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MLW Fusion results and video: CONTRA vs. Promociones Dorado


Big Takeaways --

  • LA Park got one over on CONTRA Unit when he speared and pinned Josef Samael in the main event six-man tag. 
  • Low Ki vs. Brian Pillman Jr. was made official for Saturday Night SuperFight, and Bestia 666 was added to the Stairway to Hell match between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc.
  • The Hart Foundation picked up a win against hometown favorites Dragon Lee & Extreme Tiger.
  • Terror Azteca picked up the win in a special featured Crash Lucha Libre tag team match.

The full episode is available to watch below:

Full Recap --

CONTRA Unit opened up this week's episode of Fusion with another of their propaganda videos. Josef Samael said that Promociones Dorado was looking for another member to fight tonight as El Hijo de LA Park was injured last week in the Tijuana Street Fight. MLW Champion Jacob Fatu said that his match with LA Park won't be a “ will be a “f*cking massacre."

MLW is still south of the border in Tijuana, Mexico, with The Crash Lucha Libre. AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini welcomed us as The Hart Foundation were making their entrance for their match.

The Hart Foundation (Brian Pillman Jr. & Davey Boy Smith Jr.) defeated Dragon Lee & Extreme Tiger (12:31)

This was a good little tag team opener here. The match got a good amount of time and told a nice story between the bigger Harts and the smaller and quicker Lee and Tiger. A miscommunication on a dive gave the Hart Foundation the 2-on-1 advantage and they finished Tiger off with a modified Hart Attack. 

As Lee and Tiger were making their entrance, we heard that Pillman vs. Low Ki has been booked for Superfight next weekend. Pillman mocked Lee's brother Rush with a Tranquilo pose at the start. Lee responded with one of his own after a swift early exchange between the two. Smith and Tiger then tagged in and had a brief chop battle that Smith, being the much larger of the two, got the better of. He then offered a handshake, which Tiger accepted, but Smith turned nasty and grabbed him, launching him across the ring with an overhead belly to belly as Pillman also ran and knocked Lee off the apron. 

The Harts then took control using Smith's power against his smaller opponents. The Foundation were also taunting the crowd as they tagged in and out and kept Tiger isolated. Pillman was able to fight back from a brief explosion of chops, and Smith showed his strength again, this time with a gut wrench suplex and a powerslam. 

Tiger eventually saw an opportunity to fight back and boy, did he take it. He hit a step up kick to Pillman and then launched himself off the top rope and landed on Pillman with a seated senton directly in the groin. Lee got the hot tag and ran wild. He hit Smith with a single leg dropkick from the outside in and hit Pillman with a snap German. After a chop battle with Pillman, he ate a superkick but retaliated with a ripcord knee and a running knee after kicking out of a package suplex driver. 

Lee took out Pillman with a headfirst suicide dive through the ropes, but then while holding Pillman for Tiger to hit him with one of his own, Pillman slipped out and Tiger took out his partner.

Smith then gorilla pressed Tiger back inside and set him up in the Hart Attack for Pillman to hit a springboard clothesline. Smith then picked up the win for his team with the jackknife cover. 

-- Bestia 666 was officially added to the Stairway to Hell match at Superfight so it is now a three-way between him, Mance Warner, and Jimmy Havoc. 

-- Salina de la Renta then had a recorded message for CONTRA. She said she is the law and the constant in MLW. She said Promociones Dorado are taking back the MLW world title, and regarding the “war” between CONTRA and PD, she said, “the sh*t is on”. She added that LA Park will hang Fatu from the phone wires outside Cicero Stadium and told them to prepare to bow down and kiss her ring.

-- LA Park then had a simple message for CONTRA after they took out his son last week: he is going to break their f*cking faces.

-- Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic was next. They are still celebrating being back in the USA. Holliday wanted to rub disinfectant on his hands before putting his Louis Vuitton air pods back in, because “he was just in Mexico, of course!” While Hammerstone and MJF were having a drink and talking about how Hammerstone brought his Mexican pharmacy purchases back with him and didn't get caught. They proposed a toast to winning, to America, and the Dynasty.

-- The Von Erichs then had a message in response to the Dynasty. They questioned their partying and threatened a Superfight hangover once they were done with them next week.

-- H2tv showed highlights of the Hart Foundation at a fan meet and greet in Mexico.

Terror Azteca & Proximo defeated Torito Negro & Toto (2:52)

This was a very quick Lucha rules tag match, mostly due to the Superfight commercial break in the middle of it. I assume this lasted longer live. When we came back from the break, Toto was dumped on the outside by Proximo who then climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit him with a splash off the top rope to the floor.

In the ring, Azteca hit a missile dropkick on Torito and then hit him with a running twisting headscissors spike for the win with a very quick three count from the referee.

-- Another video package for Jacob Fatu and LA Park aired, this time from the stance of Salina de la Renta and Promociones Dorado.

Promociones Dorado (LA Park, Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) defeated CONTRA Unit (Josef Samael, Ikuro Kwon & Simon Gotch) (15:51)

LA Park was the big star here as the Mexican fans had to wait all night to see the legend in action in the main event of the Tijuana tapings. He did not let them down and took out the remaining members of CONTRA on his way to his battle with MLW Champion Jacob Fatu next week. 

A huge six-way brawl opened things up, but CONTRA were quick to take control. Gotch and Bestia, along with Wolf and Kwon, were on the outside as Samael beat down LA with fists and headbutts. Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf are The Crash tag team champions but they didn't fair too well in the opening sequences as CONTRA were in complete control.

They all got back into the ring and it wasn't long before Bestia, Kwon, and then Mecha Wolf all hit dives to the outside with Wolf nearly spearing Kwon through the guardrail and into the front row. Gotch came off the apron with a clothesline, but then, to the absolute delight of the Mexican crowd, the incredible LA Park came off the top rope with a crossbody to the floor on top of everybody!

The hometown favorites then took control with chair shots on the outside. Inside, Bestia hit a doomsday clothesline on Kwon and took out Gotch with a soccer kick to the face. 

After 10 minutes of all-out action, the match settled into a traditional tag match with partners on the apron. LA knocked Samael out with a running pair of basement knees but Samael kicked out on instinct. Samael fought back with a DDT for a two count of his own. The traditional tag rules were out the window two minutes later. Bestia and Wolf hit Kwon and Gotch with superkicks and then Wolf took out Gotch with another bullet-like flying headfirst suicide dive. 

We then had a quick conveyor belt of a big move/pin/next one in to make the save. Bestia hit his muscle buster on Kwon, who was quickly followed by Wolf with a 450 but Gotch made the save for his team. Gotch hit Bestia with a ripcord big boot and a brainbuster, but LA made the save. LA then took out Gotch with a basement dropkick, but Samael came back in and took out LA. 

Bestia and Gotch then had a staredown that ended in a musclebuster from Bestia, but when Wolf went for his 450 again, Kwon sprayed red mist in his eyes. Samael then threw a fireball at Bestia but turned straight into a spear from LA Park for the #1 contender to pick up the win. 

Next Week --

  • Saturday Night SuperFight airs live on PPV. There will also be a one-hour pre-show airing for free on beIN Sports, MLW's YouTube channel, Fite TV, inDemand, DirectTV, and Dish starting at 7 p.m. Eastern time.