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MLW Fusion results: Jacob Fatu vs. ACH World title match


The Big Takeaway:

Jacob Fatu successfully defended the MLW World title against ACH, but Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed had the last laugh of the night by attacking Fatu and Daivari. 

Show Review:

We opened with the news that broke mid-week regarding ACH being attacked outside of his gym with rumors flying that Tom Lawlor and Team Filthy were responsible. Last week, Lawlor complained that ACH was getting a title shot ahead of him after Lawlor had won the 2020 Opera Cup. Later in the show, Lawlor blew off the allegation and hyped up his Filthy Island launch coming up on February 17th. However, ACH was able to identify Dominic Garrini's voice during the attack.

Daivari defeated Zenshi (6:11)

Poor Zenshi has joined the Ricochet ranks by being one of the most talented athletes on the roster that is used to put newer faces over. The latest MLW newbie needing a win was CONTRA's latest recruit, Daivari.

The former Great Khali mouthpiece looked shredded. He was revealed as the newest addition two weeks ago when he and the gang attacked Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed during a promo segment.

Daivari worked over Zenshi's left arm for the heat, including a hammerlock slam on the ring apron. However, Zenshi must have either forgot about the arm assaults or Daivari's attacks must not have affected him as Zenshi was able to make an impressive comeback including springboards, slingshots and flips all with two perfectly functioning arms.

Zenshi missed a 450 splash off the bottom rope and was on the receiving end of a hammerlock short-arm clothesline to give Daivari the win.

-- Speaking of CONTRA, Myron Reed had words for Daviari, Simon Gotch and Jacob Fatu, calling out Daivari for ripping up his chest protector during the aforementioned attack.

-- Savio Vega responded to Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday's challenge from last week. He accepted, but demanded an IWA Puerto Rican-style Caribbean strap match with the same strap he and Steve Austin used in their 1996 WWE match. Bruce Prichard would be disappointed as a contract signing was set for next week to make it official, but Holliday confirmed later in the night that the match was on. So, no contract signing required after all.

Simon Gotch defeated Jordan Oliver (7:28)

This match was brewing all summer throughout lockdown as Oliver constantly called out Gotch until the one sided war of words became physical when Oliver was choked out by Gotch during an episode of Pulp Fusion. This match was originally scheduled to take place at Kings of Colosseum two weeks ago, but Gotch was missing, only for he and CONTRA to jump Oliver and Reed backstage later in the night.

Both made up for lost time by flying out of the gate, exchanging in a striking battle before finally slowing down as Gotch took control after an elbow drop from the apron down to the floor.

This was Oliver's first in-ring outing as a babyface in MLW, a turn that happened by standing up to CONTRA and their bullying tactics. He showed a "never say die" attitude by fighting out of numerous submission holds and even flipped Gotch off as he escaped them. Oliver was convincing in garnering sympathy before firing up with a shining wizard and a big boot.

Gotch caught Oliver coming off a springboard from the middle rope and locked him in a sleeper hold to pick up the win. Gotch turned him over and hit him with a Gotch piledriver after the bell and started putting the boots to him. Myron Reed made the save but it was too late as the damage was done.

-- In a Skype interview, Salina de la Renta wouldn't answer Alicia Atout when questioned over who has bought Promociones Dorado. She instead said she wanted better competition for Mil Muertes and stormed off before Alicia promised to get to the bottom of who Salina is working for.

MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu (w/ Daivari) defeated ACH to retain the title (9:52)

ACH sold his ribs throughout the match after the mystery attack and having Fatu slam him back first into the ringpost and drop him on the apron ribs first certainly did not help. ACH tried to slam Fatu, but succumbed to the pain and ended up having Fatu land on top of his already injured midsection.

ACH got an opening when Fatu landed groin first on the middle turnbuckle. He went to work striking the champion, eventually chopping him down by dropkicking the leg before valiantly punting him from the apron and hitting a springboard cutter back into the ring.

ACH reversed a pop-up powerbomb with a hurricanrana. An enzuigiri followed, but he again tried to lift the bigger and heavier Fatu only for his ribs to give out once more. A pop-up Samoan drop and his triple jump moonsault followed for the champion who got the pin to retain his title.

After being attacked two weeks ago and earlier in the night, Reed and Oliver got the last laugh. Fatu and Daivari cut a post-match promo on the stage when the CONTRA flag bearers who had been there the whole match suddenly smacked them with the flag poles. They unmasked revealing themselves as Oliver and Reed before escaping as Gotch and Mads Krugger ran out.

The CONTRA vs. Injustice feud is in full swing with the possibility of Alex Hammerstone joining in, possibly leading to an interesting set of multi-man matches on the horizon.

Next week:

  • Savio Vega vs. Carribean Champion Richard Holliday in a Caribbean strap match

In two weeks:

  • National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone vs. Mads Krugger in a Baklei Brawl (bare knuckle, anything goes)

In three weeks:

  • Tom Lawlor's Filthy Island