes and then knocked out Jade. Rosemary choked out Kim and then hit the corner-to-corner dropkick on Jade with a trash can.

Trevor Lee defeated Rockstar Spud and DJ Z in a triple threat number contenders qualifying match

DJ Z injured his leg after a flip to the outside. The finish of the match came when DJ Z went for the ZDT but Lee blocked it and pushed him off and Spud hit a low blow on DJ Z. Lee hit the fisherman buster on Spud to win the match.

- In the back, Brandi Rhodes asked Allie to help her fight Maria and Sienna but Allie turned her down.

Bobby Lashley defeated Robbie E & Grado in a handicap number one contenders qualifying match

Robbie E and Grado got in some offense but it wasn’t enough as Lashley took out Grado and then speared Robbie E to pick up the win.

- Rex was in his car arriving at the Impact Zone. He saw Godderz waiting for him. Rex and Godderz argued before they brawled all over the back. Rex raked Godderz in the eyes and escaped in his car.

- Jeff took Matt for a ride on his bike and Matt was terrified. They arrived at the lake that helped rejuvenate Jeff after Delete or Decay. Matt refused to go in the lake. Jeff is going to the Impact Zone to fight the DCC. Matt won't go with him because he doesn’t get into barbaric fights. He thinks Jeff has anger issues.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards defeated Eli Drake to retain his title

They brawled on the outside and Edwards charged at Drake. Drake caught Edwards in the powerslam position but then dropped him back-first on the apron. Drake had the advantage until Edwards made a comeback.

Edwards hit a sick suicide dive on Drake that had so much momentum that Edwards hit Drake and kept going into the crowd. Edwards hit the Blunt Force Trauma for a very close near fall. Drake missed a top rope move and Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Edwards' celebration was interrupted by the DCC. Edwards attacked but they overwhelmed him in a three-on-one attack. The DCC took off their masks to reveal James Storm, Eddie Kingston, and Bram.

Next Week: EC3, The Miracle, Trevor Lee, and Lashley will battle in the number one contenders match.