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MLW Fusion results: Best of 2019 show


** Big takeaways**

We saw highlights from throughout the year including:

  • Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeating Timothy Thatcher from episode 69
  • Jacob Fatu successfully defending his MLW World Heavyweight title against LA Park from MLW Superfight
  • The Tom Lawlor, CONTRA Unit, Von Erich feud that recently took a new direction when Lawlor rocked Ross with a chair shot and turned his back on the family. 

** Full Review **

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcomed us to a special Best of 2019 episode of MLW Fusion. The 2019 highlight video package included:

  • “Filthy” Tom Lawlor choking out Low Ki to win the MLW World Heavyweight title
  • The chaos of the 2019 Battle Riot match that LA Park won
  • Dynasty's domination throughout the year, winning the tag titles and National Openweight title
  • Jacob Fatu moonsaulting his way to the MLW title, defeating Tom Lawlor in the process
  • The War Chamber match where Marshall Von Erich got the winning pinfall over Simon Gotch
  • The return of the Opera Cup
  • The Von Erichs winning the tag titles at the Superfight pay-per-view

Davey Boy Smith Jr. def. Timothy Thatcher by submission (14:46)
MLW Fusion | Aug 3, 2019

This was a scientific masterclass that turned into a strong style battle to the finish. Smith had an early hammerlock, using his legs instead of his arms. But, Thatcher turned and applied a standing heel hook while Smith was lying on his back. Thatcher focused on Smith's legs during the early exchange of holds.

Thatcher tried to keep Smith on the mat as much as he could and kept going back to the heel hook at every opportunity. He hit a belly-to-belly to keep the big man down and keep his focus on the lower limbs of his opponent. Smith blocked a second belly-to-belly into a cross armbreaker but Thatcher transitioned back into the heel hook again. Smith was able to reverse the hook into a sharpshooter that Thatcher broke with a rope break.

They then started a forearm and uppercut exchange with both keeping their hands down and letting the shots come straight in. Smith ducked and went for a backslide and then a small package but Thatcher kicked out both times. They exchanged forearms again, but it soon escalated to open hand chops before Smith hit a German suplex for a two count. Thatcher switched and hit a release one of his own. Smith hit another two Germans followed by a Tiger suplex but Thatcher kicked out at the last moment.

Thatcher fought and locked in a cross arm breaker but Smith powered off his back. Thatcher transitioned into a triangle choke, but Smith powered up again and slammed Thatcher down in a half powerbomb to break the submission. Smith then slid seamlessly into a crossface that made Thatcher tap for the submission win.

-- Kirsch and Bocchini both ran down the Lawlor vs. CONTRA Unit feud that caused chaos throughout the year. They talked about the Von Erich brothers getting involved, the War Chamber match involving them all, and then the culmination of the feud as Lawlor turned on Ross with a chairshot to the head when the Von Erich brother had earned an MLW title shot against Jacob Fatu. We saw the New York brawl between Ross and Lawlor last week that spilt out into the streets and the subway.

-- We then had a Dynasty video package highlighting all the Lifestyle of the Rich and Dynastic and in-ring highlights from the privileged trio: title wins, successful defences, arrogant gestures and over the top gifts.

-- We then had an MLW Top 10 Craziest Moment of the Year Countdown:

  • 10. Spider Lady (Priscilla Kelly) attacked Zeda Zhang
  • 9. Ross Von Erich and Tom Lawlor brawled on the NYC streets
  • 8. CONTRA Unit took out the Lucha Bros and threw fireballs at their faces
  • 7. Mance Warner chased Promociones Dorado with a chainsaw
  • 6. Jacob Fatu flattened Lawlor with a big splash off the top of the steel cage
  • 5. Lawlor betrayed the Von Erichs when he hits Ross with a steel chair
  • 4. Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc's feud
  • 3. The War Chamber match
  • 2. Jacob Fatu won the MLW World Heavyweight Championship
  • 1. The ending to the LA Park vs Jacob Fatu title fight at MLW Superfight that saw the referee being fireballed and Salina de la Renta being speared through a table. 

 -- "Filthy" Tom Lawlor then told us that the Team Filthy Dojo is back up and running and asked us all to sign up as a New Year's resolution. 

-- A CONTRA Unit highlight video package showcased their violence throughout the year. 

MLW Champion Jacob Fatu defeated LA Park to retain (19:59)
MLW Superfight | November 2, 2019

The main event of MLW's first-ever PPV was a collision and battle of the monsters that had had a huge big fight feel to it. They had the tale of the tape followed by a video package recapping the big moments from the last year that all built towards this night: LA Park's Battle Riot win, Fatu winning the title from Tom Lawlor, and Salina declaring the cash-in date. Park's entrance included a parade of undead brides given the match took place on Dia de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) in Mexico.

The match itself was as wild as you would imagine it to be. Park's athleticism for his age was incredible. He hit an early suicide dive to the outside that had Fatu's manager Josef Samael worried. Salina de la Renta, who accompanied LA Park to ringside, unintentionally distracted the referee which let Samael freely enter the ring and use a spike to bust open LA Park. Fatu had also ripped Park's mask in half so the blood was visibly pouring out of the Mexican legend's forehead.

Fatu and Park brawled around ringside as the fans got an up close and personal look at the carnage. Back in the ring, Park's insane athleticism was on show again as he pulled out another amazing maneuver when he hit a twisting springboard senton off the top rope. On the outside, Park broke the timekeeper's bell across the champion's forehead busting him open too.

Fatu soon retaliated with a springboard twisting senton of his own but then the move of the night came when Fatu ran and launched himself from inside the ring over the top rope to the floor and hit Park with a Fosbury Flop. He then tried to put Park away inside the ring with his moonsault but Park moved at the last minute. Park then slowly crawled and made the cover but Josef Samael came in and broke the count by throwing a fireball at the referee,

This brought Salina in to confront Samael but she ended up taking a spear from LA Park through a table in the corner when Samael moved at the last moment. Fatu then hit a superkick to Park, an elevated Samoan drop and a double jump springboard moonsault to retain his title.