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MLW Fusion results: Jacob Fatu vs. Jordan Oliver World title match


The Big Takeaways:

Jacob Fatu successfully defended his MLW World title against a courageous Jordan Oliver while Los Parks held onto their MLW Tag Team titles. We also learned who the next challenger for Fatu will be.

Show Review:

MLW Tag Team Champions Los Parks (LA Park and El Hijo LA Park) defeated CONTRA Unit (Simon Gotch and Daivari) (8:21)

These two teams have been at each other's throats since before Superfight back in 2019. Even with Los Parks' heel turn and siding with Salina de la Renta once again, it has not stopped their battles with fellow heel faction CONTRA Unit.

After Daivari and Hijo exchanged early submission attempts, the match broke down into a brawl as LA and Gotch got involved. Hijo knocked CONTRA out of the ring with a double dropkick from the top, leading to both he and his dad hitting stereo suicide dives to the floor.

The match broke down again as Los Parks tried another twin magic switch with LA Park Jr. but the referee stopped them. The distraction gave Injustice the chance to interfere but El Hijo turned the tide, tagging in his dad which led to a spear on Daivari for the win. 

Parrow defeated Dugan (1:37)

After wreaking havoc in All Japan Pro Wrestling, Parrow explosively returned to MLW, putting away poor Dugan in no time. A dominating performance was capped off by a chokeslam followed by a Murder Bomb (pop up, sit out powerbomb) for the win. After the match, Parrow challenged de la Renta's other acquisition, Mil Muertes, fresh off Muertes literally burying Savio Vega two weeks ago in their Aztec jungle fight.

-- Gino Medina had words for Gringo Loco, calling him a fake luchador and a ripoff. It seems they will also be clashing again in the coming weeks.

-- After the Von Erichs said they want to have their own “Wrestle Island” episode of Fusion, "Filthy" Tom Lawlor challenged them for a match against Violence is Forever, and also challenged ACH to a match against Kevin Ku. Later in the night, Bu Ku Dao challenged TJP to a match as the matchmakers were seemingly given the night off.

Calvin Tankman defeated Laredo Kid (6:44)

In a match billed as two top 10 contenders battling out for a future title shot, Tankman got the win after hitting the Tankman Driver, but it was far from one sided as other Tankman MLW matches so far.

Tankman started well with a humongous pounce that sent Kid through the air and across the ring. Tankman's dominance stopped when Kid hit a missile dropkick and a crossbody to the floor. Tankman's hard hitting spinning back elbow didn't stop Kid as he came off the top again with a flying forearm and pin attempt. Moments later, the match was over with the Tankman Driver, followed by a callout of Jacob Fatu. We didn't have to wait long for the collision. 

-- It was hinted that Richard Holliday now has a crush on Alicia Atout as a rumor spread about him being her “toy boy."

-- The PWI top five tag team rankings were Dirty Blondes at #5, Injustice at #4, Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku) at #3, Contra Unit (Simon Gotch and Daivari) at #2 and the Von Erichs at #1.

MLW Champion Jacob Fatu defeated Jordan Oliver (9:08)

The war between CONTRA Unit and Injustice took another turn in the road as the cocky Injustice star challenged the unstoppable Samoan bulldozer.

While Oliver and Simon Gotch were having a war of words during lockdown, Oliver never forgot to mention Fatu and wanting a shot at his gold. MLW matchmakers must have been listening as he finally got his wish after weeks of clashing with other members of CONTRA.

As this week's Fusion began, we saw the build to how we got here. CONTRA made the first move by attacking Reed and Oliver backstage and then again after Gotch had defeated Oliver a few weeks ago. Later in the same night, it was Injustice who had the last laugh as Reed and Oliver posed as CONTRA's Sentai Death Squad members and took out the group while they celebrated Fatu's victory against ACH. The next week, Oliver quickly took out a real member of the SDS which led to a tag team match between Injustice and CONTRA that ended in a no contest when Fatu ran in and attacked Oliver.

It was Oliver who ran in and attacked Fatu before the bell in this match. He ran and hit a suicide dive as Fatu was making his grand entrance. He tried another one moments later, but Fatu caught him and hit a Samoan drop on the outside. We then set into a big man vs. little man style match as Fatu used his size and power advantage over the taller but slimmer challenger.

Oliver had an opening, but was caught off a slingshot to the outside and Fatu dropped him back first on the apron.

Fatu's knee gave out when he was going for his moonsault. He instead took his time getting to the top rope which gave Oliver time to meet him up there and hit an overhead belly-to-back suplex from the top rope, helping the momentum swing in the challenger's favor. Oliver hit his pop-up stunner in the corner and a springboard cutter. He hit two kicks to the head and went for a second cutter, but Fatu caught him and hit his Samoan drop and his double jump moonsault to pick up the win.

After the match, Daivari jumped Myron Reed as payback for him costing them the tag titles earlier. The SDS then brought out body bags, but as Injustice were placed in the bags, Tankman's music hit as "Heavyweight Hustle" came out to save Injustice and confront Fatu.

The two huge men clashed with Tankman knocking Fatu down with his flying pounce. Fusion went off the air with the commentary team hyping up a future Tankman vs. Fatu match. 

  • Next week: National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone vs. LA Park
  • In two weeks: Mil Muertes vs. Parrow
  • March 24: MLW Never Say Never