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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Edwards vs. Lashley headlines Genesis

Previously: Drew Galloway defeated Moose to win the Impact Grand Championship.

Tonight: Impact Wrestling presents Genesis with Eddie Edwards defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Lashley in a 30-minute iron man match. Plus, Rosemary defends the Knockouts Championship against Jade in Monster’s Ball.

Show Recap --

The Broken Hardys kicked off Genesis. Jeff had his number one contender's briefcase and mentioned that he makes his challenge first next week at Open Fight Night. Broken Matt had a premonition that The Hardys went from place to place winning all the tag team championships.

The DCC came out and James Storm mentioned that at Open Fight Night they too can challenge anyone they want because of their number two briefcase. This brought out Decay, who challenged both teams to a match right now. 

TNA World Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys defeated The DCC (w/ James Storm) and Decay to retain their titles

Eventually the match broke down and everyone started brawling wildly. Broken Matt got the hot tag and ran wild. Eddie Kingston climbed to the second rope but Crazzy Steve spit the green mist in his eyes. Jeff knocked down Steve and James Storm. In the ring, Matt hit the Twist of Fate on Kingston to retain the tag titles.

- Josh Mathews conducted a special sit-down interview with Ethan Carter III. Matthews ran down all of EC3’s recent losses and setbacks. EC3 said he feels that he’s broken and Josh asked if it’s time for EC3 to go away.

EC3 said that after two years of carrying the company on his back, his inability to win the World Championship in 2016 and a bad start to 2017 means that he probably should go away -- but he won’t. Even if the new owners want to replace him, he’s not going anywhere. He promised to win the World Championship.

- Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter went on a date. Van Ness was all over Sutter, taking a selfie while Sutter seemed uncomfortable. Van Ness demanded wine from her host and Sutter implied he’s going to need a lot of wine to survive the night.

Grand Champion Drew Galloway defeated Moose to retain his title

Before the match, Galloway made an open challenge to anyone in the back, which former champion Moose accepted. Moose had the advantage on Galloway and won the first round.

In round two, Moose hit the Game Changer but Galloway hit him with a low blow as he went down. The judges took away one point from Galloway. Galloway inadvertently knocked the referee down and then gave Moose a second low blow. Galloway hit the Future Shock DDT to retain the Grand Championship.

- Back to Sutter and Laurel’s date. Van Ness mentioned that her father got her a title shot next week for the Knockouts Championship. She was having fun on their date but Sutter clearly wasn't. She made him promise not to train Allie again but didn't let him answer. Sutter drank the wine straight out of the bottle.

Knockouts Champion Rosemary defeated Jade in a Monster’s Ball match to retain her title

Jade hit a dive on Rosemary as she made her way to the ring. Rosemary brought in thumbtacks and spread them in the ring. Jade made a comeback and gave Rosemary a German suplex into the thumbtacks for a near fall.

Rosemary brought in a barbwire board but Jade countered and sent Rosemary through it. Jade trapped Rosemary under the board and then hit a springboard moonsault onto it. Rosemary made a comeback and gave Jade a superplex through a table to win the match.

Post match, Gail Kim came to check on Jade but Rosemary spit the purple mist in Gail’s eyes.

- Back to Van Ness and Sutter on their date. Van Ness wanted to go to her place but Sutter just wanted to get out. He left to pay the bill and she called Maria. They made fun of Allie.

X Division Champion DJ Z defeated Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Marshe Rockett, and Caleb Konley to retain his title

In a really cool spot, Konley hooked on a hangman’s DDT on Everett, Lee snuck in and hooked on a reverse DDT on Konley, Rockett came in and locked on reverse DDT on Lee, and finally DJ Z hit a neckbreaker on Rockett, resulting in the rest hitting their DDT’s like dominos falling.

Konley got a fisherman suplex on Lee but Everett broke up the pin attempt with a shooting star press. DJ Z hit the ZDT on Everett to retain the title. After the match, Lee and Shane Helms worked over DJ Z’s leg. Mathews reminded us that Lee has the number three briefcase and can use it next week.

- In the back, Eddie Edwards was getting ready for his upcoming match. Davey Richards promised to help Edwards but he didn't want the help and asked Richards to stay in the back. Richards agreed but didn’t seem too happy about this.

- Backstage, Jeff and Matt discussed Jeff's potential opponents for next week. Matt had a premonition of Jeff’s opponent.

Bobby Lashley defeated Eddie Edwards in a 30-minute iron man match to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Lashley scored the first fall in the first ten minutes with a spear to go up 1-0. Lashley powerbombed Edwards on the ramp to win the second fall by countout to go up 2-0.

During the commercial break, Lashley ripped off the middle and top turnbuckles, exposing the steel in one corner. Lashley charged at Edwards, who sent Lashley into the exposed turnbuckle to win the third fall to make the score 2-1 in Lashley’s favor.

With less then six minutes remaining, Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party to tie up the score at 2-2. With less then three minutes remaining, Lashley made Edwards tap to the head and arm trap to go up 3-2. Edwards locked on the guillotine submission with less then one minute remaining, but Lashley managed to hold on, allowing the time to run out to win the World Championship.

Next Week: It’s the return of Open Fight Night. We'll see Jeff Hardy, The DCC, Trevor Lee, and Eli Drake all make open challenges to anyone they want.