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MLW Fusion Alpha results: Davey Richards vs. Tom Lawlor


Headlined by a first round Opera Cup matchup between Tom Lawlor and Davey Richards, this week's MLW Fusion: Alpha saw three fun matches that all furthered storylines along.

The show opened with a look back at last week's Fightland with Alexander Hammerstone winning the MLW title from Jacob Fatu.

Calvin Tankman defeated Lee Moriarty (10:59)

Tankman and Moriarty circled each other to the amusement of the crowd as the bell rang. Moriarty attempted a few maneuvers to take down the massive Tankman, but was met with much resistance. Moriarty showed great confidence early which eventually vanished after Tankman clocked him with a few forearm strikes and a massive running shoulder tackle. 

After a short commercial break, Tankman was still in full control of Moriarty. Tankman allowed Moriarty to get up and begin a striking war which turned out to be to the detriment of “Heavyweight Hustle."

Moriarty nailed Tankman with a few kicks and sent him staggering to the mat. Moriarty continued to chip away at Tankman with a few more strikes before locking in an octopus submission. Tankman escaped by dumping Moriarty on the apron. When Moriarty went to run at him, Tankman caught him with a massive powerslam on the apron. 

The final moments of the match saw Moriarty hit a few running strikes and attempting pins, but to no avail. Moriarty then resorted to climbing to the top rope but was met with a spinning back elbow from Tankman as he dove down. Shortly after, Tankman planted Moriarty with his signature Tankman Driver for the win.

After the match, Alicia Atout came out accompanied by Alex Kane and King Mo. Mo noted Tankman’s struggles and offered him a position in American Top Team. Tankman told the two that he’d think about it as he walked to the back. 

-- In a promo, CONTRA Unit's Josef Samael said that they destroyed Hammerstone's leg and ankle in the Fatu match and then said the next battlefield would be at War Chamber.

-- Cesar Duran was talking on the phone when Hammerstone walked in with both belts. Duran was looking forward to him defending both titles, but Hammerstone said he was giving the National Openweight title up and that winning it was the biggest moment of his life until he won the World title. He hated when others got an opportunity and pulled the ladder up. By giving the title back, he wanted to give someone the opportunity. Duran then asked if he accepted the War Chamber challenge and he did, saying he would find his own team. Duran gave the throat slash moment as Hammerstone walked out.

-- Atout then talked about an investigation as to what brought Duran to MLW and had exclusive footage of his last night in "Boyle Heights" which is where Lucha Underground was filmed. This was all done cinematically with Duran grabbing things out of his office quickly and leaving. Atout said he was on the run from someone or something that was unknown. They showed clips of him on the run after he left LU, including him in a wig. Atout then shared more "exclusive footage" of a phone conversation where Duran said he was the wolf in the hen house. She then said she had more security cam footage from his office "the night the temple fell" showing a woman that looked like Selina de la Renta searching the room for something and eventually breaking the camera.

-- Matt Cross vs. Calvin Tankman in an Opera Cup first round match was announced in addition to MLW returning for a Thanksgiving edition of Fusion.

Delmi Exo (w/ Ashley Vox) defeated Brittany Blake (6:40)

Exo and Blake traded maneuvers within the first few moments. Exo trapped Blake in the corner and nailed her with a northern lights suplex which resulted in a two count. 

Exo positioned Blake in the corner again and set up for a running knee strike, but Blake ducked out of harm’s way at the last moment, causing Exo to hurt her knee. Blake quickly took advantage of Exo and brought her down to the mat. 

Blake had full control of the bout at this point. She positioned Exo between the ropes and went outside to hit a stunner-like move, causing her to snap back inside the ring and giving Blake another near fall.

Blake tried to capitalize with a running bulldog, but Exo shoved her away at the last second. Exo powered up and hit a series of short-arm clotheslines, but Blake responded with a sliced bread DDT for another near fall.

In the closing sequence, Exo was able to hook the arms of Blake and hit a double underhook facebuster for the three count. 

-- Atout interviewed Willow Nightingale who won in the first ever women's featherweight match last week. This was a very cheery promo 

-- MLW announced that Will Ospreay will make his debut when MLW returns to the Hammerstein Ballroom in December.

-- Hammerstone was asked about who was getting the first title shot when one of the Sentai Death Squad jumped out of nowhere. EJ Nduka caught him and beat him up which led to Hammerstone asking him to join his War Chamber team.

-- Duran addressed the earlier investigation which he called a "poorly produced hit job" by the media. He couldn't confirm or deny the statements or charges against him. He said he would prove he is the best promoter in the world.

-- On the MLW injury report, Richard Holliday is day-to-day with lacerations in the back of his head while Hammerstone suffered a hairline fracture in his ankle in the match with Fatu.

Davey Richards defeated Tom Lawlor in an Opera Cup first round match (11:41)

Richards and the former MLW Champion wrestled on the mat as the match began. Both men targeted the arms of their opponents as the match spilled to the outside. Before it went to a commercial break, Lawlor threw Richards into the barricade. 

As the broadcast returned, Lawlor was still targeting Richards’ arm, slamming it on the ring post and stairs. Lawlor returned the focus of the match to the ring and applied an arm submission, but Richards was able to escape with ease. 

Richards went to the top rope and attempted a foot stomp, but Lawlor rolled out of the way at the last second. Richards then applied a reverse cloverleaf leg lock which Lawlor broke up with a rope break. 

The two began trading submissions. Lawlor applied a guillotine which Richards countered by picking Lawlor's ankle for an ankle lock. Lawlor tried multiple things to escape, but Richards was able to cinch it in enough to where Lawlor passed out from the pain.

-- Holliday entered Duran's office and put himself over before Duran said it was disappointing that Holliday's girlfriend (Atout) did the expose. Holliday denied she was, but Duran didn't care. Duran said his group bought IWA and wanted to insure the title be defended. Holliday didn't like that, but Duran said his opponent would be a wonderful surprise and that he should prepare himself. Holliday said Duran should prepare to hear from his lawyer/father.

As the show closed, Injustice (Jordan Oliver & Myron Reed) cut a promo outside. A car drove out and 5150 emerged. The group attacked Oliver and Reed before driving off as the show faded to black. 

Next Week:

  • IWA Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday vs. King Muertes title match
  • Calvin Tankman vs. Matt Cross in an Opera Cup first round match