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Jan 4, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Starcade review, Jaguar Yakota retires, more

Mankind captured the WWF title from Rock due to outside interference from Steve Austin in the main event of the Raw show that airs on 1/4, taped 12/29 in Worcester, MA. It is expected this will be a short-term title change with Rock regaining it at the Royal Rumble. When we received word ahead of time of the prospective change, it was said this was because they were looking for a major counter for the Goldberg vs. Nash match from the Georgia Dome that will air head-to-head, although the idea all along was for Rock vs. Mankind at the Rumble and after two PPV meetings, it would have been somewhat stale without this change to jump-start it. Austin hit Rock with a chair and put Mankind on top. The show ended with Mankind, without his mask on, doing the "Yo Adrian" speech from the original Rocky movie.

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