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MLW Anthology results: The Lucha Bros


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This week's MLW Anthology episode highlighted one of the best tag teams in the world today: Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix, The Lucha Bros.

Before joining AEW, the current AAA Tag Team Champions showcased their amazing talents in MLW. Here we saw a spectacularly athletic and hard-hitting bout between them that main evented the debut episode of MLW Fusion back in 2018, along with the vacant MLW Tag Team titles being up for grabs in a three-team elimination match when Pentagon & Fenix faced The Dirty Blondes and the team of Jason Cade & Jimmy Yuta.

Full Recap --

Pentagon Jr. defeated Rey Fenix (MLW Fusion debut episode, January 2018) (14:08)

The Lucha Brothers clashed in the main event of the debut episode of MLW Fusion in a must-watch, amazing match. Within the first three minutes, we had superkicks galore and a suicide cannonball dive by Fenix that knocked the first five rows of fans off their seats.

Fenix was up to his usual tricks -- walking the ropes with an alternating jump between top and middle -- before adding a little back bump ONTO the top rope and arm dragging his brother across the ring. Incredible balance and control.

Pentagon & Fenix ended up winning the MLW Tag Team titles together later in their MLW careers, but here in episode one they were enemies as Pentagon was part of Salina de la Renta's heel faction Promociones Dorado. And the brothers did not let their family ties hold them back at all. They chopped each other within an inch of their lives throughout the match and showed that they can do more than flip and fly, they could hit hard too.

They also made the most of not having a guardrail at ringside as Fenix hit a hurricanrana and planted Pentagon right into the laps of the fans in the front row.

If I were to list all the amazing athleticism on display to describe how terrific this was I would be here all night. Just be reassured they left nothing in the ring. Fenix had plenty of springboards emanating from everywhere inside the ring and Pentagon certainly had his superkick boots on this evening.

Pentagon picked up the win and a future title shot at then-champion Shane Strickland after a flury of high impact moves at the end: a destroyer, a pop-up flip powerbomb, a cross armbreaker, and his Penta Driver.

The Lucha Bros defeated The Dirty Blondes and Jimmy Yuta & Jason Cade to win the MLW Tag Team titles (MLW Fusion, June 2018) (16:49)

We were told there were no rules in this “anything goes” three-team elimination match for the MLW Tag Team titles -- even though the commentary team then questioned why the teams set up on the apron for tags. The action was fast and furious from the start and the tags were immediately thrown to the side and forgotten as Fenix jumped in with a superkick to start off the mayhem.

The dynamics of all three teams were set out from the early going: Leo Brien and Michael Patrick (The Dirty Blondes) were the big powerhouse hoss team, Jimmy Yuta & Jason Cade (Team TBD) were the smaller, more agile and high-flying team, while The Lucha Bros were the superkicking, high-spot artists we have grown to love in recent years.

But not everyone stuck to their guns -- Patrick hit a senton off the apron onto all the other competitors at ringside.

The teams took turns displaying their offense and it was during these early exchanges that Cade pinned Patrick to quickly eliminate The Dirty Blondes after coming off the top rope. This brought it down to Team TBD vs. The Lucha Bros and here is where the tempo stepped up another notch. The superkicks were out in force again here. After a double-team catapult senton and a double pin it looked like it was all over, but TBD showed their fight with a double kick out.

Yuta and Cade came off the same turnbuckle and hit Fenix with a double dropkick as the commentary team played up their surprise at how well they were doing against The Lucha Bros. Cade had a few comedy spots with Pentagon but was not laughing when he went for a back handspring off the ropes and while upside down was met with a dropkick to the gut.

Fenix made another late save for his brother after Yuta had hit a Samoan driver on Penta. And the favor was returned moments later after Cade eventually hit his handspring facebreaker on Fenix. Fenix then kicked out of the high-flying combo that put away The Dirty Blondes as we came to the closing stages of this great match.

A miscommunication between TBD led to a superkick/Penta Driver combination on Cade, then a double foot stomp/piledriver combination on Yuta that was enough to crown The Lucha Brothers as the new MLW Tag Team Champions -- the first tag champs for the promotion since CW Anderson & Simon Diamond held the gold back in 2003.

Speaking of Anderson & Diamond, we saw a preview of next week's Anthology of Steve Corino and The Extreme Horsemen where they jumped Terry Funk before an early MLW show. The Horsemen were in a limo pulling up to the building and saw Funk meeting some fans in line. After some jaw-jacking, The Horsemen jumped Funk, busted him open, and left him lying on the street.

Today's MLW roster then had their time in the limelight as this week's Pulp Fusion gave everyone a chance to keep us up to date with their current goings on.

- The Von Erich brothers welcomed us to this week's Pulp Fusion with the news that MLW has signed a deal with DAZN.

- Filthy Tom Lawlor was home schooling his kids, but it all went wrong as they repeatedly took The Von Erichs' side saying The Von Erichs were tougher than Lawlor, had higher IQs, were the champs when he wasn't, and were also more handsome than he was.

- Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday were discussing Dynastic Coffee, but Hammerstone wanted his own Exotic Latin Muscle brand featuring his favorite Mexican “supplements."

- Mance Warner was complaining about having no one else to fight and that Uncle Moonman was running around barefoot taking forever to build him his triple cage, so he decided he was challenging a bear to fight him in his cage instead of any humans. Warner said he “was going to hit the pay window on a big ass bear."

- Dan Lambert was warning us all about Low Ki's psychological state and told us that American Top Team was now up 2-0 on Ki.

- Myron Reed told us about Injustice's fight, saying they were bigger, stronger, and more determined than before. Jordan Oliver laughed at CONTRA Unit and told us he could beat up Simon Gotch if given the chance. The joking was over when the newest member of Injustice, Saieve Al Sabah, then told us that every revolution needed a spark, and his knuckle dusters were his.

- We then cut to Mexico City where we saw a door open and a blonde in high heels stepping into the shot. As the camera panned up, the women turned and it was none other than Salina de la Renta announcing her return to MLW!

Next Week --

MLW Anthology: Steve Corino and The Extreme Horsemen.