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MLW Fusion results: Hart Foundation vs. Dynasty ladder match


The Big Takeaways --

  • We saw a second title switch in as many weeks as The Dynasty defeated The Hart Foundation to become the new MLW Tag Team Champions.
  • Mance Warner took out three more Promociones Dorado members as he focuses in on Salina de la Renta and LA Park.
  • Low Ki doesn't get paid by the hour as he again made short work of an opponent.
  • Ace Austin and Air Wolf's feud continued.

Full Recap --

After a recap video involving The Dynasty and The Hart Foundation leading up to tonight's ladder match, we jumped straight into the opening contest of the night, a rematch between Ace Austin and Air Wolf.

Ace Austin defeated Air Wolf (7:18)

This was a very good outing for both as they traded wins after Austin picked up the victory by using an ace up his sleeve. Commentators played up Air Wolf's recent MLW wins over Fenix and Austin himself and also that he has been training in Mexico with the best luchadors around.

We got some nice chain wrestling exchanges to open up. They countered quick pinning combinations, ending in a double down and a nice ovation from the Chicago crowd. Shortly after, Air Wolf hit a springboard arm drag after dodging some high kicks from Austin. He then planted a penalty kick to the chest but only got a one count.

They went to the outside, with Austin cartwheeling on the apron and landing a side kick to the head. The tone of the match then changed when Austin back suplexed Air Wolf onto the guardrail and posed back in the ring as the referee counted Air Wolf on the outside.

Air Wolf was met with a baseball slide as he tried to re-enter the ring, and Austin continued his heelish tactics by grabbing at Air Wolf's mask.

Air Wolf fought back and ran up the turnbuckles, hitting a Pele kick to the back of Austin's head. Air Wolf looked to be in control as he ascended the top rope, but Austin distracted the referee with a folded up playing card.

When Air Wolf leapt off the top, Austin's cane magically appeared out of mid-air (or Austin's tights) and he used it to crotch Air Wolf between the legs. Austin followed up with his running blockbuster finisher The Fold to pick up the win by dubious means.

- Salina de la Renta was backstage with Ricky Martinez. Martinez was wanting another shot at Low Ki when de la Renta got a phone call from Jimmy Havoc -- or so she thought. She answered and it was Mance Warner on the other end.

Warner said Havoc was lying in a pool of blood and he has “the golden ticket” so was away to drink some light beers. De la Renta ordered Martinez to go get the ticket back.

- We got a dramatic video package highlighting last week's title change when Jacob Fatu defeated “Filthy” Tom Lawlor to become the new MLW World Heavyweight Champion.

Low Ki defeated Ariel Dominguez (0:17)

Low Ki got a standing ovation from the Chicago crowd during his entrance as we were told he has officially moved down a weight division to middleweight. The MLW middleweight division has also gained Austin Aries in recent weeks.

Ki and Dominguez circled briefly, but Low Ki struck him with a knee to the jaw to pick up yet another very quick KO victory.

- We then had a pre-recorded Dynasty video filmed earlier this week from Martha's Vineyard. Alexander Hammerstone was working out and getting a tan while Richard Holliday was reading the paper in his suit.

They were talking strategy for the Tag Team title ladder match, which was aggravating MJF. MJF screamed that he was not afraid of heights, but Hammerstone didn't believe him.

- De la Renta then had an update on Ricky Martinez and his search for the golden ticket. Martinez was on Facetime and he had found another one of Warner's life-sized, wrapped-up presents.

Martinez took a sledgehammer to it -- but it was all a ruse. De la Renta saw what was coming as Warner appeared from behind and beat him up. Warner took the phone and told de la Renta that was another one down, and that he still had her golden ticket.

- Konnan bumped into de la Renta backstage and wound her up by telling her that Dr. Wagner Jr. will be in MLW soon.

The Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday w/ Aria Blake) defeated The Hart Foundation (Brian Pillman Jr. & Teddy Hart) in a ladder match to win the MLW Tag Team titles (17:26)

This was a great match filled with death-defying Hart stunts and good cowardly actions from MJF. All members of both factions got involved at one point, but it was the numbers game of The Dynasty that rang true as Holliday was able to grab the belts and the victory for his team.

A fan was pushed back off the guardrail by security as he mouthed off to MJF as The Dynasty entered ringside.

Before the match got underway, the cameras cut backstage with de la Renta, LA Park, and El Hijo de LA Park as they were trying to leave the arena. As LA Park left, Warner jumped in and locked the gate behind him, locking him out. He then jumped Hijo and knocked him out cold with a chain wrapped around his fist, taking out his third Promociones Dorado member of the night.

They teased dissension again in The Dynasty ranks as they discussed tactics at ringside. MJF could be heard saying, “Stick to the game plan, stick to the game plan” over and over while Holliday asked “Don't you trust me?!”

They brawled around ringside -- and Hart ate a ring post face-first. Inside, Pillman hit Air Pillman on MJF, then Hart reappeared to hit a Lumbar Check on Holliday. The Dynasty brought the ladders to ringside, but The Hart Foundation met them with a double baseball slide that knocked them down. Hart then hit a huge springboard moonsault to the floor that took out everyone.

Hart put a ladder in the ring but was pushed off and hung on the top rope by MJF. MJF then teased climbing the ladder and only got up one rung before demanding Aria Blake climb the ladder for him. The crowd chanted “a**hole” at MJF as Pillman reappeared, but Blake tried to take him out with a crossbody. Of course, Pillman moved and she landed on MJF instead.

The Hart Foundation double teamed MJF, which culminated in a slingshot into the underside of a ladder. Holliday reappeared and took them both out with a running ladder shot. Hart took a suplex onto the ladder resting in the corner as The Dynasty took control. Holliday back suplexed Hart onto a ladder and they both whipped Pillman rib-first into a ladder in the corner.

The Dynasty clashed and argued on who should climb the ladder. MJF slapped Holliday and told him to climb it, but Hart grabbed him by the tights, mooned the crowd, and slammed him to the mat. MJF then tried to climb, but Pillman superkicked him off and hit a Death Valley Driver.

Hart was in form with his inventions as he had both Dynasty members on the apron. He put MJF in the piledriver position and Holliday in the DDT position and hit a dueling see-saw piledriver/DDT combo on them. A slingshot, corkscrew elbow, and a tilt-a-whirl Canadian Destroyer followed as The Hart Foundation looked in complete control.

Pillman brought a table/door out and set it up on two folding chairs on which Hart slammed himself, squashing MJF through it with a death-defying high corkscrew moonsault from the top rope.

Hammerstone then came out and pulled Pillman off the ladder and powerbombed him into the corner. Hammerstone brought his own table out and set it up at ringside. He looked to suplex Pillman through it from the ring to the floor, but Davey Boy Smith Jr. came out, broke it up, and running powerslammed Hammerstone through his own table.

Holliday and Pillman then climbed the ladder and exchanged right hands at the top as Blake climbed up onto Pillman's back. Pillman fought her off -- but as this was going on, MJF handed Holliday a steel chair. Pillman turned and was met with a chair shot to the head, knocking him off.

That left Holliday alone at the top to unhook both title belts and win them for The Dynasty. Replays of the death-defying moves played as The Dynasty celebrated in the ring, holding all their gold as MLW Fusion went off the air.

Next Week --

  • We will hear from the new MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu and the rest of Contra Unit.