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MLW Fusion results: Los Parks vs. CONTRA Unit lumberjack match


***The Big Takeaways***

  • Los Parks got some revenge on CONTRA Unit as LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park defeated Simon Gotch and Josef Samael in a lumberjack match.
  • Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil of Injustice picked up a big win over Zenshi and Laredo Kid.
  • Richard Holliday, Alex Hammerstone, and Gino Medina beat Logan Creed, Mance Warner, and Savio Vega in an impromptu six-man tag. 
  • We continued the build toward several programs including the inevitable Marshall Von Erich vs. "Filthy" Tom Lawlor match.

***Full Review***

This week's show comes to us from Philadelphia, PA, as part of their Fightland TV taping.

CONTRA Unit opened up the show with a video package hyping up tonight's main event, also highlighting their various ongoing feuds with Brian Pillman Jr., Davey Boy Smith Jr. and the returning Los Parks. 

AJ Kirsch was in the ring and called out Mance Warner for an interview but the Dynasty (Richard Holliday, Alexander Hammerstone and Gino Medina) interrupted instead. Holliday had Savio Vega's Caribbean title belt with him and he wanted to educate everyone with his segment called “Rich Talk." Hammerstone insulted the fans about being fat and ugly and tried to get Medina to bad mouth Konnan. Before he could, Konnan himself interrupted.

He said the last time he was in Philadelphia was 25 years ago with La Parka, Juventud Guerrera, and Rey Mysterio, and said Philly has the best wrestling fans in the world. He turned his attention to Medina and brought up their family history as part of Los Gringos Locos. The trio then circled Konnan but Warner, Vega, and Logan Creed came out to even the odds. Warner said no one came here to listen to the Dynasty's bullsh*t. He then challenged them to a six-man tag but Holliday refused. Warner called Hammerstone a punk ass b*tch which was enough to change their minds.

The Dynasty (National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, and Gino Medina) defeated Mance Warner, Logan Creed, and Savio Vega (6:01)

Creed and Holliday started in the ring as the rest brawled around ringside. Hammerstone then tried a pump kick to Creed, but the big man no sold it and slapped Medina in mid-air as he came off the top. They finally got the advantage with a 3-on-1 beatdown and went to work grinding the big man down. Hammerstone hit a big German suplex but Creed popped up to his feet and knocked Hammerstone down with a clothesline.

Vega got the hot tag on Holliday and hit a spinning heel kick. Creed hit a double chokeslam on Hammerstone and Medina followed up with a suicide dive onto the pair outside the ring. On the other side of the ring, Holliday hit Vega with his Caribbean title belt and picked up the fluke win.

After the bell, Konnan ran in and hit Medina with a loaded sock and he, Warner, Vega and Creed had a beer bash.

Creed, Warner, and Vega disappeared and as Konnan was still in the ring, Injustice (Jordan Oliver, Kotto Brazil and Myron Reed) made their way out. Oliver mocked him for being old and threatened to slap him out the ring. Things looked like they were getting heated until Brian Pillman Jr. came running down with a steel chair in hand to make the save.

Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver (with Middleweight Champion Myron Reed) defeated Laredo Kid and Zenshi (6:41)

Pillman stayed ringside and joined Kirsch and Rich Bocchini on commentary. This was a great, fast, and spectacular match filled with high spots, dives, and flips throughout. Kid hit a plancha and Zenshi hit a shooting star dive to the outside early on, but Injustice double teamed Kid and crotched him onto the ring post. Oliver came off the top with a stomp to the head and Brazil followed with a German suplex for a close two count.

Zenshi got the hot tag and hit a handspring backflip kick to Brazil that knocked him off the apron. A standing shooting star press on Oliver got a two count, but Brazil fought back and hit a sunset flip bomb for a near fall of his own. Oliver got hit with a pair of tornado DDTs, and a moment later, Zenshi jumped and hit both Injustice members with kicks at the same time.

But, it was Injustice who picked up the win moments later when Brazil held Zenshi in a standing crucifix leading to Oliver hitting his springboard stunner and Brazil keeping a hold on the crucifix to roll him up for the pinfall win for his team.

After the bell, Injustice got in Pillman's face but Laredo Kid came off the top rope and took out the trio with a big plancha. Reed got in the ring but Laredo Kid hit him with a Celtic cross, “pinned” Reed, and posed with his MLW middleweight title belt.

-- Alicia Atout then caught up with Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini, and Erick Stevens. They explained why he degraded the Texas state flag last week: Lawlor had an itch between his legs, Garrini had excess saliva after his match, and Stevens had a cold. They said they didn't like Texas or Texans, and that Stevens is a mercenary and has formed a bond of hatred for the Von Erichs. Lawlor called them boys who are all hat and no cattle.

-- Injustice had a message for Brian Pillman Jr. Reed called him out for not making the 205 weight limit. They said he should be focussing on Jimmy Havoc who Pillman will face next week, a match they'll be at ringside for.

-- Priscilla Kelly and Havoc had a message for Pillman, too: In the ECW Arena, Havoc will give Pillman a dose of acid rain.

-- Atout then caught up with the Von Erich brothers. Ross said the Texas flag is sacred, and Marshall warned Lawlor that a reckoning is coming for them.

-- Cameras caught up with King Mo who said Low Ki walks around and acts tough. "F*ck Low Ki”, he finished.

Los Parks (LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park) defeated CONTRA Unit (Simon Gotch and Josef Samael) in a lumberjack match (9:03)

CONTRA jumped Los Parks as they posed for the fans. The Parks had brought chairs with them, but it was CONTRA who used them in the opening exchanges. CONTRA was in firm control until the Parks hit a pair of dropkicks that sent Gotch and Samael into the lumberjacks.

After a brief beatdown on the outside, CONTRA's troubles continued on the inside as Hijo hit Gotch with a crossbody and a meteora in the corner. Samael brought his spike into the ring and he used it on Hijo behind the referee's back. Injustice tried to put the boots to Hijo when he fell to the outside, and the lumberjacks threatened to start fighting.

Inside, LA got the hot tag and took out Samael with a spear. Hijo hit a dropkick off the top onto Gotch and took Samael's spike and used it again behind the referee's back. Hijo went to the top, but decided to hit a moonsault to the floor onto the lumberjacks. LA then hit a springboard corkscrew senton onto Samael in the ring to pick up the win.

***Next Week***

MLW Fusion's 100th episode

  • MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu vs CIMA
  • Brian Pillman vs Jimmy Havoc