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MLW Fusion results: Jacob Fatu vs. Bestia 666 Apocalypto match

King Muertes defended his Carribean title in a four-way cyclone match.
Fusion 12-May-2022

Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to Dallas for another episode of MLW Fusion recorded over WrestleMania weekend. The announcers, along with Jacob Fatu via a passionate video package full of expletives, helped hype up the main event Apocalypto match between himself and Bestia 666. 

Holidead (w/ Gangrel and Dr. Dax) defeated Chik Tormenta

Tormenta hit a suicide dive early, but her second attempt was stopped by a big boot from Holidead. Tormenta hit a headscissors takeover, but Holidead retaliated quickly with a spinebuster.

Tormenta couldn't put Holidead away after a top rope meteora so she took to the sky again and missed a middle rope moonsault. This set up the end for Tormenta as it gave Holidead the opening to hit her double underhook facebuster to pick up the win.

After the match, Bocchini asked Holidead what was next and she said she is running through the featherweight division and the dark days are ahead. They hyped up the Featherweight champion being crowned this summer.

- After being disrespected by 5150 after Rivera threw the World Class title belt into a Dallas river, Marshall and Ross Von Erich were back in a pre-recorded video from Hawaii with their dad (Kevin Von Erich) who said that they need to make a match with 5150 and kick their ass.

They later met up with MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone in the arena and hinted at both teaming in the future and going surfing in Hawaii. Later in the night, 5150 had more disrespect for the Von Erichs and the state of Texas before we learned about their Bunkhouse Brawl next week on Fusion. 

Octagon Jr defeated King Muertes, El Dragon and El Hijo de LA Park in a cyclone match to win the MLW Caribbean Championship

A cyclone match was described as a one fall, sudden death match where you win via pinfall, submission or knockout. There were only two participants allowed in the ring at one time and lucha rules were in effect, so once one wrestler left the ring, another could enter without needing to tag.

As you can imagine with the names involved, this was full of dives, high spots and high risk although Muertes kept things grounded with his powerful chokeslams, clotheslines and spears. 

After his special video package last week, Octagon Jr (WWE's Kalisto) was showcased and involved in some nice exchanges with both El Dragon and Hijo.

Dragon will be a nice addition to the MLW middleweight division and hit a nice springboard elbow drop here to get a near fall. However, it was Octagon Jr who impressed and came close to winning with a 450 splash.

Muertes had to take a breather after taking a superkick, lungblower, cutter, and a springboard frog splash from his challengers which gave the three high flyers a chance to shine.

Dragon landed on his head and neck after falling from an electric chair position when the momentum of Octagon Jr landing on him folded him over. Luckily, he seemed ok as he was able to complete the match.

Hijo took out Muertes with a high crossbody from the top rope into the crowd which left Octagon Jr. and Dragon to finish the match. Octagon got the win and the title after a top rope flip fallaway slam in an impressive finish.

- We then had another one of MLW's insightful interviews. Calvin Tankman, half of the MLW Tag Team Champions, talked about his early years when he tried all sports and tried to emulate his favorite WCW superstars. He then talked about his family and the sacrifices his parents made for him while growing up. His father was plunged into debt, but Tankman never saw him quit and that's what he uses for his "heavyweight hustle" catchphrase: to never give up. 

Jacob Fatu defeated Bestia 666 in an Apocalypto match

An Apocalypto match wasn't fully explained but basically, it was no disqualification with weapons not only legal but encouraged.

Fatu hit a dive through the ropes early on before politely telling ringsiders to "get the f*ck out the way" before he chopped and threw Bestia around the timekeeper's area. The commentary team called Fatu "at another level" and "a man possessed" as he was full of fire, shouting to the crowd and kicking the ropes to get the cameraman away.

Bestia came back into the match with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Fatu had hit a tilt-a-whirl powerslam earlier, so he was able to reverse the second attempt. But Fatu wasn't down for long as he reversed a cutter by putting his hands down and springing off the mat. He then rocked Bestia with his trademark superkick and pop-up Samoan drop, but Bestia reversed that into a crucifix bomb.

Bestia then used the weapons that were introduced by Fatu earlier by ramming him headfirst into a chair in the corner, dropping Fatu with a muscle buster and slamming a chair into his back.

Moments later, Fatu got back into things by hitting his pop-up Samoan drop, but Bestia retaliated with a destroyer.

Bestia set up a wooden board between two chairs but, of course, ended up going through it himself after Fatu caught him with another pop-up Samoan drop. The Samoan Werewolf then leapt to the top rope and squashed Bestia with a top rope moonsault to pick up the win.  I've said it before but Fatu is one to watch over the next few years and will be in a major promotion sooner rather than later.

Cesar Duran announces the next challenger to Alex Hammerstone

Duran had a full press conference set up backstage with a stage and microphone to announce Hammerstone's next MLW world title challenger: Richard Holliday.

Holliday said the top of the mountain of MLW will get the change it desperately needs. Hammerstone then stormed the set and came face-to-face with Holliday. Alicia Atout threw water in Hammerstone's face and he took a swing at Holliday, but accidentally hit Duran instead, leaving the MLW matchmaker lying knocked out as Fusion went off the air. Surely, this will lead to repercussions for the MLW champion.

Next week:

  • The Von Erichs vs. 5150 (Rivera & Hernandez) in a Bunkhouse Brawl