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MLW Fightland results: Jacob Fatu vs. Hammerstone title vs. title match


For the first time, MLW airs new content on Vice TV with Fightland, a two match special featuring National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone attempting to dethrone the longest-reigning MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu in a no DQ, title vs. title match.

Middleweight champion Myron Reed will also put his gold on the line in a four-way match against Ares, Aramis and the debuting Tajiri.

These matches were taped in Philadelphia last Saturday.

Tajiri defeated Aramis, Arez, and Myron Reed (c) in a four-way to win the Middleweight title

The Philadelphia fans paid tribute to Tajiri by chanting his name before the action started and his three opponents took turns shaking the Japanese legend's hand until it came to Arez who shook it but then grabbed Tajiri in a full nelson. From there, the match exploded into action as Tajiri kicked off his competitors kickstarted an open and exciting match.

The early going was filled with each man finding their feet and looking for the upper hand. Reed hit his slingshot legdrop from the apron into the ring that got a nice ovation. What followed was a series of no less than six dives -- each one going higher and higher as they worked their way through and then over the top rope. Aramis then finished it off with a top rope moonsault.

Reed hit a flying ace crusher on Aramis over the top rope onto Tajiri and Arez on the floor. He then hit his springboard 450 splash finisher on Aramis, but Tajiri broke the count before he hit him with his own brainbuster. Tajiri had Aramis in the tarantula while Arez kicked at him. Moments later, they reversed rolls as Arez had Reed in a Boston crab on the top rope while Tajiri kicked away at him.

Aramis and Arez similarly had some fluid exchanges to their great match on Fusion: Alpha two weeks ago. More dives ensued.

Arez came off the top with a big splash onto Aramis, but Reed caught him mid-air and hit a cutter as he landed. The champion followed up with an air raid crash which was broken up by Tajiri.

Reed then countered a Tajiri brainbuster with his cutter. But in the aftermath, the referee got momentarily distracted which gave Tajiri the opening to spray green mist into Reed's eyes. He then took out Aramis on the apron with a handspring before taking Reed's head off with a buzzsaw kick to pick up the pinfall win and the Middleweight title.

-- Via a CONTRA video package, Mads Krugger told Hammerstone that the black flag of CONTRA will be draped over him tonight. We then cut to live footage of Krugger and the Sentai Death Squad intimidating crew members to find out where Hammerstone was.

Later in the night, we cut back to Krugger and the Death Squad who had apparently found Hammerstone's locker room, but when they opened the doors, they were attacked by the rest of the MLW locker room. A huge brawl ensued and then one of Cesar Duran's masked men closed the door and padlocked it. The camera then cut to Duran who told us that CONTRA would not ruin his upcoming World title fight.

-- It was announced that Will Ospreay will debut for MLW this fall.

-- Alicia Atout hosted MLW Embedded which is a panel talk show with Raj Giri, Andreas Hale, Emilio Sparks and our very own Dave Meltzer. Atout said that they were not afraid to ruffle feathers and they jumped right into the speculation of WWE being up for sale because of their recent releases of talent. Meltzer opened the discussion, citing the Peacock deal as being evidence of them being open to making money from bigger companies.

Giri continued, saying their tone has changed and they are "open for business." However, Hale said it was more about cleaning the books rather than prepping for a sale, saying that with the amount of talent they have, they need to eventually let some go. Sparks had a similar opinion, saying that a lower financial commitment to talent would help them when it came time to renegotiate their current deals. Potential buyers were then brought up: CAA, Nick Khan's former employer, Fox and NBCU were mentioned.

They then brought up AEW and their recent signings. Hale said he thinks Kevin Owens will be the next big signing as they mentioned his contract is up in January. Giri thought Bray Wyatt would be next and Sami Zayn's name was mentioned as well. Atout then brought up MLW's big news with Ospreay debuting. Meltzer called him top-tier and one of the most talented wrestlers in the business today. The excitement is building towards potential opponents: Myron Reed and Jacob Fatu were named and I'm sure the excitement will only build as we countdown to November 6th.

National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone defeated Jacob Fatu to win the MLW World Heavyweight title in a title vs. title match

With CONTRA and the Sentai Death squad locked away, it gave us more of an even playing field for this highly anticipated match (and a storyline reason why there was no CONTRA interference with the no disqualification rule).

This match has been building since before the world went into lockdown. Hammerstone has been ranked no. 1 for a long time and Josef Samael even went as far as to change Fatu's contract status to be able to block any challenge and hand pick Fatu's challengers. Hammerstone then had to win the 40-man Battle Riot III earlier this year to get his title match and finally get a chance to win the ultimate prize.

Hammerstone started quick, but Fatu quickly regained control. Hammerstone showed his strength by hitting a pair of overhead belly-to-belly suplexes but Fatu regained control with a big swinging uranage.

The action spilled to the floor with Fatu hitting a moonsault off the guardrail to the adulation of the Philly crowd. Fatu then hit a piledriver on the ring apron as the World champion looked in complete control. Hammerstone was out on his feet, falling to the floor before Fatu launched him headfirst into a chair in the corner. Fatu then hit an incredible coast-to-coast chair assisted dropkick.

In recent months, Hammerstone has been mimicking Hulk Hogan and he pulled out a trademark Hogan-style comeback here as Fatu applied the dreaded nerve hold. Hammerstone hulked up and hit a belly-to-back suplex. He continued suplexing Fatu with an exploder into the corner before hitting a big pump kick for a close near fall.

Hammerstone's knee momentarily gave way when he hit another pump kick, but he shook it off and immediately hit an overhead German suplex and a sit-out powerbomb.

Back from the break, Fatu was back in control and hit his pop-up Samoan drop. The heavyweight champion then came off the top with a high angle senton bomb and followed up with a suicide dive after Hammerstone cleverly (or so he thought) rolled to the floor.

Hammerstone's knee was troubling him, but it didn't stop him from hitting a pescado to the floor as the string of amazing moves for men of their size continued. Hammerstone then went to the top himself and hit his missile dropkick slamming Fatu into the opposite corner.

They both staggered to the center of the ring and went nose-to-nose, receiving a standing ovation. A strike exchange ensued which Hammerstone looked to be winning until he headbutted Fatu in a pro wrestling faux pas.

Hammerstone was knocked to the outside where Samael spiked him in the throat behind the referee's back. Fatu set up a table in the ring, laid Hammerstone across it, and draped a CONTRA flag over him. Fatu hit his double jump moonsault, a move that I can't remember anyone kicking out of and a move that has helped him to ten successful title defenses so far, but this time, the challenger kicked out.

The first and only National Openweight champion fired up. He blocked three Fatu right hands and rocked the champion with three of his own. A big clothesline followed which floored the Samoan Bulldozer, but only momentarily. Fatu was not done and nipped up to his feet. The two gladiators went face to face again with neither showing any give.

Fatu hit the ropes and ducked a clothesline but was caught with a powerslam from Hammerstone. Hammerstone then hoisted Fatu on his shoulders and hit a TKO neck breaker for the pin, ending the two-year reign of Fatu. Confetti fell from the ceiling as Hammerstone broke down, celebrating the biggest win of his career so far.  

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