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MLW Fusion results: Buddy Matthews vs. TJP, Rok-C vs. Miranda Gordy

The show also featured a big announcement by Cesar Duran.

The show opened with a graphic paying tribute to Scott Hall. 

Richard Holiday cut a promo in an empty Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC --- the venue that hosted last week's SuperFight in Charlotte. He said despite the history that has occurred in that building, it will now be forever known for his attack on MLW Champion Hammerstone last week. He knelt over a spot where Hammerstone's blood was still stained on the floor and said it will forever remain in Charlotte. 

Miranda Gordy defeated Rok-C

This show aired on the day WWE announced Rok-C as part of the latest class of recruits to start at the Performance Center. The commentary team played up the history of Gordy's father, Terry, in Dallas as well. 

Gordy had the size and strength advantage, but Rok-C found a counter for most things she attempted early in the match. 

They cut to a clip of a limousine parked out front and the commentary team wondered who might be inside. 

Gordy eventually got the first period of sustained offense. She knocked her young opponent down with a series of chops. She followed that up with a big body slam for a two count. Rok-C then fought back with a series of strikes but Gordy cut off her momentum with another slam and an elbow drop. 

An opportunity opened up for Rok-C when she dodged a charge into the corner and Gordy landed hard on the turnbuckle. Rok-C landed a Lou Thesz press and then got a two count off a pinning combination. She then locked in a crossface. Gordy fought out of it and the two the exchanged pinning combinations. Gordy then hit a kick to the stomach and her Bam Bam Slam (power bomb) for the win. 

After the match, Gordy was interviewed ringside and said she's not a featherweight: she's a powerweight and she's going to destroy all the ballerinas and barbie dolls in the division. 

- A video featuring Mads Krugger was shown. He challenged Jacob Fatu to a Stairway to Hell match for next week. 

- It was announced that Gangrel debuts next week. However, he debuted years ago at the original War Games against Simon Gotch. 

- We cut back to the limousine. A window rolled down to reveal Holliday and Alicia Atout in the car. They were celebrating their attack on Hammerstone from last week. He said they had something historic and sexy planned to celebrate. They invited the camera guy into the limo to end the segment. 

- Dr. Julius Smokes cut a promo hyping up 5150. He mentioned that he would die for Konnan. Hopefully, Konnan is healthy enough to return to tapings shortly. 

- A backstage promo featuring Hammerstone was shown. He talked about dropping out of college to chase his pro wrestling dream. He also talked about the struggles he had early in his career while making hardly any money. 

- A vignette announced that Killer Kross makes his return next week. 

- Following the attack by 5150 last week, Marshall Von Erich suffered a fractured ankle and will be out three-to-four weeks. Ross Von Erich is day-to-day after suffering a grade one concussion. The medical update on Hammerstone was that there is no update as he has refused to participate in a medical evaluation. 

- EJ Nduka was interviewed backstage. He said 5150 chose the wrong one when they attacked him at SuperFight. 

- We cut back to Holliday and Atout in the limo. They started making out when Alicia became distracted. She showed her phone to Holliday and he agreed with her that it was big news. They then exited the limo. 

TJP defeated Buddy Matthews

TJP cut a promo before the match. He called the fans "crayon eaters" which got a surprise pop out of me. He continued to talk about MLW's open door free agent policy. He's not a fan of the policy as he feels all the indie darlings suck. He is forced to entertain the policy tonight, however, as he takes on Buddy Matthews. 

Matthews got on the mic before the match as well. He said he didn't knock on the forbidden door -- he knocked it down. He said he's the greatest cruiserweight and commentary played up how he and TJP are both former cruiserweight champions from a different company. 

During the opening moments, commentary mentioned that they are hearing something is happening in the back involving Cesar Duran. 

They opened up with some grappling until they found themselves at a stalemate. TJP locked in an octopus stretch moments later. 

Matthews dodged a move in the corner and landed awkwardly on his knee. He limped to the outside, but TJP followed. Matthews then tossed TJP into the guardrail. This injury would become the story of the match. 

TJP delivered a springboard dropkick to his opponent's injured knee and then continued to work on it for a period. He locked in a figure four at one point as the match continued to center around Matthews' knee. Matthews eventually reversed the pressure and TJP grabbed the ropes to break the hold. TJP then went right back to focusing on the knee after. 

Matthews fought back and delivered a DDT as TJP was draped in the ropes. The two ended up exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring moments later. Matthews hit a gourdbuster and followed that up with strikes before hitting a brainbuster for a two count. 

Matthews went for a sunset flip bomb, but his knee buckled and he crumpled to the mat. TJP then took time to dab (in 2022) which allowed Matthews to hit him with some kicks. Matthews then picked him up and delivered a power bomb for a two count. Commentary then mentioned we would have an announcement from Duran after the conclusion of the match. 

TJP locked Matthews in a figure four deathlock (basically a figure four/sharpshooter combo). He then went for the detonation kick, but Matthews countered into a curb stomp for a two count. 

They ended up fighting atop the turnbuckle when TJP grabbed the referee by his shirt. Matthews fought to free the ref but TJP swiped at Matthews' leg and sent him to the mat. TJP then hit the Mamba splash to the knee and got a two count. As Matthews kicked out, TJP transitioned into a heel hook. Matthews tried to crawl to the ropes but ended up tapping out. This was good. 

TJP yelled into the camera that he and the other members of the United Empire are taking over the world. 

- We cut to the back where Duran said that Hammerstone has been impossible to reach following the attack from Holliday last week. He said that if Hammerstone doesn't appear in person on MLW Fusion next week, the World title will be vacated. 

Next Week:

- Mads Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu in a Stairway to Hell match