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MLW Fusion results and video: Von Erichs vs. Dynasty title match


Editor's Note: You can watch this week's episode at the bottom of this post.

***The Big Takeaways***

  • The Dynasty had mixed fortunes in their very own episode of MLW Fusion. Gino Medina and Alexander Hammerstone beat, and unmasked, Septimo Dragon and Aerostar in singles action -- moves that angered Konnan as foreshadowing to a future angle.
  • In the main event, Mance Warner helped even the odds and aid the Von Erichs in successfully defending the MLW tag team championships against MJF and Richard Holliday.

***Show Review***

We opened with a special Dynasty opening video montage intertwined with the usual Fusion package. Rich Bocchini was asked to read a prepared opening that not only hyped up all the Dynasty's matches tonight, but, of course, it ridiculed and belittled their opponents like Septimo Dragon, Aerostar, and the Von Erichs.

We also got a shot of a flyer on the wall backstage letting us know that Mance Warner had been banned from the building.

Gino Medina defeated Septimo Dragon (w/ Konnan) (6:48)

The Dynasty edited tale of the tape had Dragon's height as “pint sized”, weight as “malnourished”, style as “lucha lolz”, and hometown as “irrelevant." Medina's were “perfect", :untouchable", "better than Konnan", and "Monterrey, Mexico."

Richard Holliday joined the commentary team while we were told that Air Wolf's MLW career is over thanks to the hands of CONTRA Unit's Sentai death squad attack two weeks ago. 

They went to the outside straight away with Dragon hitting a moonsault off the apron and then a suicide dive, landing on his feet each time. Back inside, both had a stalemate after a smooth exchange of rolling reversals, escapes, and feints but Dragon hit a headscissors after a handstand walk across the ring. Dragon went to the well once too often as Medina shoved him off after another headscissor attempt and took control.

Dragon cut him off shortly thereafter by getting his boot up on a charge in the corner and then hit a big springboard armdrag from the apron into the ring, but Medina hit a big spinning kick to the head to counter. Medina then rolled out of the ring and shoved Konnan, but he took his eye off the ball which allowed Dragon to hit a springboard Asai moonsault to the floor. He followed up with a stiff side kick to the face and a Spanish Fly on the inside for two.

Dragon hit a single leg springboard tilt-a-whirl DD, but Medina kicked out at two. He then went to the top, but missed a double foot stomp and Medina caught him with snake eyes, rolled him up with his feet on the ropes, and picked up the win out of nowhere. 

-- We saw Mance Warner outside the arena promising the fans they will see him and he isn't going anywhere. 

MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone defeated Aerostar to retain (4:39 not including commercial break)

The Dynasty's obnoxiousness continued as Aerostar's namebar called him “Mexican Spaceman." Konnan was on commentary talking about the AAA partnership with MLW. He said they will be sending talent to Mexico, and he Aerostar was coming off a huge win over Monster Clown in AAA. 

Aerostar started quickly, hitting a middle rope dropkick and a springboard coffin drop that rocked Hammerstone, but as Aerostar looked like he was about to hit a dive, we went to commercial break.

Back from the break, we saw footage of Hammerstone powerbombing Aerostar on the ring apron and hitting a massive slam called the “Spinal Countdown” inside the ring. Back live, Aerostar hit a corkscrew splash off the top rope for a two count, and a rolling Ace crusher for another close two count as Hammerstone looked shaken.

Hammerstone crotched Aerostar on the top rope and then hit a massive middle rope delayed superplex for a two count of his own. A bicycle kick and German suplex followed, but the champion's powerbomb was reversed and Aerostar nearly picked up the upset with a rollup.

For the second match in a row, a Dynasty member ripped off a luchador's mask, except this time, it was still during the match and Hammerstone used the distraction to roll Aerostar up and pick up the win as Aerostar tried to cover his face from the crowd. Konnan confronted Hammerstone after the match before helping Aerostar to the back.

-- We had another instalment of "Filthy Does Dallas." In this week's clip, Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini wished the Von Erich family luck from the hallowed ground of the Dallas Sportatorium, but Garrini was quick to point out the ground was covered in garbage. He said the Von Erichs have a big match coming up against Lawlor and Garrini “so don't piss it away on the Dynasty”. Garrini and Lawlor then turned and urinated on the Sportatorium grounds.

-- From outside the building, Mance Warner kept the theme going when he promised to “piss on the Dynasty's party."

-- CONTRA's weekly propaganda video had MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu calling out CIMA (and the rest of the world) to come and have a shot at his world title. We then heard CIMA will get his shot in three weeks on episode 100.

-- Alicia Atout was backstage interviewing Davey Boy Smith Jr. and the Von Erich brothers. They talked about Smith's grandfather training the Von Erichs' grandfather and the strong unity between the two families. Smith said he had the Von Erichs' backs (where have we heard that before?) and said he will have his eyes on Tom Lawlor and promised to catch up with him very soon.

-- Warner and a case of light beer were outside the building as he ran into Dynasty whipping boy Grogan. They started downing beers and Warner was able to trick and persuade his way past Grogan into the building after giving him a few beers and pointing him in the direction of the dancing girls down the street. Grogan said that MJF was an assh*le anyway so we could be looking a short run in the Dynasty for MJF's bodyguard.

MLW World Tag Team Champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich defeated MJF and Richard Holliday to retain (12:39)

This was a rematch from last year's pay-per-view where the Von Erichs first won the titles. The Dynastic tale of the tape had Bank Account ("BROKE vs $$$"), Style ("Hillbillies vs. Handsome"), and IQ ("Brain Dead vs. 220").

The Dynasty jumped the Von Erichs during their entrance as they were being handed flowers by some female fans in the front row. MJF and Holliday continued their beatdown and sneak attack, destroying the flowers in the process. Holliday hit a belly to back suplex on Marshall on the ring apron while they put the boots to Ross on the inside. They were goading Ross to tag his brother while cutting him off and repeatedly turning to the crowd to insult them. Holliday even dragged Marshall off the apron to stop him tagging in.

Ross got hit with a double team elbow drop but he kicked out easily. He then fired up with a big boot, but Holliday powered him back to the Dynasty corner. Holliday then hit a big suplex for a two count while MJF shouted “What was with that two count, cueball?!” to the bald referee.

Ross reversed a double suplex into a double neckbreaker and the crowd erupted to get the hometown hero over to his corner. He scratched and crawled and got the tag to his brother who sent MJF to the outside and crushed Holliday with a corner cannonball. The brothers then hit a combo kick/lariat, but Holliday somehow kicked out. MJF ran in guns blazing, but was sent to the outside. Ross then ran in and launched off his brother's back, squashing MJF with a plancha over the top rope to the floor.

Marshall then went for a superplex off the middle rope, but Holliday reversed it into a Market Crash from the middle rope instead. MJF then came off the top rope with a big splash, but Ross jumped in and broke up the count just before three.

Alex Hammerstone was seen swaggering down to ringside, but behind him came good old Mance Warner who took out the National Openweight champion with a steel chair. Gino Medina came out and brawled to the back with Warner.

The Von Erichs dropkicked Holliday out of the ring and hit MJF with the Claw assisted back suplex to pick up the win to retain their titles.

***Next Week***

  • “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. Ross Von Erich
  • Erick Stevens in his MLW debut against Douglas James
  • King Mo in action

***In 3 weeks on Fusion episode 100***

  • MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu vs. CIMA