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MLW Fusion results: Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. MJF


Big Takeaways --

  • Contra Unit continued their assault across MLW, focusing on “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and members of Team Filthy.
  • The feud between the Hart Foundation and the Dynasty is far from over as they continued to clash on this week's episode.

Show recap --

- We opened with a recap from last week's live MLW Fusion where we saw Alexander Hammerstone defeat Brian Pillman Jr. to become the first-ever MLW National Openweight Champion, and we also saw Teddy Hart successfully defending his MLW Middleweight title against Jimmy Havoc.

- Rich Bocchini was backstage with the new Openweight Champion Hammerstone in Hammer's personal gym. He said that he might not be everyone's favorite wrestler -- but he is everyone's National Openweight Champion.

Hammerstone said he is the one that gave Dynasty a destiny. He ended up bullying Bocchini into lifting one of his weights and then ended up squatting with him up on his shoulders.

- From the commentary table, Bocchini and Jim Cornette gave an update on MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor, saying he is looking for the Contra Unit. They then hyped up tonight's main event between MJF and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Richard Holliday (w/ Aria Blake) defeated Kotto Brazil (5:17)

Holliday used his size and strength to control Brazil from the start. Brazil flurried with speed and agility when he could but was continually knocked down by his larger opponent.

Brazil went for a tilt-a-whirl into a front choke, but Holliday powered through with a big suplex. Brazil kept fighting and hit a big one-legged dropkick from the top rope but soon after ate a big clothesline from Holliday and a gutwrench powerbomb to give the Dynasty member the win.

Air Wolf defeated Ace Austin (10:39)

The commentary team played up “the biggest upset in MLW history” when Air Wolf defeated Rey Fenix a few weeks ago -- and he gave us another big win tonight with a high flying face-first slam. The commentators also mentioned that Salina de la Renta has been scouting Air Wolf recently after his big win against one half of the Lucha Brothers.

Both competitors exchanged early reversals and seemed to be very evenly matched. But as Air Wolf was taking his first risk going for a springboard, Austin pushed him off the top rope to the outside and followed straight away with a suicide dive. Back inside, Austin hit a springboard spinning savate kick for a two count.

After taking too much time on the outside, Austin missed his big top rope springboard leg drop, which gave Air Wolf the opening to mount a comeback. Air Wolf hit a snap German and a spinning double underhook suplex but only got a two count.

Austin fought back with a pair of kicks and a big slam before rolling Air Wolf into a spinning suplex of his own for another two count.

Austin crotched Air Wolf on the top rope but couldn't capitalize as Air Wolf fought back, flipped Austin into the ring, and leapt off and hit a face-first slam that crumpled Austin to the mat and gave Air Wolf the win. Austin looked like he injured his knee the way he fell taking the finishing move.

- Salina de la Renta was backstage letting us know that on next week's MLW Fusion, where she is the executive producer, the main event will be Sami Callihan vs. Mance Warner in a falls count anywhere, loser leaves MLW match.

 - Lawlor vs. Jacob Fatu was booked for the July 6 show Kings of Colosseum. We then heard from Lawlor as he cut a backstage promo on Contra Unit. He said he didn't sign up to be stabbed in the back each time he sees Contra. Together with the Von Erich brothers, they are going to clean up MLW.

- The cameras then caught up with Warner and Callihan, who gave their opinion on de la Renta's announcement. Callihan said they both like to fight, like to scrap, and are going to give Cornette a stroke.

Callihan said he was winning, but Mancer said he was winning and Callihan is going home. They shook on it, but Mancer said they can shake for now but when the bell rings: It. Is. On.

- We then heard from Low Ki and he said he was prepared for his match with Ricky Martinez next week. He said Martinez has sealed his fate and he is on the professional's list.

- We then had a Contra Unit video package where they said Lawlor is a glutton for punishment. They asked him how it felt to get scalped last week. They said they are the global dealers in violence and said they are going to slice Lawlor and the Von Erichs until they get to the white meat.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated MJF (w/ Aria Blake, Richard Holliday, and Alexander Hammerstone) (11:32)

Bocchini said Smith is undefeated in singles action in MLW, and Cornette told us Smith's debut in MLW was back in 2004. Dynasty played a huge part in this match, continually interfering to help MJF, but when the Hart Foundation came to help their buddy and even the odds, it was Smith who picked up the victory.

MJF stalled early and hugged Blake ringside while Smith baited him into the ring. Smith then bieled MJF into the ring from the apron, skinned the cat, and hit a big boot in the early exchanges, but it wasn't long before the rest of Dynasty distracted Smith and gave MJF the advantage.

Dynasty focused their attack on Smith's knee via the ring post. MJF distracted the referee while Hammerstone and Holliday added insult to injury.

MJF tried to wrestle Smith to maintain his leg attack, but that is easier said than done against the amateur wrestling ace. Smith was able to reverse a knee lock with one of his own. Smith kept trying to mount an attack but his knee kept giving out each time.

MJF choked Smith with a scarf two times while Holliday distracted the ref. On the third attempt, Smith reversed it and choked MJF himself. The referee, of course, was quick to turn and reprimand Smith.

Smith fought back and had MJF on the top rope and hit a gigantic standing superplex. He followed up with a Northern Lights suplex -- and in good storytelling couldn't keep the bridge for the pin because of is injured leg. However, he was able to hit a powerslam soon after and keep the pinfall for a two count.

Smith was in control as MJF started begging off. Smith did not comply and instead hit a Tombstone piledriver before he headed to the top rope. He dove off and hit a diving headbutt a la Dynamite Kid, but he hurt his knees as they smacked the mat and he couldn't fully capitalize.

Smith took his time to make the cover, which gave Holliday the chance to put MJF's feet on the ropes to break the count.

Brian Pillman Jr. ran to ringside and took out Holliday. In the ring, Hammerstone distracted Smith but was knocked off the apron with a big right hand. Smith ran at MJF, who moved. Smith hit the corner and MJF schoolboyed him with his feet on the ropes. The referee counted one, two, and stopped as he noticed the blatant cheating.

Teddy Hart had also made his way to ringside and was brawling with Hammerstone. Smith hit MJF with the running powerslam to pick up the win.

- Before we went off the air, the cameras cut to the back to show us Simon Gotch putting the boots to a helpless Lawlor. Ariel Dominguez (Lawlor's training partner) was also lying in a pool of blood with Jacob Fatu standing over him.

Josef Samael then threw a fireball at the camera as the feed was cut and the episode ended.

Next week --

  • Sami Callihan vs. Mance Warner in a falls count anywhere, loser leaves MLW match
  • Low Ki vs. Ricky Martinez
  • Flamita vs. Rey Horus