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MLW Fusion results: Lawlor vs. Samael, Austin Aries in action


The Big Takeaways --

  • Austin Aries re-debuted and defeated Adam Brooks in a good match.
  • “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs are still brawling and fighting with Contra Unit -- all of which builds to next week's MLW World title match between Lawlor and Jacob Fatu.

Full Recap --

- Josef Samael and Jacob Fatu opened this week's Fusion with a video package from Contra Unit. Samael hyped up his match with Tom Lawlor tonight and said he would soften him up for Fatu next week.

- In the arena, Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette interviewed Marshall & Ross Von Erich after their impressive debut last week. They said they have Lawlor's back, he can trust them, and they gave him their word and their word is their bond.

Austin Aries defeated Adam Brooks (12:02)

This was a good match that was given a little more time than usual. Bocchini reminded us that Aries competed in the opening match of the debut episode of MLW Fusion, defeating ACH. He then said Aries has been traveling the world since then, collecting titles and generally annoying promoters.

Bocchini later said some find Aries difficult, but the live crowd seemed to love him, giving him a loud “Austin Aries” chant to welcome him back. Aries looked trimmed down since his 205 Live and Impact Wrestling stints in recent years.

Aries used his signature headstand escape from a Brooks headscissors and followed with a dropkick to the mouth. However, Brooks (who was making his MLW debut here) was in control for most of the early exchanges, hitting a springboard cutter for an early two count.

Brooks went for a package stunner (with Aries on his back), but Aries slapped his ears and hit a shinbuster, an overhead suplex, and some ground and pound to take back control. A running forearm in the corner was then followed by a middle rope uppercut to the back of the neck from Aries.

Aries' middle rope work continued with a neckbreaker across it, sending Brooks to the outside. He got the crowd going and went for a dive, but Brooks cut him off with a right hand. Brooks followed with a slingshot DDT, but he was too worn out to make the cover.

Both were feeling the effects of the match as we entered the 10-minute mark. Brooks hit a dropkick in the corner, but Aries soon rolled through and locked in his Horns of Aries bridging choke submission. Brooks made it to the ropes in time.

After a quick exchange, Aries hit a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron, which Cornette was quick to remind us is the hardest part of the ring -- because, of course, after being told this after every apron bump we all immediately forget this fact and have to be reminded of it each and every time something happens there.

Aries then missed a 450 splash off the top as Brooks got his knees up. Brooks then followed with an over-the-head neckbreaker on the knee for a close near fall. He quickly went up top, but this time he missed as Aries got his knees up on a senton bomb attempt. Aries followed up with a discus five-arm, a running dropkick in the corner, and his signature brainbuster for the win.

After the bell, Kaci Lennox interviewed Aries in the ring as the crowd was chanting his name. He grabbed the mic from her and told her not to interrupt them and showed her out by holding the ropes open.

Aries said it was good to be home. He said that just because he hasn't been on social media doesn't mean he hasn't been busy. Since leaving his “former employer,” he has set his sights on the war in professional wrestling. Not sports entertainment or “cosplay pro wrestling” -- he called out those who have the costumes but can't display the magic. He calls himself the last true magician of wrestling and he makes them all believe.

Aries praised MLW for their use of weight limits and divisions and admitted that he has been Heavyweight Champion in places, but he's never been a heavyweight in his life. He proclaimed he is a middleweight and said that was bad news for Teddy Hart. He said people might think Hart is an asshole -- but not compared to this asshole.

- We then had a Dynasty recorded message for the Hart Foundation. There were more subtle hints of Alexander Hammerstone turning against the two rich boys (MJF and Richard Holliday) by giving them looks of disgust and anguish as they bragged about their wealth. They had Hart's Tag Team title belt in front of them after stealing it last week, saying possession is nine tenths of the law.

- Another Samael promo on Lawlor aired. The Savio Vega hype video from last week was shown as well.

Jacob Fatu defeated Ariel Dominguez & Sam Black (1:23)

Fatu bieled Dominguez across the ring, hit a superkick and handspring moonsault to Black, and landed a huge push-up Samoan drop on Dominguez and a hip attack in the corner on Black.

Fatu then piled his dirty laundry -- I mean opponents -- in the middle of the ring and squashed them -- literally and figuratively -- with his triple jump moonsault. The commentators questioned if this would be the fate of Lawlor next week.

After the bell, Simon Gotch and Josef Samael of Contra Unit joined the ring and beat down the two helpless competitors. There was no sign of Lawlor or the Von Erichs.

- Lennox was backstage with Salina de la Renta and asked her if she went too far with the loser leaves town match with Mance Warner and Sami Callihan. De la Renta explained that the ratings went through the roof, so she obviously gave the fans what they wanted.

De la Renta then questioned why they were talking about a "goat f*cker" when they could be talking about her. She finished by saying it must be so hard to see a 22-year-old in control.

- Warner had a recorded message for de la Renta and Promociones Dorado. He warned them that he is going to take all of them out.

Josef Samael defeated MLW World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor by DQ in a non-title match (7:52)

We were told the Von Erichs were in Lawlor's locker room and had his back if Contra Unit tried anything. Bocchini also told us that LA Park was backstage and watching on too.

They quickly went to the outside for some brawling. Lawlor -- one half of the Chop and Roll Express -- chopped Samael against the ring post. Back inside, Samael threw Lawlor chest and throat first into the ropes and took him down for an armbar. We had cut-ins with de la Renta and Ricky Martinez watching on. The commentary team were speculating if LA Park will cash in his title shot tonight or not.

We saw that Contra Unit and the Von Erichs were brawling backstage and keeping each other from ringside. Back in the ring, Samael took his spike from his boot and ran with it at Lawlor, but the champion moved and the Contra Unit maniac stabbed the turnbuckle instead.

After connecting with a spinning heel kick, Lawlor got disqualified for shoving the referee to the mat after he tried to stop Lawlor from going after Samael with the spike.

- Fusion went off the air with Lawlor and Samael brawling at ringside, and the Von Erichs, Fatu, and Gotch fighting backstage.

Next Week --

  • MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor defends against Jacob Fatu
  • Myron Reed vs. Rey Horus
  • “The Jim Cornette Experience” with Salina de la Renta