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MLW Fusion results: 'Filthy' Tom Lawlor tries to regain his title


** The Big Takeaways**

  • With this being the final build towards War Chamber, we learned the final participant to join Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs in their battle against CONTRA Unit is Low Ki.
  • With help from Josef Samael, Jacob Fatu defeated Tom Lawlor and retained the MLW World Heavyweight Title. 
  • An amazing six-man tag led off which is must-see for fans of non-stop, fast-paced action. 

** Show Recap **

CONTRA Unit's propaganda video opened up this week's episode of MLW Fusion. They warned Jacob Fatu's opponent for tonight, "Filthy" Tom Lawlor, that they will bloody him up, bust his head open down to the white meat and told him that his time was over. 

Injustice (Kotto Brazil, Myron Reed, and Jordan Oliver) defeated Gringo Loco, Air Wolf and Zenshi (10:04)

This was a fantastic flip-filled, action-packed (some would say spotfest) six man tag. This was worth watching if this is your type of match. All six put in a lot of effort and the match did not disappoint. Injustice continued their tirade across MLW with their cheating ways coming to fruition in the end. Zenshi, Loco, and Wolf were all great opponents which should hopefully set up multiple singles and tag combinations in the future. 

Loco's team took control early on. Zenshi hit a step up enzugiri on Oliver, Loco hit a senton on Brazil, and Zenshi hit a TKO on Reed, but all three put on the brakes on a trifecta of dives to the floor as Injustice moved at the last minute. 

The action was fast-paced with Brazil, Loco, and Zenshi all hitting dives outside in quick succession, and Air Wolf finished off the aerial assault with an Asai moonsault onto all competitors on the floor. The airborne attacks continued inside the ring as Zenshi slingshot himself off the top rope onto Oliver, then Loco squashed him with a split-legged moonsault. 

Injustice slowed the pace down as they beat down Air Wolf, but Zenshi soon got the hot tag and ran wild. He hit a handspring flip double kick to the two opponents on the apron, a double cutter to Reed and Brazil, and then another handspring flip kick to Oliver. 

Brazil scarily broke up an Air Wolf bridging German suplex near fall with a splash off the top rope. That looked like it could have broken Wolf's neck if it was millimeters off target. 

Zenshi put on the brakes on a suicide dive to Oliver on the outside, twisted in mid-air, and connected with a 619 instead. But Reed was right behind him and ran, jumped over the rope, grabbed Zenshi on the apron and landed a cutter to the floor in a great spot.

Referee Doug Markham got knocked down when Loco accidental knocked Reed into him. With the referee down, Reed took out brass knuckles but Loco reversed and used them on him instead. 

The finish came when Air Wolf got caught with a Jordan Oliver springboard stunner from the apron and a Kotto Brazil Shiranui (non-rope walk sliced bread #2) in quick succession. Markham got beat up after the bell for his trouble. 

- MLW and The Crash Lucha Libre will co-promote a show in Tijuana, Mexico, this October.

- The War Chamber match, taking place live from Dallas next Saturday, will air on the September 14th edition of Fusion.

 - The Von Erich Brothers, along with Kevin Von Erich, cut a recorded message for CONTRA Unit. They said Dallas is a different place with the Von Erichs there and War Chamber will be a great night for them. Marshall called out CONTRA for trying to blind him on two different occasions. They will fight for the defenseless and defeat the undefeated. 

- A promo video for "The Bone Collector" Dominic Garrini aired, hyping up his debut with MLW this fall. 

- We then saw highlights from Alexander Hammerstone in Pro Wrestling NOAH before a training promo aired. Georgia Smith was in the gym with him and they had a lovers tiff over the amount of weight Hammer was lifting. Not wanting to be outdone, he added more and strained on the lift as the camera cut away. 

MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu defeated "Filthy" Tom Lawlor (15:14)

Josef Samael took the mic before the ring entrances and riled up the crowd before Jacob Fatu made his way out. Fatu continued getting the crowd to a fever pitch just in time for the arrival of his opponent. 

Lawlor came out like a house of fire and took Fatu off his feet with a cross body off the top. He blocked a superkick and knocked him down again with a clothesline. An enzugiri and an overhead back suplex followed for an early near fall for the challenger. 

Lawlor's early flourish was soon halted when he went back up to the top but the champion caught him out of mid-air and crushed him with a big Samoan drop. Fatu focussed his beat down on Lawlor's ribs with diving headbutts, thrust kicks, and Irish whips. 

Fatu hit his handspring moonsault which was pivotal in him winning the title in their last encounter. He went for the Rikishi hip attack in the corner but Lawlor moved. The challenger then tried to choke the champion over the top rope and slowly began to mount a comeback. 

The comeback was short-lived as. As Lawlor was distracted by Josef Samael on the outside, Fatu launched his 300+lb frame through the ropes with a suicide dive. Lawlor tried to fire up and bulldog Fatu on the floor but the Samoan used Lawlor's momentum and dropped him ribs first on the guardrail. 

Back inside Lawlor locked in a rear naked choke that only got the champion to a knee. Fatu was weary and missed a pair of avalanches in the corner. Lawlor rallied and hit some knees in the corner and then an airplane spin into a death valley driver. 

Lawlor hit a running knee and a driven knee to the face for a close near fall as the momentum was shifting in favor of the challenger. Lawlor then followed up with a huge overhead German suplex and an exploder suplex into the corner, the champion was in trouble. 

Samael got involved and cost Lawlor the match and the title. Behind the official's back, he struck Lawlor in the back on the head with his railroad spike. Lawlor fell to the ground which gave Fatu the opening to hit his amazing Triple Jump Moonsault to the already injured ribs and pick up the 1-2-3. 

Simon Gotch joined his CONTRA counterparts after the bell to lay a beatdown on Lawlor. The Von Erichs ran in to make the momentary save but the numbers game played to CONTRA's advantage when Ikuro Kwon joined in. 

It was not until Low Ki ran in and saved Lawlor and the Von Erichs that the numbers game evened out. The four-on-four War Chamber match was made as Low Ki is the final participant joining Tom Lawlor and the Von Erich brothers to take on CONTRA Unit next week.

** Next week **

  • MLW War Chamber live from Dallas, Texas.