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MLW Fusion results: Savio Vega makes his debut


Big Takeaways --

  • Alexander Hammerstone retained his MLW National Openweight title against the debuting Savio Vega
  • Contra Unit announced their fourth and newest member, Ikuro Kwan
  • Bestia 666 picked up his second victory against Rey Horus
  • Konnan got the upper hand on Salina de la Renta...again
  • The Opera Cup will return in December
  • MLW has another partner: The Crash Lucha Libre from Mexico

Full Recap --

Bestia 666 defeated Rey Horus (9:38)

Salina de la Renta was left frustrated by Horus' Promociones Dorado negotiations so she summoned her devil to take him out.

After an early flourish by Horus, Bestia switched places and took him out with a suicide dive -- driving him through the guardrail. A superkick floored Horus inside as the commentators mentioned the notable slower pace to the usual MLW lucha matches.

The pace picked up when Horus sent his opponent to the outside with a spinning headscissors and took to the sky as he ran and dove over the corner ring post, landing a senton on Bestia on the outside.

Back inside, Horus reversed a powerbomb with a sunset flip and then hit a standing Spanish fly for a close two count. Horus' attack continued as he arm dragged Bestia off the top rope after initially having his spinning victory roll off the top blocked. He followed up with a big satellite DDT that got another close two count.

The finish came after a brief forearm exchange on the top rope. Bestia hit the ropes and crotched Horus, which gave him the time he needed to grab him in the Muscle Buster position but jump down onto his knees, compacting Horus and picking up his second victory in MLW.

- De la Renta took the mic after the match and said that after that performance, it shows she is the best promoter around. She then threatened Konnan to give her her phone back, which brought him out.

Konnan brought up de la Renta's sketchy contract negotiations with Savio Vega and holding off on his signing bonus. This brought out the Caribbean star who stood on the apron and tore up the contract offer to the delight of Konnan and the crowd.

- This week's Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic featured gifts of gold Rolex watches from MJF which made National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone cry and more jokes and taunts to Teddy Hart courtesy of Richard Holliday.

- H2tv had Teddy Hart showing Brian Pillman Jr. how to backflip on his hotel room bed.

- The Opera Cup was then introduced and announced as returning on December 5. The original concept was an annual multi-day tournament held in various opera houses between Boston and New York. The last champion was Stu Hart in 1948 and Teddy Hart donated the cup to MLW to bring back the tradition and crown a new winner in 2019.

- Contra Unit's weekly propaganda video featured them introducing their new member who temporarily blinded Marshall Von Erich last week: Ikuro Kwon, a pit fighter who has fought in the slums of Singapore, the tar pits of India, and has burned men with coals.

- Kaci Lennox was then backstage with Ross Von Erich and Tom Lawlor with an update on Marshall's condition. Ross told us he is in Hawaii with an eye specialist. Lawlor wants more than an eye for an eye, because they are going to war.

- The newest MLW partnership with The Crash Lucha Libre promotion in Mexico was announced.

- Lennox was backstage with Mance Warner and his trusty whiteboard. Lennox wanted to know his game plan, but Warner had her draw trees on the whiteboard and then took a chainsaw to it, telling de la Renta he is going to cut down Promociones Dorado one “tree” at a time.

Josef Samael & Simon Gotch defeated Ariel Dominguez & Jay Sky (:31)

Gotch took out both Dominguez and Sky with big boots before tossing Dominguez across the ring with a suplex. One quick tag later to Samael to lock in his Camel Clutch and this match was over. While caught in the Clutch, Samael brought out the railroad spike and drove it into Dominguez's mouth. Gotch added insult to injury with a Gotch piledriver.

MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone (with MJF and Richard Holliday) defeated Savio Vega to retain his title (7:40)

The three Dynasty members used their belts to "cheers" each other before the bell. MJF was Ric Flair strutting around ringside to try and rile up the fans. The commentary team talked up Vega's high profile in Puerto Rico and his history of wrestling in New York in the 90s.

This was a good simple match that played to Vega's strengths. They kept it simple in the opening exchanges: headlocks, shoulder blocks, and hip tosses. Hammerstone got the advantage after Vega crashed in the corner. A powerslam followed that got the champ a close two count.

MJF and Holliday were riling up the crowd at ringside, audibly shouting “That all you got, fatboy?!” to one in the front row. Inside the ring, Hammerstone floored Vega with a big boot. He went up top but missed a missile dropkick. Vega fired back with chops and a stiff kick to the sternum, but MJF removed a turnbuckle pad as Holliday distracted the referee.

Hammerstone threw Vega into the exposed turnbuckle and then hit the Nightmare Pendulum for the win, crushing Vega's legs underneath him in the process.

After the bell, Brian Pillman Jr. appeared from the crowd, knocked down Richard Holliday, and ran off with Hammerstone's red leather jacket. Vega then got helped to the back by medics as MJF and Holliday berated him from the ramp.

Next week --

  • LA Park vs. Jimmy Havoc in a New York City street fight
  • Mance Warner vs. Ricky Martinez