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MLW Fusion results: LA Park vs. Jimmy Havoc NYC street fight


Big Takeaways --

  • LA Park defeated Jimmy Havoc in a New York City street fight, tearing the house down -- and each other apart -- in the process.
  • In a battle of alliteration, Austin Aries defeated Ace Austin.
  • It was another bad night for Salina de la Renta as Konnan continued with his blackmailing and Mance Warner continued his path of chaos through Promociones Dorado.
  • Kevin Von Erich will be ringside during the War Chamber match next month. It will be Tom Lawlor, Ross & Marshall Von Erich, and a partner against Contra Unit (Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael, Simon Gotch & Ikuro Kwon).

Full Recap --

- We opened backstage with Mance Warner and his chainsaw. He threatened Ricky Martinez and the rest of Salina de la Renta's Promociones Dorado stable, saying he is going to cut them all down.

Mance Warner defeated Ricky Martinez (w/ Salina de la Renta) (2:14)

De la Renta introduced Martinez, who got the upper hand on the Southern Psycho with a middle rope-assisted low blow as Warner was entering the ring.

Martinez's advantage was brief as Warner soon cut him off with a headbutt as Martinez was coming off the middle rope. A running knee from Warner was quickly followed up by a big lariat and the one-two-three.

De la Renta entered the ring after the bell and spat in Warner's face. Warner, who was celebrating with a beer, took a sip and returned the lovely gesture at the Empress of Promociones Dorado, but de la Renta ducked -- and it was Martinez who ended up with an unwanted beer bath.

- Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic was up next. Richard Holliday was in a hotel room in Las Vegas admiring the view from his room. A female friend entered and took Holliday's attention away from his wealthy ramblings and the camera faded to black.

- We saw a recap of Alexander Hammerstone injuring Savio Vega last week via his Nightmare Pendulum. There was also a recap of Marshall Von Erich getting mist spat in his eyes two weeks ago.

- A recorded message from Marshall then played and he said his vision is a bit impaired -- but he will be at War Chamber in Texas for the four-on-four war against Contra Unit, and he is bringing Kevin Von Erich with him.

- Rich Bocchini then interviewed de la Renta as she was backstage, but Konnan quickly interrupted and again blackmailed her into giving him his three demands.

- H2tv was up next. Brian Pillman Jr. had Alexander Hammerstone's jacket from last week. Teddy Hart called out The Dynasty for their dress sense before Pillman urinated all over Hammerstone's jacket.

Austin Aries defeated Ace Austin (08:46)

Which Austin is better? Disregarding Stone Cold, in this instance it was Aries, but Ace continued to look great and put on a solid match.

Aries slowed Ace early on by dodging a springboard leg drop and following up with his European uppercut off the top rope. However, Ace shuffled his deck and recovered to hit a draping middle rope swinging neckbreaker soon after.

Ace hung Aries in the tree of woe, but Aries fought out and landed a stunner out of the corner. Aries shifted gears and picked up the pace with a discus forearm, a rope-assisted neckbreaker, and a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Aries went up top but Ace rolled away and picked up his cane. However, the referee saw it. As his back was turned disposing of the cane, Ace went low and hit Aries, then rolled him up for a near fall.

Ace then went for the kill and ran at Aries, but the veteran caught him coming in, lifted him high, and dropped him with the brainbuster for the win.

Aries took the mic and called out Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart after the match.

- A cameraman caught up with The Dynasty earlier in the day. Hammerstone called out The Hart Foundation and called them the criminals they know they are. Aria Blake arrived with Hammerstone's jacket, but he gave it one sniff and tossed it away. MJF yelled that the jacket touched his face and Holliday was right in there offering to clean him up.

- Douglas James was announced as MLW's newest signee.

- Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone then announced another partnership, this time with Martial Arts Research Systems (MARS). They will provide the league with data analytics on injuries, performance, and TV viewership.

LA Park defeated Jimmy Havoc in a New York City street fight (12:42)

De la Renta was ringside with a face like thunder as she watched two of her wrestlers battle each other. This was the first of Konnan's three wishes de la Renta has granted him in their ongoing cell phone blackmail issue.

Havoc turned his back on Park, which was a bad move as he ate a chair shot to the back for his disrespect. Havoc rallied though and hit a few nice arm drags and a suicide dive to the outside, where he repaid the favor and hit Park with his chair.

Garbage cans, cooking sheets, and steel chairs were all put to good use on the outside. Inside the ring, Havoc came off the top with a double foot stomp onto a chair and hit a running bulldog onto a wooden board. The same wooden board was then used by Park as he hung Havoc in the tree of woe. He placed the board in front of Havoc and destroyed it -- and Havoc's face -- with a basement dropkick.

On the floor outside the ring, Park set up another wooden board between two chairs but crashed and burned as he missed a double foot stomp from the top rope! Back inside, Havoc brought out a staple gun and used it to staple Park in the head, chest, and groin.

It was then Havoc's turn to crash and burn as Park powerslammed him into a three-chair structure in the corner. Park then hit an amazing top rope springboard corkscrew and finished off Havoc with a spear into the chair structure.

De la Renta entered the ring after the bell and shook both participant's hands. Park and Havoc eventually shook hands too. De la Renta got on the mic and called out Konnan, Mance Warner, and Jacob Fatu, saying that none of them will take her down.

This brought out Warner, who came through the crowd wildly swinging his chainsaw around. De la Renta, Havoc, and Park all ran from the ring and backed up the ramp as Fusion went off the air.

Next Week --

  • Teddy Hart will defend the MLW Middleweight title against MJF.