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MLW Fusion results: Hammerstone vs. Holliday falls count anywhere

Taya Valkyrie and Brittany Blake also clashed for the Featherweight title.
Fusion 24-Nov-2022

This special Thanksgiving night edition of MLW Fusion featured two title matches as Alex Hammerstone defends the MLW title against rival Richard Holliday in a falls count anywhere match while Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie defends against Brittany Blake.

The show opened with a hype video for the main event with the history of the popular Dynasty stable and their time with new AEW World Champion MJF. We saw the turn when Holliday jumped Hammerstone and declared he always wanted the spotlight as "it was always about me." But Hammerstone said it was always jealousy. This set the tone for what would be a hot and chaotic main event.

Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski welcomed us to the Melrose Ballroom in New York City as this action was taped in June.

MLW Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie defeated Brittany Blake to retain

Blake jumped Valkyrie during the ring introductions which set the tone for the opening salvo with Blake in control. Valkyrie came back momentarily with a running hip attack, but Blake stayed on top with an enzuigiri and a step-up kick. The champion had another hope spot when she dodged a top rope double foot stomp and floored Blake with a spear and a blue thunder bomb. Blake, however, was back on top quick with a drop toehold into the ropes and a lungblower.

Blake had focused her attack on the champion's neck and back and nearly had the submission victory in place after a modified sharpshooter with an arm also tied up but the champion courageously made it to the ropes.

Valkyrie's comeback was a strong clothesline, a curb stomp, and an STO called the Loca Lock which won her the match and successful title defense in a hard-fought victory.

- The plans for the 2023 Opera Cup are still up in the air as the whereabouts of the trophy remain unknown.

- Security has been tightened following attacks on Budd Heavy and Calvin Tankman in recent weeks with a mysterious calling card found at both scenes. Later in the night, as Alex Hammerstone was backstage on his way to his title match, the camera caught glimpse of a mystery man watching the champion and holding said calling card.

- Speaking of Tankman and his recent troubles, we caught up with his Tag Team championship partner EJ Nduka as the story of him thinking he should be the next World title contender continued. He said he will be watching the main event from the VIP section and his turn is coming. This was a clever use of words in more ways than one.

- MLW Super Series will return next week -- a collection of matches with stars from different promotions throughout the world. Shun Skywalker from Dragon Gate was announced, along with Lady Shani, Lady Flammer, La Hiedra and Reina Dorado from AAA, as well as Bandido who will face the winner of the tonight's main event next week. After being announced, Skywalker called out Middleweight champion Myron Reed.

- The Mance Warner vs. Mads Krugger feud continued with another Warner promo where he jokingly unveiled Krugger's identity as Doc Gallows. He still hasn't decided what match he wants Krugger in, but you can bet it will be a weapons-filled wild brawl.

MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone defeated Richard Holliday in a last man standing match to retain

This was a 20-plus minute brawl that went backstage at various points. Nduka was ringside watching and got involved post-match to set himself up as the next challenger.

The early story focused on Holliday attacking the injured ribs of the champion. A few weeks ago after Hammerstone had quickly put away two of Cesar Duran's henchmen, Holliday attacked Hammerstone with a chair where the injury was sustained.

They brawled around ringside using the guardrail which ended in a big suplex on the floor by the champion. They went backstage and ended up on the rooftop bar of the building, the same part of the arena we saw Duran frequent a few weeks ago.

Holliday teased throwing Hammerstone off the side of the building before the champion hit a pump kick for a two count. Hammerstone returned Holliday to the ring with a gorilla press slam, but Holliday took control with a draping DDT, a scoop slam, and various shots to the ribs.

Hammerstone fought back with a dropkick and a powerslam before they went backstage again, this time ending up with Holliday wrapping a camera wire around Hammerstone's neck for a two count. Back on the stage, Holliday hit a piledriver for another close two.

Hammerstone had a German suplex and a sit-down powerbomb during a flurry of offense, but Holliday reversed a superplex with a 2008 twisting suplex off the top rope for another close near fall.

With nothing being able to put Hammerstone away, the champion hulked up, hit a clothesline and locked Holliday in the torture rack to pick up the submission win.

A new challenger emerges

After the match, Hammerstone was interviewed on the stage by Sam Leterna, but the interview was quickly interrupted by Nduka. It was a babyface-to-babyface interview with Nduka saying Holliday doesn't deserve another shot, but he does. Hammerstone played up to the crowd by asking them to cheer if they want to see that match. Nduka hyped up Hammerstone and called them the two biggest stars in MLW, comparing them to King Kong and Godzilla.

Everything was rosy as Hammerstone agreed, they shook hands and Nduka exited to let Hammerstone finish his interview...or did he?

Seconds later, just as Nduka was still visible at the side of the shot, he quickly returned and attacked the champion from the back, hitting him with his MLW Tag Team title belt. Nduka badmouthed him and stomped him back into the ring, eventually getting a table out and putting the champion through it. Before the table spot, Nduka attacked the champion's ribs and even dragged him back to the ring as officials tried to help him to the back.

Nduka is a new fresh challenger and it gives Hammerstone a clear new direction now that he has beaten Holliday twice in a row. Bandido will challenge for the title next week, and Jacob Fatu has a future title shot after winning Battle Riot IV, so Hammerstone has a growing list of credible challengers lined up.

Next week:

  • MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone defends against Bandido
  • Lady Shani vs. Lady Flammer vs. La Hiedra vs. Reina Dorada in a Luchadoras eliminator match