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NWA Power results: The Champions Series begins

NWA Power: Champion's Series Announcement

Tonight's episode of NWA Power solely focused on setting up teams for the upcoming Champions Series tournament which, according to NWA's social media, begins on July 27.

There are four teams, represented by champions in the NWA: NWA Worlds Heavyweight Nick Aldis, NWA World Women's Champion Kamille, NWA World Television Champion The Pope, and one half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions Aron Stevens. They will draft teams of 5 each. The winning team gets title shots for each member, and for the captain who drafted them, they will get protection from their team for one year (as in, their team cannot challenge their captain) or, they can choose a title shot of their own. Points are allocated depending on if you win, go to a draw, or get disqualified.

The rules here are quite confusing, but if they book this right, it is a chance to elevate some new faces in the NWA.

Each captain is also paired with a wrestling legend to advise them as they draft stars and make matches. The legends are Austin Idol, Melina, Taryn Terrell, and Velvet Sky. They’re stretching the definition of legend with a few of these. 

The participants are Skye Blue, Slice Boogie, Jordan Clearwater, Colby Corino, Crimson, Jax Dane, Kratos, JTG, Jennacide, Lady Frost, Thom Latimer, Mystery Man, Mims, Trevor Murdoch, Kenzie Paige, Jeremiah Plunkett, Sal Rinauro, Marshe Rocklolett, Fred Rosser, & Tyrus.

Aron Stevens was teamed up with Taryn Terrell, Pope was teamed with Velvet Sky, Kamille was teamed with Austin Idol, and Nick Aldis was teamed with Melina. Pope did his best in his promo to make Sky sound like an actual legend. Austin Idol was clearly the best of the group, and him cutting promos with Kamille is money.

Kamille picked Thom Latimer as her first pick, and Idol wanted Tyrus first. Idol cut a promo about how Tyrus should have been picked first. Aron Stevens picked Tyrus, and Terrell couldn’t pronounce his name. Stevens said he picked Tyrus because he wanted to throw Austin Idol of his game. Stevens continued to mispronounce Tyrus’ name like Terrell did.

Nick Aldis picked Crimson as his first pick. Aldis and Melina argued a bit, but decided Crimson was the best pick, but Melina was frustrated that she had no say, and she wanted Trevor Murdoch. Pope and Velvet Sky picked Trevor Murdoch as their first pick, and they made the pick as a team.

Velvet Sky got the next pick, and she picked Jennacide for their team. Pope was thrilled with the pick as well. Melina chose Skye Blue as her pick. Terrell picked Lady Frost for her team. Austin Idol and Kamille got Kenzie Paige. Kamille said she didn’t care about any of the women, as she could beat them all.

In the next round of picks, Kamille picked Kratos, and Austin Idol was very happy with this one. It seems like they are finally on the same page. JTG was next for Aron Stevens and Taryn Terrell. Nick Aldis chose Fred Rosser next for his team, and Melina liked it. Pope and Velvet Sky picked Jax Dane for their team.

Pope and Velvet Sky agreed on their third pick, and they drafted the Mystery Man. Nick Aldis then picked Slice Boogie for his team. Taryn Terrell picked Marche Rockett, and Stevens nodded along, as Terrell continued doing most of the talking. Kamille picked Mims for their team. The remaining 4 wrestlers were assigned to teams randomly as alternates, with Colby Corino going to Pope’s team, Jeremiah Plunkett going to Aldis’ team, Jordan Clearwater going to Stevens’ team, and Sal Rinauro going to Kamille’s team.

The Teams:

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The Block A matches, as selected by the captains of each team are:

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The Block B matches, as selected by the captains of each team are:

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Matches kick off next week on NWA Power, and I assume we will find out more about how the points will actually be calculated as we go. It wasn't made clear if this was some sort of round robin where every team would need to eventually face each other, and it all came across as a bit convoluted, but there are some interesting matches in the lineup, so I am willing to see where this goes. I assume we will know more by next week, but it's hard to say, as the NWA originally announced the Champion's Series as starting on July 13th on TV, and it's not actually starting until July 27th, which makes me think that they didn't have it all quite worked out when they started taping it, which doesn't bode well.

Either way, this was a very different episode of NWA Power, as it was simply the team selections and match announcements, but I did like how they tried to give it a real sports feel. I'm not sure if it would have been better to just announce brackets like NJPW does for the G1, but I did find myself enjoying the episode for what it was. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get some matches on this show, as it was rather unclear when the series was actually starting, and we were given three different dates by the NWA between their TV and social media. That doesn't do much to increase my faith that they are going to pull this off, but I will be very happy if they do.