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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Race for the Case

Previously: Bobby Lashley defeated Ethan Carter III in a last man standing match to earn a title shot against Eddie Edwards. Additionally, The Hardys defeated The Wolves to retain the Tag Team Championship.

Tonight: Moose defends the Grand Championship against the returning Drew Galloway. Plus, Impact will feature the Race for the Case match.

Show Recap --

Eli Drake, Trevor Lee, The DCC, and The Hardys won briefcases in Race for the Case

Four briefcases hung above the ring in each corner and each case contains a number. The numbers determine the order the winners will make their open challenge in two weeks at Open Fight Night.

The Race for the Case participants were The Hardys, Mahabali Shera, Eddie Kingston, Bram, Jesse Godderz, Trevor Lee, Mike Bennett, Tyrus, Crazzy Steve, and Eli Drake

Tyrus cleared the ring, which gave Drake the opportunity to pull down the red case. Moments later, Lee quickly climbed up and pulled down the blue case. He threw the case up the ramp and dove onto a bunch of guys on the floor.

Godderz pulled down the gold briefcase but Kingston gave him a low blow. That caused Godderz to drop the case, which resulted in Bram catching it. Matt gave Bennett the Twist of Fate and Jeff grabbed the green case to end the match. The reveal of the order will be later tonight.

- In the back, Drew Galloway mentioned that he made it to the finals of the Grand Championship tournament but had to drop out because of injury. He promised to win the title tonight.

- Bobby Lashley came out and talked about beating EC3 last week to earn a title match with Eddie Edwards. Edwards came out and mentioned that he is a fighting champion. Lashley told him that a fighting champion doesn’t rely on his partner to interfere to win.

Lashley challenged Edwards to a 30-minute Iron Man match, which Edwards accepted. Lashley jumped Edwards and set up for a spear but Davey Richards ran out with a chair for the save.

- Backstage, Maria left a message on Braxton Sutter’s phone to call her back. She ran into Brooke who told her to stay out of her business.

Brooke defeated Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo had the brief advantage until Brooke made her comeback and hit a face-first slam to score the win. After the match, Sienna ran out and hit the silencer on Brooke. Sienna was sent out by Maria to deliver a message.

- In the back, Sutter arrived and Maria was mad that he didn’t call her back. Maria told Sutter to stop training Allie but he refused. She whispered something into his ear and he finally agreed to stop training Allie.

Race for the Case reveal on Fact of Life with Eli Drake

Drake is not speaking so Tyrus did all the talking. Before the reveal, Tyrus said that if and when Drake gets number one he'll challenge for the World Championship in a no disqualification match.

Drake's plan fell apart when he ended up with number four. That means he goes last at Open Fight Night to make his open challenge. The DCC were doing a mime routine and revealed their number to be two. It came down to Trevor Lee and Jeff Hardy. Lee ended up getting number three, which means Jeff’s number is one. The Hardys will make the first open challenge on Open Fight Night. Drake was very unhappy with the results.

- Backstage, Allie was working on her wrestling moves when Sutter approached her and told her they shouldn’t be together or train together. Allie was devastated and didn’t understand. Sutter seemed unhappy with his decision.

Aron Rex & Rockstar Spud defeated Robbie E & Swoggle

Spud isolated Swoggle in his corner and tagged in Rex. He brought a mic with him and started to cut a promo until Swoggle attacked. Spud hit Swoggle with a ring and Rex made the cover to win the match.

- In the parking lot, Sutter and Laurel Van Ness left the Impact Zone. Sutter was clearly unhappy with breaking it off with Allie and leaving with Laurel. 

Drew Galloway defeated Moose to win the Grand Championship

Round one started with Moose and Galloway trading chops in the middle of the ring. Moose hit a fallaway slam but missed a charge in the corner. Galloway hit a piledriver for a near fall. They traded shots at the end of a very even round. Galloway won the first round on split decision.

Round two started with both guys brawling on the floor until Galloway hit a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Moose responded with a powerbomb on the apron. Galloway locked on the Iron Maiden in the last ten seconds of the round but Moose didn't tap. The judges gave the second round to Moose.

In round three, Galloway gave a low blow to Moose in front of the referee who stopped the clock and took a point away from Galloway. The referee restarted the match and Galloway hit the Claymore right away to win the title with just over one minute left in the match.

Next Week: It’s a special episode of Impact dubbed Genesis. In the main event, Eddie Edwards defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Lashley in an Iron Man match. Additionally, Rosemary defends the Knockouts title against Jade in a Monster’s Ball. Plus, in two weeks Open Fight Night returns to Impact.