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MLW Fusion results and video: Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse


Big Takeaways --

  • Jimmy Havoc defeated death match legends Damian 666 and Savio Vega in a triple threat main event. 
  • The CONTRA Unit and Promociones Dorado feud continued when Josef Samael orchestrated a plan to take out El Hijo de LA Park during their Tijuana street fight.
  • Los Haraganes defeated Triple Amenaza in a crazy six-man tag opener. 
  • Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc and The Dynasty vs The Von Erichs were made official for MLW Saturday Night SuperFight.

The full episode is available to watch below:

Full Recap --

We opened with Rich Bocchini catching up with Marshall and Ross Von Erich after The Dynasty had their scheduled match pulled off last week's show. They were frustrated at it not taking place but reassured us it will take happen at the Saturday Night SuperFight PPV in Chicago on November 2 in a Texas Tornado tag match.

The usual opening MLW video was replaced with a special 'Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse' edition. We then saw the executive producer of the week himself as he introduced us to the show and told us there would be a lot of blood and violence, and he will walk away as the greatest hardcore wrestler on the planet.

Los Haraganes (Animal, Demencia & Silver Star) defeated Triple Amenaza (Arandu, Star Boy & Zarco) (10:14)

This was crazy lucha libre at its best with referees cheating for the good guys by fast counting, blood, weapons, and wild action. After all that, Los Haraganes picked up the win with a triple-triple powerbomb on Star Boy. 

These six have been feuding for the last year and it showed right from the get-go. Los Haraganes jumped their opponents before they got into the ring with a trifecta of dives to the outside. They immediately triple-teamed Arandu as he ate a face-first suplex from the middle rope, a top rope splash, and then an absolutely devastating looking top rope double foot stomp to the groin as he was held open ala D-Von Dudley and the "Whaaaasupp" headbutt. Zarco then ate a guillotine leg drop and Star Boy didn't fare any better. 

In the early going, the commentary team were calling everyone by the wrong name. In one exchange where no one tagged in or out, Arandu was called Zarco, then Arandu, and then Zarco again. Star Boy got the better of Los Haraganes by sending Demencia sliding face-first out the ring and into the guard rail. 

A CONTRA Unit video interrupted the match talking about Jacob Fatu's match with LA Park at SuperFight. 

Back to the action, Star Boy hit a double underhook piledriver on Silver Star but Animal came in and cut him off. Arandu and Star Boy were both bleeding from the forehead. Everyone then took turns coming in for a spot as the match slowed down. Power move then submission and then next one in to break the hold...repeat.

The action broke down again as Silver Star hit a springboard arm drag to Star Boy off the apron and into a wooden board at ringside. Arandu and Zarco then tried to make the save but both ended up going through boards when they missed a pair of spears through the ropes. Zarco landed directly on his head in a horrible looking landing. Los Haraganes then got the win soon after, even with a very deliberate slow count, after they triple powerbombed Star Boy three times in a row.

-- LA Park then cut a promo backstage in Spanish where he told Fatu he was going to break his damn f*cking face and was going to end him. 

-- H2tv was next up as Brian Pillman was poolside with a friend in a bikini. He was laughing and making fun of how Low Ki talked to him in their confrontation last week. 

The Josef Samael vs. El Hijo de LA Park Tijuana street fight ended in a no contest (04:01)

Jimmy Havoc introduced this one from outside the arena where the fight took place. He was with Salina de la Renta, El Hijo de LA Park, and a referee but when Samael jumped Hijo out of nowhere, the fight was on. 

Samael hammered Hijo up against a chain fence and headbutted him. He got face-to-face with Salina and pie-faced her away. Salina was screaming at Hijo to get up and he did, slamming Samael through a wooden board. 

Simon Gotch and Ikuro Kwon ran into and beat Hijo down. Salina quickly got on her phone and ordered everyone to “get here now" but they did not come in time as Hijo was beaten down as the camera cut off. 

-- Mance Warner had a recorded message for Havoc, challenging him to a Stairway To Hell match at SuperFight as barbed wire will be hanging above the ring. Havoc accepted the challenge and told Warner that the Stairway to Hell was the first death match he ever watched, so he has studied everything there is to do and is going to enjoy it.

-- Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic was up next. They were singing God Bless America on a rooftop celebrating that they were back home. Hammerstone brought up the tag title defense against the Von Erichs and Holliday dropped the bombshell on MJF that his lawyer/father got them out of the match in Mexico. However, the match now has to take place in Chicago instead.

Hammerstone thought the Texas Tornado rules meant that no shoes are allowed. Holliday wanted to change it to a Dynasty Tornado match, but they agreed to go make themselves feel better and go sailing on a yacht. 

Jimmy Havoc defeated Damian 666 (w/ Salina de la Renta) and Savio Vega in a no DQ triangle match (9:48)

Havoc got a good reaction from the Tijuana crowd and gave Vega and Damian the two fingers to start things off, but they responded by kicking him out the ring. He then brought in cookie sheets but Damian no-sold them and smacked Havoc over the head with them instead. 

Vega went wild with quick combination kendo stick shots. Damian whipped both men with belts and went to work on Havoc with a chair, but he ended up going head first into it when Havoc reversed a whip and sent him into his own creation. Then, we got the same situation in the opposite corner but with Vega and a trash can. 

Havoc put thumbtacks onto a seated chair but ended up sitting on the chair first and then went face-first into it after a drop toehold by Damian. Vega added insult to injury by slamming Havoc back first into the same tack covered chair.

Vega then brought a table in and by the rules of hardcore matches, he should go through it. He tried to set Havoc up on it, but England's Most Dangerous Man got up and crotched him on the top rope. Vega was then bundled out by Damian and superplexed through the table. Havoc snuck back in, tossed Damian out and hit Vega with the Acid Rainmaker short-arm clothesline to pick up the win. 

Havoc beat up Damian 666 after the bell but Bestia 666 made the save for his dad as Fusion went off the air.