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MLW Fusion results: Alexander Hammerstone vs. Go Shiozaki


** The big takeaways**

  • The final build to MLW War Chamber took place with all competitors getting promo time before the big match next week. 
  • The main event came from Pro Wrestling NOAH's N-1 Victory tournament as Alexander Hammerstone defeated Go Shiozaki.
  • The Hart Foundation vs. the Dynasty feud continued when Brian Pillman Jr. beat Richard Holliday.
  • Injustice continued their winning ways, again with a little help from some foreign objects, as Jordan Oliver toppled Gringo Loco. 

** Show review **

This week's MLW Fusion opened with Konnan arriving at the building earlier in the day. He was walking and talking through the parking lot and out of nowhere, LA Park, El Hijo de LA Park, and Bestia 666 jumped him and knocked him to the ground. Salina de la Renta then appeared and took back her phone out of his pocket and walked away saying that Konnan was now powerless.

Jordan Oliver (with Myron Reed) defeated Gringo Loco (7:30)

We had recap videos from last week's amazing six-man tag match featuring Oliver, Reed, and Kotto Brazil taking on Loco, Air Wolf. and Zenshi. Oliver got an in-set promo during his entrance talking about Reed picking up broken ribs when Loco hit him with brass knuckles in last week's match.

Eagle-eyed and regular viewers of Fusion will notice the venue of this match and that it took place at a previous set of tapings before last week's six man tag actually took place. Others will also notice Jim Cornette at the announcer's table, but it was Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini who did a great job on commentary to keep the continuity of the feud going despite the jump in the timeline.

Reed interfered in the early going which eventually led to Oliver hitting a suicide dive to the outside. Loco fought back and hit a big powerbomb followed up by a split-legged moonsault for a two count. 

Oliver then poked Loco in the eyes behind the referee's back while he was disposing of Reed's “Injustice” sign after he tried to get it involved. Oliver then hit a jumping stunner and a small package for a two count of his own.

Loco knocked Oliver to the outside so Loco dove and landed a big tope over the top rope on top of both Oliver and Reed. Back in the ring, Oliver feigned an injury so the referee was distracted again. With his back turned, Reed got involved and hit Loco with a chair, which led to Oliver getting the tainted 1-2-3, but a victory nonetheless.

-- Low Ki had a word for his partners "Filthy" Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs next week in War Chamber. He said with the recent events in MLW and despite their history over the MLW World title, he is their best option.

Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Richard Holliday (7:09)

Back in New York, Holliday got on the mic before the match and said that the Dynasty runs MLW and not the Hart Foundation. Pillman had his Rookie of the Year trophy with him.

Holliday got the advantage early when he blocked a kick while Pillman was on the apron and used his momentum to swing him down hard on it. Pillman fought back with chops, a flying forearm, and an elbow in the corner. He then reversed a figure four attempt for a close two count and hit a nice power slam for another two.

Moments later, Holliday hit a rolling senton for a close two count but was frustrated with the referee so he brought in a chair to finish Pillman off. The referee wrestled the chair off him and had his back turned when Pillman threw Holliday his Rookie of the Year trophy and hit the mat feigning injury ala Eddie Guerrero.

Holliday protested his innocence to the referee who eventually believed him and disposed of the trophy, but as his back was turned again, Pillman kicked Holliday low and hit him with his Rolling Straitjacket Neckbreaker to pick up the win.

-- Dominic “The Bone Collector” Garrini is coming to MLW this fall.

-- The Von Erich Brothers had a recorded message, saying that they hope that Low Ki can honor his word and have their back in the War Chamber. This was a great video package with the brothers chiming in that they will have the homefield advantage in the Chamber, that they will put an end to CONTRA, and that they are fighting for their future and for MLW, and there is no way they are letting CONTRA raise their flag in Texas.

-- Mance Warner had a message for Jimmy Havoc after he and Salina de la Renta had him arrested a few weeks ago. He said he is coming to f*ck Havoc up.

-- Rich Bocchini then had a video conversation with Lawlor. Bocchini asked if Lawlor was ready for War Chamber after CONTRA did a number on his ribs last week. Lawlor said nothing will stop him and it is his destiny that he makes sure that Gotch, Samael, Kwan, and Fatu didn't walk out of the Chamber on their own. He said he doesn't know if he can trust Low Ki, but he can count on him to be the professional and rip the head off of CONTRA Unit, and he is ready for whatever comes next.

Alexander Hammerstone defeated Go Shiozaki

This match was taped in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH, one of MLW's newest partners, and was part of their annual N-1 Victory tournament. Bocchini let us know that Shiozaki debuted back in 2003 and was the protege of Kenta Kobashi.

They started slow and got a respectable round of applause for a clean break out of the corner. Shiozaki then tried a shoulder block but Hammerstone didn't budge. Shiozaki retaliated with a chop and another attempt but Hammerstone bulldozed him with a shoulderblock of his own.

After the commercial break, Shiozaki was in control. He muscled Hammerstone over in a delayed vertical suplex but the MLW National Openweight Champion fought back with a German suplex that got a slow two count from the NOAH official.

Shiozaki floored Hammerstone with a hard lariat. At the beginning of this match, the crowd was relatively quiet, but were into it by this point. Both got to their feet and went head-to-head and began a forearm exchange. Hammer eventually hit a sit-out urinagi slam that Bocchini incorrectly called the Nightmare Pendulum.

Hammer then went for the Burning Hammer, a move made famous by Kobashi, but Shiozaki fought out and returned with a ripcord lariat. He missed a second lariat then ate a boot and an enzugiri in the corner. Hammerstone fought back and hit a high knee and a powerbomb for a two count. After the kick out, he picked up Shiozaki and hit him with the actual Nightmare Pendulum for the win.

-- We went off the air with a CONTRA Unit propaganda video. They said Lawlor was a broken man, the Von Erichs are blinded by pride, and the black flag on CONTRA will wave high over Dallas. Gotch told the Von Erichs to rest their heads as they have no one else to look up to. "You want a war? CONTRA will take you to war." It was interesting (telling?) that they didn't mention Low Ki at all in the promo.

** Next week **

  • The War Chamber Match: 'Filthy' Tom Lawlor, Low Ki, Marshall Von Erich and Ross Von Erich vs CONTRA Unit: MLW Champion Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael, Simon Gotch, and Ikuro Kwan