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MLW Fusion results: Hammerstone vs. Krugger Baklei Brawl


The Big Takeaways:

Alex Hammerstone and Mads Krugger's feud will continue following their inconclusive Baklei Brawl while Los Parks retained the tag titles against TJP and Bu Ku Dao. 

Show Recap:

Jordan Oliver defeated Sentai Death Squad (1:25)

It was two weeks ago that Oliver and Myron Reed posed as Sentai Death Squad members in order to attack CONTRA Unit after MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu defeated ACH. The attack was revenge for CONTRA jumping Injustice at Kings of Colosseum after Reed had lost his Middleweight title.

Injustice also challenged CONTRA to a tag match next week and with Oliver's performance this week, they should be quietly confident. Oliver put the Sentai member away easily after a springboard cutter.

-- Salina de la Renta said the new owners of Promociones Dorado, associates from Azteca Underground, have made an offer to acquire IWA Puerto Rico. Of course, she got in a few shots on Savio Vega for losing his strap match last week. Later in the night, we were told the associates were in the building and watching the action from the executive suites.

-- Speaking of the strap match, after Tim Donaghy's controversial officiating last week during the Vega vs. Richard Holliday match, we learned MLW is investigating the scandal. There were some changes to the referees' assigned matches last week and a lot of betting money changed hands right before the match.

MLW Tag Team Champions Los Parks (LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park) defeated TJP and Bu Ku Dao to retain (8:20)

TJP and Dao won their right to challenge for the titles last week when they defeated Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku. Los Parks were accompanied by De la Renta and a man in a suit who was described as "an advisor from the new owners of Promociones Dorado."

LA Park jumped TJP before the bell and did what they wanted with regards to the tag team rules. LA entered the ring when he wanted, broke up pins and submissions, aided Hijo in double teams, ignored the referee, and basically used the Mexican tornado rules regardless of whether they were in effect or not.

TJP and Dao hit stereo pescado dives on the Parks on the outside as the tide started to turn. They locked in duelling submissions, but LA broke them up by carrying TJP, while still in the hold, and dropping him on top of Dao.

There was a near fall for Dao after a spinning face first slam, but moments later, De La Renta distracted the referee with a fistful of cash. The advisor then lifted the ring apron and LA Park Jr came out, switched places with Hijo and quickly dropped Dao with a shoulderbreaker to pick up the win.

After the match, TJP piefaced Dao and walked off disgruntled with his protege. 

-- While in his car, Middleweight Champion Lio Rush challenged AAA Cruiserweight Champion Laredo Kid to an interpromotional title match next week.

-- Tom Lawlor hyped up his Filthy Island special in two weeks. All the sponsors pulled out so the show is in jeopardy, but Lawlor didn't let that stop the hype train as King Mo vs. Low Ki was announced for the show as well as very special appearances from Lawlor, Garrini and Ku. 

Gino Medina defeated Gringo Loco (5:28)

While Holliday defeated Vega and is trying his best to calm down the scandal surrounding he and Donaghy, a feud with Gino Medina is simmering after Holliday kicked Medina out of the Dynasty. Or, did Medina quit? Either way, these two are destined to clash and settle their differences very soon.

Medina got the win over Loco but not before Loco hit a twisting moonsault for a near fall. Medina got the feet up on a second moonsault attempt and reversed a victory roll to pick up the win. In his post-match interview, Medina was jumped by Loco and they brawled to the back.

National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone defeated Mads Krugger in a Baklei Brawl

Baklei is Afrikaans for fighting. Hammerstone was given the coordinates to the location of "the pit" (an industrial area with stacks of pallets around) and brought a referee with him. This was filmed outside in the dark single camera style.

Krugger emerged from behind a dumpster before they brawled around the pallets. Hammerstone whipped Krugger into another dumpster later on and while the camera focused on the Openweight champ, Krugger switched places with a smaller but identically dressed double who was picked up by Hammerstone, thrown head first into the dumpster and pinned. Hammerstone then realized CONTRA's trick.

The cameraman started to freak out and yell that he was leaving and going home. Hammerstone turned around and was met with a stiff right hand from Krugger who was lurking in the shadows. Another right followed as Hammerstone fell to the ground as Krugger told him “CONTRA has big plans for you”. Krugger turned to the camera and yelled “Hail CONTRA” as Fusion went off the air. 

Next week:

  • MLW Middleweight champion Lio Rush vs. AAA Cruiserweight champion Laredo Kid
  • Simon Gotch and Daivari vs Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver
  • Calvin Tankman in action

In two weeks:

  • Tom Lawlor's Filthy Island presents King Mo vs Low Ki 

March 24:

  • MLW Never Say Never