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MLW Fusion results: The Hart Foundation vs. CONTRA Unit


Big Takeaways --

  • The Hart Foundation got one over on CONTRA Unit when Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Ikuro Kwon & Simon Gotch.
  • The Dynasty's newest recruit/Alexander Hammerstone's huge gift Grogan won a battle royal.
  • Savio Vega defeated Leo Brien in a Swamp Fight.
  • We heard from Filthy Tom Lawlor after he betrayed the Von Erich family last week.

The episode is available to watch below:

Full Recap --

We opened with a recap video from last week's Thanksgiving episode and the shocking conclusion to the Jacob Fatu vs. Ross Von Erich MLW World title match that saw Filthy Tom Lawlor turn on the Von Erichs. 

Grogan won a 17-man battle royal (9:17)

Participants included: Kotto Brazil, Jordan Oliver, Myron Reed, Richard Holliday, Leo Brien, Gringo Loco, Timothy Thatcher, Dominic Garrini, Douglas James, Savio Vega, Zenshi, Ricky Martinez, Barrington Hughes, Dr. Dex, and two members of American Top Team.

Alexander Hammerstone was on commentary and was hyping up Grogan throughout the match. Hughes was out first when the whole ring ganged up on him to dump him out. Zenshi skinned the cat a few times early on to stay in.

Grogan then eliminated Martinez and Oliver at the same time, then Reed ran but was launched out too. Brazil was next as Grogan press slammed him out to the already eliminated at ringside.

Brien and Vega toppled out together and continued brawling to the back. Grogan then KO punched an ATT member out to thin the field down.

Douglas James eliminated a wrestler who the commentators didn't know or didn't tell us who he was. Holliday then reversed a hurricanrana into a powerbomb and eliminated the other ATT member. He got another elimination quickly by throwing Zenshi out, but then Garrini dumped Holliday when his back was turned. Garrini then turned into Grogan -- who tossed him too.

The final four were Thatcher, Gringo Loco, James, and Grogan. They tried a three-on-one beatdown with no luck. Grogan eliminated Loco and then James and it was down to him and Thatcher.

Thatcher's chops and uppercuts had little effect on the giant. Thatcher evaded elimination and landed on the apron, but Grogan hit him with a big boot to knock him off and win the battle royal.

Throughout the match, the commentators and ring announcers called Grogan “Gorgan” so there may be a name change coming soon.

- Tom Lawlor then joined Rich Bocchini via satellite and told us that friendships are usually mutually beneficial, however his friendship with the Von Erichs only benefited them.

Lawlor reminded us it was his war with CONTRA when he brought them in to fight on his side, but the Von Erichs made it all about them. He said he isn't loyal to anyone. Not CONTRA, not the Von Erichs -- the only person he is loyal to is himself.

Savio Vega defeated Leo Brien in a Swamp Fight (4:36)

This took place “earlier this week” and was outside in the swamps of Florida. Brien swung his cowbell immediately when the referee started the match. He choked Vega with the rope moments later too.

Vega used a large piece of wood to knock Brien up against a chain link fence and tried to hang Brien from the fence with the rope around his neck. Brien fought back and knocked Vega down with the cowbell again for a two count.

Vega eventually hit Brien with a spinning heel kick to pick up the win and added insult to injury by choking Brien with his cowbell rope again.

- Kaci Lennox caught up with the Von Erich brothers. Ross said he was heartbroken after what Lawlor did to him last week. Marshall said he was pissed off and he told Lawlor he hoped he didn't see him in the ring because this was a fight Lawlor won't be able to finish.

- We then had a hype video for ACH.

The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Brian Pillman Jr.) defeated CONTRA Unit (Ikuro Kwon & Simon Gotch w/ Josef Samael) (10:06)

Pillman had a nice escape from Kwon when he feinted a nip up with an up-kick instead, but he then tripped into the ropes and gave control over to CONTRA. Gotch locked in an arm breaker and rolled through into a kneebar, but Pillman escaped with a chinlock. It wasn't for long as Gotch suplexed him over onto his head.

Pillman fired back and regained control for his team. Quick tags with Smith followed as the Hart Foundation beat down Kwon. Smith hit a 30-second delayed vertical suplex -- but when Pillman tried the same, Kwon slipped out the back and tagged in Gotch as CONTRA took control again.

Smith got the hot tag after Pillman fought up from a chinlock. Smith knocked CONTRA's heads together, slammed Kwon down, and hit Gotch with the 10 punches in the corner. Smith then hit the Hogan big boot and leg drop on Gotch, but Kwon broke up the pinfall attempt.

Pillman smacked Kwon with a superkick, then he and Smith hit Gotch with the Hart Attack with an Air Pillman clothesline to pick up the win.

Next Week --

The Opera Cup tournament kicks off with:

  • Alexander Hammerstone vs. MJF
  • Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Low Ki