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MLW Azteca results: El Hijo del Vikingo, Rey Horus, Laredo Kid in trios action

The final episode of MLW Azteca saw a high-profile trios match plus EJ Nduka in action.
Azteca 03-Feb-2022

MLW Azteca's first run concluded from Tijuana, Mexico, with a lucha libre trios match and EJ Nduka in action.

We started with Richard Holliday and MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone tanning on a beach...but it was night time and Holliday was freezing cold. They had been there all day, but Hammerstone wanted to stay to catch the "post rays" while Holliday wanted to hit the gym to get ready for Valentine's Day. Hammerstone teased him about Alicia Atout, but Holliday insisted his plans were with someone else. 

EJ Nduka defeated Adrian Quest

Nduka put Quest away in a relatively short match, but Quest showed some good fighting spirit and had the larger Nduka stumbling toward the end.

They played the big man vs. little man story with Quest springboarding, flipping and flying around the much larger and stronger Nduka who used power moves to keep his opponent under control.

Quest went for a moonsault off the top rope, but Nduka caught him and hit his running powerslam for the win.

-- Davey Richards had a sit-down interview with highlights of his recent matches in MLW playing in the background. He has his sights set on the MLW title and spoke nicely of Hammerstone. He said they were both cut from the same cloth, but would hold back when he faces him at the upcoming SuperFight event in Charlotte, North Carolina.

-- We then cut to Holliday who was in Beverly Hills shopping for "someone special" when he was confronted by a fan wanting a photo. The fan asked if Hammerstone was with him and Holliday sent him up the street to look for him. Something then caught his eye as his demeanor changed before he walked off.

-- There was another hype video for the debuting or returning superstar as the sand timer from last week was now emptying on an old television set before it was shot at and destroyed.

-- It was formally announced that the Von Erichs have not been cleared to face Tag Team Champions 5150 due to COVID-19. Speaking of 5150, they recently won the IWA Puerto Rico tag titles which led to a promo from the champions. They seem to be changing their mind about Cesar Duran after their recent title wins and put the MLW tag division on notice.

-- As Mecha Wolf was making his entrance, a Mads Krugger video message for Jacob Fatu cut in. He said CONTRA gave him a purpose and made him a monster. He called Fatu "Judas" and that since Fatu took his purpose, his purpose is Fatu. 

Mecha Wolf defeated Extreme Tiger

This was a good showcase for both. It ended with Wolf getting the win with a unique finisher that involved him simply kicking Extreme Tiger as he landed on the mat after a throw. The crowd gave them a good ovation and threw money into the ring after the match finished. 

Wolf hit a tornado DDT and a low suicide dive where he landed headfirst through a guardrail at ringside, breaking it in the process. He somehow got back up and climbed to the top rope, but missed a double foot stomp. Tiger hit a one-footed dropkick but Wolf came back with a spinebuster, a running knee to the face, and a back suplex throw where he soccer kicked Tiger as he hit the mat for the win.

-- Ricky Steamboat was announced for the upcoming SuperFight show followed by Los Parks challenging 5150 to a rematch for the MLW tag titles.

-- The second half of the All Access look into Jacob Fatu featured him talking about his first days training and realizing the sacrifices his family made throughout the years.

AAA Mega Champion El Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid and Octagon Jr. defeated National Openweight Champion Alex Kane, Villano III Jr., and Rey Horus (w/ Mr. Thomas) under lucha tag team rules

Vikingo showed off his amazing arsenal of aerial maneuvers as he hit a crossbody after leaping to the top and springing around on the top rope a few times. He then put on the brakes by springing off the ropes, sending himself halfway across the ring like Spider-Man.

He and Horus had a nice exchange before Vikingo got knocked out of the ring and Laredo Kid replaced him. Both were quick and fluid in their exchanges, but when Kane came in, the story of the match changed.

Horus and Villano tried to get Kane to cooperate with their triple team moves, but Kane took it upon himself to ignore them and power bomb their opponent. When Vikingo came in, Kane shoved his partners away so he could lay the boots into him alone. And when they were lining up a double superkick, Kane instead just threw Vikingo to the floor instead of to his partners.

After some partner miscommunication, the action broke down on the outside with Vikingo's team coming back into the match. They ran a series of high impact moves as everyone took a turn to hit one and then be on the receiving end of one as lucha tag rules were in full effect.

Vikingo wiped out Kane with a suicide dive before Kid and Octagon took out Mr. Thomas with a dive too. Kane and Thomas recovered just enough to take the National Openweight title and leave both the match and his tag partners behind.

Horus tried his best to make up for the numbers game with a big dive over the top rope, but he was followed by Octagon and Vikingo who dove from the top rope with a one-footed corkscrew moonsault.

Villano III nearly had Vikingo put away with a lungblower but moments later, Vikingo hit a poison rana from the top rope for a two count. Vikingo hit an outside-in twisting and turning springboard splash from the middle rope followed which was then followed by the running knees and his 630 senton on Villano III for the win.

-- We cut to Emilio Sparks who caught up with Alicia Atout and asked her where her boyfriend Holliday was. Before she could answer, a car sped into the parking lot and dumped a battered Holliday out to the ground. Sparks read a note Holliday was holding: "Hammerstone vs. Pagano, Holliday vs Muertes" as MLW Azteca went off the air.