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MLW Fusion results: Alex Hammerstone vs. Mil Muertes


MLW featured three title matches this week as Alex Hammerstone looked to continue his two year reign as National Openweight Champion against Mil Muertes: LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park defended the Tag Team titles against The Dirty Blondes, and The Dynasty's own Richard Holliday defended “his” IWA Caribbean championship against former Dynasty member Gino Medina. 

Before the first match, Salina de la Renta was caught on camera gloating that she has a foolproof plan to both make the mighty Hammerstone crumble and to capture all the gold in MLW. She was interrupted by Azteca Underground's advisor who asked her why she has gone on her own without the owner's (El Jefe) permission.

IWA Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday defeated Gino Medina to retain (6:34)

The former Dynasty partners clashed in a match six months in the making. Before lockdown, Medina was part of the faction along with Holliday, Hammerstone and MJF. But during lockdown, things broke down and depending on who you ask, Medina either quit or was fired from the group. A petty war of words (or more likely a shoving match of words) eventually escalated to a point where the only way to settle the score was in the ring.

A back-and-forth match ensued with neither gaining the advantage. Medina hit Holliday with The 2008 finisher (a twisting suplex) but only got a two count. Medina then tried to shove Holliday into an exposed turnbuckle, but Holliday reversed and it was Medina who went face first into the steel. He then ate another The 2008 to give Holliday the win.

-- Kevin Von Erich was in Hawaii with Marshall and Ross and told them that he was just off the phone with Keiji Mutoh who offered to train Ross while Marshall stayed at home and rested his injured knee.

-- After returning from his suspension for attacking his former tag partner Bu Ku Dao, Alicia Atout caught up with TJP who played down his match with Dao next week. He doesn't care about him and the match will be short and sweet.

Tag Team Champions Los Parks (LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park) (w/ Salina de la Renta) defeated The Dirty Blondes (Leo Brien and Michael Patrick) (w/ Aria Blake) to retain (4:45)

The story behind this was that de la Renta had brokered a last-minute deal with MLW officials to make this match. She wanted to impress her new boss, El Jefe, with her matchmaking, but it nearly cost her in the end as it took the now customary interference to put away the Blondes.

De la Renta and Blake had to be pulled apart before the bell and as a four man brawl continued in the ring, the valets continued screaming at each other on the outside of the ring.

LA Park hit a slingshot splash from the apron which was impressive for his size and age. Patrick nearly had the match won after a middle rope splash, but LA Park caught the ref's arm before he could hit the mat. Park Jr. came out from under the ring and hit a double low blow to the Blondes, who were then rolled up for the pinfall.

De la Renta and Blake went after each other after the bell as the commentary team played up the story that de la Renta is unravelling and feeling the pressure from El Jefe.

-- Atout interviewed Middleweight Champion Lio Rush who called himself a history maker as he has beat Myron Reed, Brian Pillman Jr. and Laredo Kid. He plugged his own music and mocked Reed's music career, thanking the fans for putting more money in his pocket. We then heard from Reed who has his sights set on Rush and the Middleweight title. He held the title for more than a year and said going to war with CONTRA has made him a better wrestler and is hungry for revenge. He wants Rush vs. Reed II.

-- Before the main event, Mads Krugger was featured in a CONTRA Unit propaganda video, threatening to be in the shadows waiting for Hammerstone while his focus was elsewhere.

National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone defeated Mil Muertes (w/ Salina de la Renta) to retain (10:26)

This was a good big man slugfest. 

Ever since Muertes jumped Hammerstone and stole his title belt after the champion successfully defended against LA Park more than a month ago, Hammerstone has begged for this match to show what a real champion does: takes on all comers, defending the title and walking away victorious.

The “Man of 1000 Deaths” has been walking around with the belt and Hammerstone was desperate to reclaim what was rightfully his, showing it by immediately hitting a pump kick as the bell sounded. He followed it up with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex and a top rope dropkick in quick succession.

Muertes worked on Hammerstone's back as he took control with both chokes and clotheslines but after Hammerstone hit the corner, his eye caught the title belt that Muertes stole from him. This lit the fire as the champion fired up with forearms and floored Muertes with a big clothesline.

Both had close near falls towards the end of the match as Muertes hit a powerslam and Hammerstone hit a ripcord elbow and a superkick.

Muertes hit a backcracker for another two, but the champion rallied with a German suplex and a sit-out powerbomb. Still, he couldn't put him away. He countered Muertes' Straight to Hell finisher and finally hit the Nightmare Pendulum to pick up the hard-fought victory.

After the match, Hammerstone took the mic and said step one was beating Muertes with step two next week when he will hold a press conference with “some very Dynastic news."

Final Thoughts:

The main event was really good toward the end and it seems we might be finally building to the much anticipated Jacob Fatu vs. Hammerstone World title match they have teased for a while now. Will the press conference be announcing the match will have fans in attendance? It may be too early for that, so if they are waiting for fans, I would expect Hammerstone may be going in a different direction before meeting Fatu for the title. 

Next week:

  • Bu Ku Dao vs. TJP
  • Court Bauer will make an appearance
  • Alex Hammerstone will hold a press conference