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TNA Impact spoilers from last night in Orlando

Submitted by Bruce Buchanan

  • The show-opening long promo began with the Hardys saying they’ve never been TNA World Tag Team Champions and they wanted the titles. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode interrupted and said they were the next champions. EC3 came out and announced he was teaming with Bram to go after the titles. Bram said of everyone in the ring, he hated EC3 the least. Finally, Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud were the fourth and final team to challenge for the vacant tag titles. Presumably, they’ll tape a four-way match on Monday.
  • The former Camacho (didn’t catch his new name) b. Kenny King with a Samoan drop. They had to redo the finish, but generally a solid match. The BDC and the Rising got into a brawl after the match. The Rising was getting the better of the exchange when Homicide came in from the back with a billy club and the heels beat down the babyfaces.
  • Brooke won a four-way match over Gail Kim, Angelina Love and Madison Rayne to become the #1 contender for the Knockouts Title. They gave them time and all four worked really hard.
  • Matt & Jeff Hardy b. James Storm & Khoya. The Hardys were the most over act on the show. Storm was disappointed with Khoya for losing.
  • Kurt Angle came out for a promo, building to a title match with Eric Young later in the show Young came out and said he respected Kurt and promised to wrestle cleanly. However, Austin Aries then came out and said he intended to cash in the briefcase for the title shot, and Young would just have to wait his turn.
  • In a match for Xplosion, Bobby Roode b. Robbie E.
  • Davey Richards b. Manik with a head kick. Good match. The Revolution tried to attack Richards after the match, but the Hardys made the save. They made a challenge for a six-man match.
  • Magnus introduced Mickie James, who got a strong reaction. Mickie gave a tearful promo saying she had enjoyed a great career, but it was time to go home and be a mom. James Storm came out and said Mickie was one of the all-time greats, and her place was in the ring and on the stage, not at home. He said the fans didn’t want her to retire. Magnus acted skeptical of his intentions, but Mickie was listening. Storm said she needed to wrestle “One more time!” and Mickie agreed. Magnus wasn’t pleased, but he went along. Presumably, Storm will try to drive a wedge between Mickie and Magnus. This has the makings of an intriguing soap opera-style storyline, and all three were excellent in their roles. 
  • Mia Yim and Marti Belle debuted as the Doll House. They both are doing a lunatic gimmick. In their debut, Yim wrestled Cherry Bomb, who used a different name (I think Laura Dennis). After several minutes of back-and-forth action, Belle attacked the ref and sent him into the post. They double-teamed Cherry Bomb and even beat up ring announcer Christy Hemme. Hemme had to be helped to the back, selling the beating (she continued to ring announce from back stage).
  • EC3 came out for a promo behind a podium. He had balloons and signs, like a political candidate would have, and declared his candidacy for the TNA World Title. Mr. Anderson confronted him and said titles are won through blood, sweat and tears, not speeches. He trashed the podium and ran off EC3 and Tyrus.
  • Taryn Terrell b. Awesome Kong in a No DQ match to keep the Knockouts Title. Poor Kong can barely move. Before the match, Terrell asked for a No DQ match, which was an angle alert. The finish saw them set up a table in the ring and both women fighting on the turnbuckles. The Doll House came out with kendo sticks and attacked Kong. Terrell turned heel, joining the Doll House. They tried to put her through the table, but it didn’t break. Terrell used a belt shot to pin Kong and said that anyone who wants her title will have to deal with her new friends.
  • Kenny King won the X-Division Title in a four-way ladder match over Rockstar Spud (champion), Tigre Uno and Mandrews. This was short for a ladder match, but some cool spots, including Mandrews hitting a shooting star press to the floor and Tigre springboarding off the ropes onto the ladder. King won the title with help from Homicide.
  • Drew Galloway b. Low Ki in a pipe on a pole match. Galloway won with the future shock DDT on a chair. After the match, the Rising and the BDC got into another brawl.
  • Next up was supposed to be the Kurt Angle-Austin Aries World Title match. However, Eric Young jumped Aries as he came to the ring, and gave him a piledriver on the ring steps. Angle tried to make the save, but Young attacked him too. Young curbstomped Angle’s head on the steps, and Angle bled. A dozen or so security guys had to pull Young off of Angle. I’m not sure Eric Young is top heel material, but they sure tried to put some heat on him here. Aries did a stretcher job, while Angle had to be helped to the back.
  • The final match was the Hardys & Davey Richards vs. Abyss, Manik & Khoya in a street fight. To be honest, this was bad - they blew three spots and had to redo them, which looked awful.  The match started in the back and they brawled to the ring, using trash cans and chairs.  The Hardys pinned Abyss with the twist of fate/swanton combo and the babyfaces celebrated in the ring to end the show.