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MLW Fusion results: Teddy Hart vs. MJF


Big Takeaways --

  • Teddy Hart retained the MLW Middleweight title against MJF in a good action-packed main event.
  • El Hijo de LA Park lost out to Zenshi in a middleweight division match.
  • Mance Warner was arrested by NYC police and Salina de la Renta was behind it.
  • The war of words continued between Contra Unit and Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs ahead of their War Chamber match in two weeks.

Full Recap --

We opened with commentator Rich Bocchini letting us know that Mance Warner was arrested earlier in the day and that more information about the arrest would be available later in the broadcast.

Zenshi defeated El Hijo de LA Park (5:57)

Salina de la Renta was not with Hijo as she was on her way back from giving her statement against Warner at the police station, the latter in custody for his chainsaw intimidation antics last week.

Hijo hit an early suicide dive after a smooth lucha opening sequence. He continued his assault on the outside with a powerbomb on the apron but back inside he could only get a two count. A backbreaker German suplex combo followed as Bocchini and Tony Schiavone talked about Hijo's father and the MLW World title shot he holds.

Zenshi hit a slightly botched springboard hurricanrana off the top rope but was able to mask it with a quick standing shooting star press. He then wiped the error from everyone's minds when he hit a corner to corner, coast to coast basement dropkick to the amazement of the NYC crowd.

Hijo rallied and countered an Alabama slam with a Mexican Destroyer but only got a two count. They traded back-and-forth for a while until Zenshi finally hit a twisting cutter to pick up the victory. Hijo smacked Zenshi with a chair after the bell and posed to the jeers from the crowd.

-- Ricky Martinez will be the first MLW wrestler to compete in The Crash promotion in Mexico this September.

-- Kaci Lennox interviewed Low Ki where he brought up Contra Unit, letting them know he will be making them aware of his professional presence.

-- Contra Unit had their message for 'Filthy' Tom Lawlor and the Von Erich brothers. Fatu warned Lawlor while Gotch warned the Von Erichs that they will destroy them at War Chamber on September 7.

-- Minoru Tanaka will return to MLW on October 5.

-- Bocchini then interviewed de la Renta and Jimmy Havoc backstage. Salina said she was behind Warner getting arrested. Havoc warned him that then when he got out, Promociones Dorado will still be there to ruin his life.

-- Bocchini then interviewed Lawlor and Marshall/Ross Von Erich and asked them who they had to team with them in the War Chamber against Contra Unit. They kept their cards close to their chest and did not disclose their fourth member. However, they did say their skulls will be crushed when they go to war in two weeks.

-- We had an update about Alexander Hammerstone currently competing in Pro Wrestling NOAH's N1 tournament as the MLW National Openweight Champion defeated Go Shiozaki in his debut match.

-- Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic was next where Holliday bragged that they all currently held MLW gold. MJF bad mouthed Teddy Hart, adding that he never lost the Middleweight title that Teddy currently holds. Filmed before he left for Japan, Hammerstone said that because they had won all the gold in MLW, he was going to win some in Japan.

Teddy Hart defeated MJF (w/Aria Blake) to retain the MLW Middleweight title (12:01)

MJF took the mic before the match but New York told him to shut the f*ck up. He called himself the fastest rising star in professional wrestling, reminded us he never lost the MLW Middleweight title and called Teddy Hart "a bum, just like Bret."

MJF tried to cheap shot Hart after distracting him with a handshake, but the veteran saw it coming and reversed a kick to the gut with a lungblower powerbomb as you do. A hanging hammerlock DDT (Dungeon DDT) followed which got a two count from the ref and an over the top reaction from Blake at ringside.

Hart went for an Asai moonsault to MJF on the floor but the AEW star grabbed his girlfriend and used her as a human shield which distracted Hart so MJF could take the advantage. He dropped Hart on the guardrail throat first and then lawn darted him headfirst into the ring post.

MJF wore Hart down, focusing on the throat and chest after the guardrail attack, but Hart recovered and hit a Code Red out of the corner, a Canadian destroyer, and a split-leg moonsault to the floor.

Hart then came off the top with a DDT then followed up with a top rope shooting star corkscrew elbow drop for a two count. He went for another split-leg moonsault but MJF got his knees up. MJF drilled him with a DDT and a pendulum piledriver for a two count of his own.

Aria hit Teddy Hart with a low blow behind the official's back but was then ejected from ringside for her persistent interference. This gave Hart the time to recover and hit a Canadian Destroyer which won him the match and kept him his title.

Next Week --

  • 'Filthy' Tom Lawlor will cash in his rematch clause to challenge Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight title.
  • The Dynasty vs. Hart Foundation feud will continue as Richard Holliday takes on Brian Pillman Jr.